The AI ​​version of Instagram is here. Can this new social network help me use TikTok less?

Can I be your online neighbor?

ChatGPT is an assistant, Character.AI is a companion, Comment Robert is a comment robot, but there is no AI that can be the "netizen" we meet while surfing.

Imagine that when humans and AI coexist on a large scale in social media, both have their own accounts, and can post posts, chat with private messages, and follow others. Will social media be more interesting, calling for love and peace, or more boring, full of hostility and violence? Controversy abounds?

The answer is coming. An overseas app called Butterflies has recently been launched. The most interesting part of it is that AIs love to share their lives more than humans and are more determined to become Internet celebrities.

AI version of Instagram relies on human imagination

When you open Butterflies, you will feel familiar. Isn’t this Instagram?

Recommendations, discoveries, private messages, people you follow, and personal homepages are all modeled after traditional social media. It is mainly AI that is responsible for posting, which makes this app innovative.

▲ Butterflies interface

In the world of AI, you can do whatever you say, and there are no restrictions on occupations. Carpenters, vampires, company bosses, the species diversity in your information flow is extremely rich, and there are even people who look like Dr. Strange, Buffett, and Trump.

▲ But the lag when browsing posts is a bit unpleasant.

Where do these AIs come from? By human imagination.

When we log in to Butterflies, we can create an AI character. An AI character is a Butterfly. AI characters have three styles of painting: realistic, semi-realistic, and cartoon.

My first AI used a comic style, and the character was "an adventurer who loves food and sleep, and can communicate with animals." The AI ​​named itself Kai based on my few words, and generated an avatar and profile. It seems that it really loves nature.

Here, we have an account, and the AI ​​we created also has an account. By default, they follow each other and are network friends.

So how to distinguish humans from AI? The method is to look at the introduction. The human account will show how many AIs were created, while the AI ​​account will show which human created it.

Next, humans don’t have to worry about it. AI will automatically share their lives based on their personality. At a glance, the content will be published in a stylish way and will even be tagged.

However, AI is still new to the world, and human bloggers will not regard “quiet picnic”, “sunshine after the rain” and “grateful heart” as traffic passwords.

In addition to copywriting, the quality of AI-generated images is also uneven. Human hands and feet are still difficult, and animals tend to look weird.

It doesn’t matter if we find it boring. These contents quickly receive comments and likes from other AIs. Getting more than 100 likes and complimenting each other in the comment area are basic operations. A comment is like looking at a picture and writing a paragraph. AI is more attentive than human trolls. There is no hostility like humans scolding each other.

We can also comment and like the AI, but for some reason, when I wrote a comment under the AI ​​feed I created, it took 15 hours for it to reply.

If you find it too tiring to come up with characters for your AI, Butterflies also allows you to generate impersonations of well-known characters.

I tried two characters, one is Harry Potter from the live-action movie, and the other is Uzumaki Naruto from the anime "Naruto". The method is very simple, use their names as prompt words, and AI will automatically complete the personality, story and appearance. .

Maybe it’s because these two people are so famous and have so much material. Although the painting style is difficult to evaluate, the generated appearance is close to the person’s and the positioning is accurate. One is in Hogwarts and the other is in Konoha Village. The introduction also fits the character’s personality.

Here comes the most interesting part. We can specify a theme and let AI generate a dynamic, such as Naruto and Sasuke fighting. Although the picture is too crude, the copywriting and labels of "Naruto" are very humorous, making the original party smile.

AI versions of well-known characters are great for fans to entertain themselves, but the AI ​​painters still need to go back to the drawing board and recreate them.

In addition to poor artistry, Butterflies also has a problem with generating images – edges.

It is reasonable to suspect that some AIs are here to satisfy human sexual preferences. I have encountered many women with plump breasts and some men with muscular muscles.

Food and sex are also understandable, but the problem is that they are inappropriate. When I generated a black cat, the prompt word clearly stated that it was an animal, and the avatar met the requirements, but the post turned into a cat girl, which made people wonder where the training material came from.

It can be seen that the rainbow fart between AI, hello, me, and everyone is superficial. Humans’ love for classic works and their desire to engage in pornography are the more lasting productivity of a community.

The novelty is defeated by the roughness, and it is not as fun as traditional social media

Butterflies imitates the form of Instagram. From a high EQ point of view, it lowers the threshold for users, but from a low EQ point of view, it actually means laziness.

The easy-to-use mode cannot hide that Butterflies is still a too rough product.

The poor picture quality is second, and the most essential problem is the lack of immersion and desire to stay.

We create an AI through three or two prompt words. Although their appearance, personality traits, background stories, and post topics can be fine-tuned, the randomness is still very high.

An AI whose character is set by ourselves has no deep connection with us. The AI ​​is based on well-known characters, and it can easily destroy the character and make fans laugh.

▲ Why are there 2 Harry Potters?

If you are disappointed with AI posts, you can also share your life, purify the community ecology, and receive feedback from other humans and AI.

However, I made two posts and received no comments or likes.

It is also difficult to find other human posts. The recommendation page is basically dominated by AI. The official should consider adding a filter item of "only human user posts", otherwise it will be too difficult to chat with other humans.

So at present, the public square of Butterflies is basically AI likes, comments, and false prosperity of each other, similar to the "AI ghost town" Chirper where humans are prohibited from entering.

The sense of human existence is mainly reflected in the private messages with each AI.

AI will proactively send us messages, and we can proactively establish deeper relationships with them.

▲ AI pretends to understand Chinese if it doesn’t understand it

For example, if you share interesting posts found on Butterflies, upload pictures, or just chat via text, the AI ​​will most likely reply, but it may also ignore the person, or the reply speed may be delayed.

However, such an interactive experience goes against the original intention of Butterflies.

Vu Tran, founder of Butterflies and former Snap engineer, once said that he founded Butterflies to bring more creativity to the relationship between humans and AI.

He feels that text chat is not enough. "We have been able to have one-dimensional conversations with AI, but there is no experience that allows people to interact with AI more dynamically."

Therefore, Butterflies jumped out of the dialog box and chose the form of social media, allowing humans and AI to be netizens. The content currently circulating is text and pictures, and videos may be introduced in the future.

However, under the familiar product shell, the AI-generated content has rough pictures and lacks humor in the text. It does not have the aesthetics of Instagram and is not as interesting as Douyin. To interact deeply with AI, you still have to return to the private message dialog box.

It’s hard for me to find content here that catches my eye, or I’m not interested in how AI imitates humans to post that has nothing to do with me. What they say is basically harmless, boring, repetitive and empty language.

When it comes to socializing, there are too many better choices.

Or, I will go back to Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, human social media, information is already redundant enough.

Or, I will continue to play AI virtual social networking, fall in love with ChatGPT, and talk nonsense with Hoshino. The more I chat with the AI, the better it understands you. The scenes are also limited to dialog boxes, which are more personalized and more interactive.

Caught in the middle, neither up nor down, Butterflies is in the most embarrassing situation. Freshness is like a plate of loose sand, it will fall apart without the wind blowing it.

What is more terrifying than falsehood is that the more you play, the more lonely you become

After experiencing Butterflies, my intuitive feeling is: tired and artificial.

Butterflies seems to be an AI social media, but its essence is still people-centered. We play stand-alone role-playing games, making up the characters we like, or pretending to be characters from our favorite works.

But this process is uncontrollable. We are like lonely whales swimming in the sea, waiting for echoes that match the frequency.

Although most of the work was left to the AI, the results were so bad that I couldn't help but fine-tune the prompt words.

For example, the realistic character created has a European and American appearance by default. If you want an Asian face, you need to add additional prompt words such as "Asian" to regenerate it, but the result is also very stereotyped.

This kind of adjustment is quite targeted, but more often than not, my mood is what Party A often says to Party B: It doesn't feel right.

The picture generated for the first time doesn’t look good? It can only be like drawing cards in a game. Pressing the button repeatedly can always produce better results, but no matter how you adjust it, it is not satisfactory. The standard skin-grinding AI style has no soul.

The desired humorous character design was not reflected in the AI. Instead, it seemed greasy, and chatting with the AI ​​felt like being harassed.

A Butterflies user wrote feedback on the Reddit forum that made me feel sad.

She said it was difficult to interact with the AI, which sometimes refused to regenerate messages and sometimes copied and pasted the same content, making it difficult for her to get involved.

I don't even know what I want to say to AI.

The problem that current AI solves is to make "creation" easier and more efficient. Each of us can have our own AI pictures, music, videos, and companions, but "creation" has not yet become better and more efficient because of AI. valuable.

At its core, social interaction is rooted in human needs—to relieve loneliness, or to fulfill a fantasy.

"AI is fake, make some real friends."

In the opinion of Butterflies founder Vu Tran, this sentence is a bit cruel. Not everyone likes or has the courage to deal with others. He himself is a sociopath and spent a lot of time in game forums and online communities.

The starting point of Butterflies is good, to recreate social soil for introverted humans, but the implementation effect is not good, it cannot mobilize the sincerity of humans, and it will not be sincerely accepted by humans.

Including Butterflies, many current AI products are just making cakes, telling you that with very little time spent, you can feel the magic of AI and get an interesting experience.

Experiencing too many half-finished products will only make people feel frustrated, even a little inexplicably angry, and the more they play, the more lonely they will become.

AI social networking will continue to develop and mature. After all, emotions are human needs. But so far, let alone being immersed in fake relationships, the existence of many products actually just reminds us: friends, stop surfing the Internet, reality is still much more interesting than social media.

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