The 5th anniversary of the King of Glory, where does the official KPL game machine come from?

QGhappy is one of the most popular teams in the King of Glory Professional League (KPL). In the world of e-sports, "dish" is the original sin, and "strong" is the truth. Of course, sometimes the appearance can also play a role. . Their popularity is basically built up by winning several championships.

Because of the fatter growth, fans and QGhappy officially called their first five players "pork belly". Now they have basically succeeded in losing weight, and this title is no longer mentioned frequently.

Like their body weight, games, e-sports, and e-sports events have undergone profound changes in recent years.

▲ KPL's official documentary "Born to Win"

If KPL is the World Cup, then the game machine is the game ball

Playing games and fat house are not always equated. Of course, games are not always ill-served, and they can be successful. Now the influence and income of top KPL players can be counted as celebrities, and signing endorsements and receiving advertisements are also common. (This line relies too much on talent, and the career is relatively short. It is still not recommended for ordinary people to take it as a career direction).

There are too many data to prove how hot the e-sports event represented by KPL is. With live broadcast attention as the dimension, the number of viewers of the KPL final or the final of the World Champions Cup is even higher than the NBA final. Take this year's KPL Spring Finals as an example. In the game of Honor of Kings, the total number of viewers on live platforms such as Huya, Douyu and Station B was 180 million.

For a 5-year-old mobile game with an average daily active user number of more than 100 million by 2020, the meaning of KPL + World Championship for this game is almost equivalent to the five major leagues in football plus the World Cup, or basketball. NBA.

According to the data from the "2020 Global E-sports Sports Industry Development Report" by Penguin Think Tank, the number of e-sports viewers this year will reach 495 million, of which 223 million are core e-sports enthusiasts. By 2023, the scale of e-sports viewers is expected to reach 646 million.

For KPL, who is in the prime of life, not only is the e-sports industry still on the rise, more and more people have gone from gamers to becoming spectators of e-sports, and finally even devoted themselves to e-sports. "King of Glory" is an evergreen game. This mobile game has been born for five years and is still the game with the highest user spending. More importantly, compared with many games that can only become stronger by recharging, not recharging "Glory of Kings" has little effect on the balance of the game.

In the KPL league, in addition to the healthy performance of the external environment, teams and professional players, game and event organizers, live broadcasters, player audiences, and sponsors are interdependent, forming a complete ecology.

It’s not a joke. Playing King of Glory can really be regarded as a sport now. Not only is e-sports a recognized sport, but also at the 2018 Asian Games, the King of Glory (the international version is Arena of Valor) became an exhibition match at the event. , The Chinese team composed of professional KPL players also won the first gold medal in the history of the Asian Games belonging to an e-sports event (not included in the national medal list).

Just as Adidas will release World Cup balls in every World Cup, the game machine on KPL is equivalent to the world game balls. If the post-80s and post-90s are still fresh in the memory of "Flying Meteor" and "Team Star", and are interested in the technologies of "Fall Day" and "Samba Glory", then the new generation of viewers will naturally I have an impression of the iQOO models that frequently appear in KPL competitions.

iQOO is a sub-brand of vivo. vivo has always had a tradition of sponsoring sports events. Before the World Cup in Russia, it became the official global partner of the European Cup not long ago.

And iQOO, a brand that focuses on online and young people, has spotted the thriving sports + entertainment track of e-sports, and through cooperation with KPL, it has become the official game machine and found the most suitable for its attributes and customer groups. Sports stage.

The person in charge of vivo who participated in the cooperation between iQOO mobile phone and KPL to guarantee the experience of iQOO mobile phone during the competition said to Ai Faner:

The product gene of iQOO is "born and powerful", and games are the best form of powerful performance.

When we accept that e-sports is a sport and KPL is a sporting event, we naturally understand that the spirit of "higher, faster and stronger" is also applicable here. For iQOO mobile phones that emphasize performance, higher frame rates, faster charging, and stronger performance are also important goals for the update iteration.

This is the core reason why the two sides can come together.

What is recorded in the KPL documentary "Born to Win"?

 Of course, just looking at the data and reports, it is easy to conclude that the KPL League is thriving and the sponsors, event parties and players are happy. But once we pull in the perspective and look at the various teams, players, coaches, and even various partners, we will find that there are too many ups and downs besides "young fame", "excellent talent" and "achievement". And pay.

The "Honor of Kings" game and KPL need such a more microscopic perspective.

At the beginning of KPL's official documentary "Born to Win", it was not the cheers of the mountains and the tsunami, the spotlight of glory, but the vigorous growth of KPL, about the individual status: the Ts team owed the salary of the players for a long time And bonus; the star player transferred to the DYG team, three-time FMVP winner Jiucheng (real name: Cao Zhishun) had a fierce conflict with the coach. Some people fought for high bonuses, and some felt that honor was more important…

Becoming a professional e-sports player is their first or second official job. Prior to this, the King of Glory was a hobby or specialty for them. Those who have not been deeply involved in the world, after gaining the attention of their peers, they also need to grow up.

▲DYG Jiucheng, the picture is taken from the documentary "Born to Win"

Although there is still the phrase "Dish is the original sin, strength is the truth", even if the level of the game is as high as Jiucheng, I have to reflect in the documentary whether I am too stubborn and too self-conscious in the past, and ignore that the game is five people on the field. , The coach leader, data analyst and other members of the team to complete it.

When Jiucheng understood this, the young man who had just passed the age of 20 had a growth, and he also had a breakthrough and continuous highlighting in the subsequent World Championships.

▲Ts team wins the cup, the picture is taken from the documentary "Born to Win"

After the salary arrears crisis was resolved, the Ts team became invincible, not only won the KPL Spring Championship, but also joined the DYG team where Jiucheng was in the World Cup final.

In the documentary "Born to Win", there are two details about the Ts team that are particularly impressive. Player Adou is naturally optimistic and talkative. He is an active player in the atmosphere of the team. He also obeyed the team's needs. From the midway position of star players, to the supporting position that emphasizes sacrifice and dedication.

Both inside and outside the event, Adou did the same thing.

And Ts midfielder Chise is a recent player in the KPL league, superb but not well-known. In the team, all the players are called Qianshi "leader" because he is serious and strict with himself and his teammates, is outspoken about issues, and has leadership qualities; on the other hand, other veteran players also hope to give the hard-working newcomer Qianshi More confidence.

The King of Glory has a Slogan which is "not the king of one person, but the glory of the team."

KPL has become the most watched mobile e-sports event, and of course it is also the result of multiple efforts.

In the documentary, in addition to the player coaches and commentaries in front of the stage, technology brands such as Qualcomm and iQOO also appeared, including Feng Yufei, President of iQOO China Market, Wen Yanshan, Director of Qualcomm China GPU and Game Optimization Research and Development, and Song, iQOO Product Manager. Many people in technology circles, including Ziwei, were interviewed in the documentary.

For KPL, the identity of iQOO is not just as simple as a sponsor. As a provider of game machines, the quality of iQOO products directly affects the performance of KPL players and whether the game can proceed normally.

Nowadays, most new mobile phones can run "Honor of Kings" smoothly, but there are still obvious differences between game phones and official game machines.

Because it involves live broadcast and the user is a professional player with the highest level of gaming, this requires the game machine provided by iQOO for KPL to achieve absolute smoothness, absolute stability and excellent follow-up.

▲ Zhang Yijia, Chairman of KPL Alliance

In terms of hardware, the latest iQOO 5 has Snapdragon 865 processor + UFS3.1 flash memory + LPDDR5 memory to provide the basis for smooth and stable operation. The 240Hz screen touch sampling rate, as well as excellent dynamic smear and dynamic image response time, can optimize the follow-up and improve the player's feel.

iQOO is not a gaming phone, but game performance is an important part of it

The popularity of the King of Glory has made many people become professional players, and many others have become well-known game anchors. More people have gained happiness in this game, and even love. Of course, many people are angry and want to smash their phones. .

But just as the QGhappy team insisted on exercising to lose weight in addition to training the players. Even for professional players, games are not all of them.

When the iQOO brand first appeared, many people thought that its models would be the hot concept of gaming phones at the time, but the result was not the case: iQOO phones value performance, battery life, and heat dissipation, which are related to the performance details of the gaming experience, but they are not games. Mobile phones, or e-sports phones.

▲ Zeng Kunpeng, general manager of iQOO product line, picture from: Sina Weibo "iQOO mobile phone"

The general manager of iQOO product line Zeng Kunpeng (nicknamed "Uncle Bird") mentioned their product concept earlier:

iQOO and performance cars are both low-key appearances with strong power.

As long as the performance car turns on the sport mode, this car immediately becomes another one, with a completely different controllability, and it feels more surging.

The same is true for iQOO. As soon as it enters the game space, the phone will immediately change its temperament, and the original mobile phone becomes a performance monster. Monster Insdie, that’s what it means

This is why iQOO never positions itself as a gaming phone or e-sports phone. Gaming performance is the inherent part of its product and does not need to be publicized. In non-game moments, iQOO hopes to be a mobile phone that is comfortable in daily use.

In fact, if iQOO was only positioning e-sports mobile phones, then the brand may not be as high as it is today.

After all, Glory of Kings is a broad-based game for the masses. KPL is a league that the masses are watching. Players who follow KPL need a mass phone with powerful gaming performance, not a phone designed for games only. This is the main difference between mobile gaming and PC gaming on the device.

At the same time, communicating with players and professional players to improve the product is also their consistent feature.

▲iQOO 5

In addition to the basic hardware mentioned above to ensure performance output, becoming an official KPL game machine requires multi-party cooperation and repeated tests. The person in charge of vivo introduced to Ai Faner how iQOO communicated and tested with the players and the competition:

The first is the player test. In the mobile phone model test phase, iQOO has already put the mobile phone in the hands of the players to simulate the competition stage for testing. This stage requires at least 80 hours of testing.

The next step is the adaptation test. iQOO has established a communication group with each team. The game machine at this stage has not been officially released, but before the official stage of the competition, each professional player needs to adapt for more than one month to stay There is sufficient time to discover the problem and coordinate the upstream and downstream software and hardware to solve the problem together.

Finally, the test is actually carried out on the competition stage. The network charging temperature and humidity are exactly the same as the real game environment.

In fact, since 2017, vivo began to provide KPL with official game machines. At that time, the experience of "Glory of Kings" on the Android side was not really good. It can be said that vivo was working with the development team of "Glory of Kings" to optimize. Game experience on Android.

At the iQOO takeover stage, the basic game experience has no slots, but the partners are still conducting rigorous testing together. In fact, it is because the competition requirements must be foolproof. If you want to become a game machine, you have to pass the test.

From taking the mobile phone to the competition, to putting down the mobile phone to toast, the key word behind each participant in any case is teamwork. To be a champion is the same as to be a game machine.

As the main sponsor to accompany the growth of the KPL League, iQOO's understanding of mobile e-sports is actually quite unique: it is not naming or being close to the game in form, but emphasizing resonance in function and connotation, and providing reliable equipment for events and players.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. Here, many title slogans can be practiced into the front line. The official documentary is "Born to Win". iQOO's slogan is "Born and Strong", with "Dishes are the Original Sin, Strong is the Truth" , This world belonging to KPL has very simple rules and goals.

But to become stronger and to win is another extremely responsible thing. Players have to overcome their own limitations, the team may face arrears, the team may be uneven… But the competitive spirit has not changed here, and all the participants, too They are all defending such a competitive spirit, but there is a difference between someone playing in front of the stage and someone debugging equipment behind the scenes.

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