The 50 most profitable IPs in the world, the only TA from China relies on games

This is Yellow Mouse, Pikachu, Electric Mouse, Pikachu, and is the representative of the "Pokemon" family.

Even if you don't know them, you can still see this IP's co-branded product in food, clothing, housing and transportation. This is the most profitable IP in the world, not one of them.

This is Daji, the fascinating fox, the artificial man, and the unintentional doll. This is not Daji, the favored consort of the king of Shang Zhou, but the wizard hero Daji in the Canyon of Kings.

Even if you haven't played the game of Glory of Kings, you should have heard the voice announcement of "Welcome to Glory of Kings" from the phones of people around you. This is the only Chinese IP in the top 50 most profitable IPs in the world, ranking 50th.

▲ The hero of the king's glory, Daji, is different from historical figures. She is a man-made doll

This time, the top 50 most profitable IPs in the world have Chinese IPs

Recently, WikiMili has compiled the 50 most profitable IPs in the world based on financial data of listed companies and authoritative global third-party data statistics platforms.

The "Asian Circle Qian Tian Tuan" led by Pikachu once again topped the list, and IP revenue continued to increase. However, the fiftieth-ranked Glory of the King is also concerned because it is not only the only Chinese IP on the list, but also the youngest IP on the list.

▲ No one has never seen Pikachu emoji

In this list, the Marvel Cinematic Universe ranked eighth, games sold better than Pokémon, Mario ranked ninth, Harry Potter eleventh, Toy Story seventeenth, and League of Legends thirty-nine. The largest share of the list is game IP (32%), followed by comics (22%), animation (20%), movies (12%), and novels (8%).

It is a landmark event that King of Glory has entered the top 50 most profitable IPs . After all, it is the first Chinese IP to enter the list. When the other IPs on the list were born about 40 years ago, they just turned 5 years old. The glory of the king seems to have unlimited potential.

But looking at the top 50 IP lists, you will find that there is a fatal difference between Honor of Kings and the top ten IPs-the revenue structure is too single. Pokemon income includes licensed derivatives, video games, box office revenue, home entertainment, and others. Compared with Pokemon, only the glory of the king of video game income is really a polished commander.

▲ Picture from: Sanwenyu

If only relying on video games, then the upper limit of this list may be 28th-the position of the dungeon and the warrior.

On the question of how much money does IP make, two IPs with different nationalities act as a cause and effect for each other. Just go to the street to catch a few passersby who don't play games for an interview, and you will find that non-players still have a certain understanding of Pokémon, but they have a weaker understanding of the glory of the king.

This is also a major feature of Pokémon's "Win elsewhere". There are not many people who have actually played Pokémon games, but there are not a few people who love Pikachu. Even if there is no experience of capturing Pokémon on GameBoy as a child, it does not prevent everyone from paying for the various derivatives of Pokémon. At this point, the animation works launched in the second year of the game have made great contributions.

▲ Pokémon XY animation

This cartoon called "Pokemon" is the beginning of a lot of people entering the pit. Min Min, who likes Pokémon like cats, said that he has never played a Pokémon game. I like it because I could see "Pokemon"/"Pokemon" cartoons every noon when I was in elementary school. .

Compared with Pokémon’s animated cartoons launched one year after it went online, the cartoons of Glory of the Kings are not slow or a lot, and there are both derivative short films and independent detective cartoons. But these are not independent animation works like "Pokemon", discontinuous, and the plot threshold is high.

These animations are more like DLC additional content for fans, which can make fans understand the game better, but it is not helpful for non-game players to understand the IP.

▲ Chang'an CG is widely praised by players, but it is not well recognized among non-player groups

The youngest in the audience, King of Glory gets on the bus first and then makes up for the ticket

As the youngest IP in the audience, Honor of Kings seems to be the one with the most potential, but it is also the one with the least concept of IP at the beginning.

Glory of Kings is a 5V5-based MOBA domestic mobile game. So from the beginning, the most important thing for this game is the innovation of the gameplay. How to make this kind of competition attractive is their primary goal. On the contrary, the priority of plot and character shaping is not so high. This is a problem that needs to be considered after the player reaches a certain number.

▲ The canyon map where players battle

It is normal for a game developer to make similar decisions. After the glory of the king gradually became a "national game", the task of shaping IP was also put on the agenda. In the initial process, the King of Glory team worked hard to make the game character not just a character, so that he has more cultural and story background.

In 2018, Li Bai’s only authentic handed down "On the Balcony Post" was unveiled, and "Glory of the King" announced its cultural cooperation with "National Treasure" at this time. There is a customized Li Bai Xingyuan skin in the game, and the hero Li Bai has also moved from the mobile phone screen to CCTV.

▲ Cooperation between Li Bai and National Treasure

In addition to the popular "Great Wall Guards Army" camp in the game, King Glory also launched a charity plan to protect the Great Wall with the Tencent Foundation. When cooperating with Dunhuang Academy, King of Glory also produced the skin of "The King is now Dunhuang". From Yang Yuhuan to Yao, the player's comments are not low. Similar cooperation also includes the skins of the Five Tigers and Peking Opera. Cooperation.

The next step is to complement the story line. Recently, King of Glory released a 9-minute CG video when the new hero Lan was launched. In the video, the relationship between Lan and many original heroes is clearly shown. Players also have a higher degree of attention to this new hero, the "Vegetable Basket". CP also came into being.

▲ After the CG animation was released, many people started to talk about CP

Clearer camp relations and better character creation provide the possibility for the next stage of the creation of Honor of Kings IP. One example is that the Infinite Kings Group composed of five heroes of the Canyon of Kings is very popular, and there are fans who play investment, control, comment and buy endorsements for them, as if they are real boy group idols.

Closer to the user is the perfection of the story line. In 2018, "Glory of the King" won the "Best Sci-Fi Game" at the Galaxy Awards. This news was criticized as "this year's most sci-fi news". But as the glory of the king further enriches the story line, you will find that this 5V5 MOBA game actually tells a science fiction story.

The new knowledge of the game once analyzed the story. More than 100 heroes belong to 6 races and 19 camps. From the perspective of the antagonistic relationship, the confrontation and disagreement between the two gods of Nuwa and Dijun caused the game to be divided into distinct camps. When the giant, ark, core, man-made, magic seed… these words are added together, you will find that this is really a science fiction background story that you haven't noticed.

Now, players' attention to topics related to the glory of the king is not limited to the game itself. The player Xiaoyu especially likes the short video of the king CP at station B. Her favorite up master @方老师 will produce sweet jokes of the canyon heroes. From Cai Wenji and Lan to Xi Shi Heyao, she is very interested in this kind of self-confidence. I can't stop creating a little sweet drama.

▲ Fans’ self-created pictures of Xishi and Yao. The picture comes from: @天青色等天依

Players like the edited video of King Glory. From live-action character videos to the content of lines, she is always willing to come. The immersive game + the bonus of hero characters made her buy a lot of heroes of the King of Glory, and even thought about spending nearly a thousand for more exquisite ones. As a fan of King Glory and Pokémon, she herself has compared the differences between the two derivatives:

Pokémon has a feeling that it can't be bought. There may be two joint names for the rice cooker.

King also has many joint names, but I think it is quite different from Pokémon. The official Taobao store of King Glory still needs replenishment for many items, while Pokémon is an overwhelming push for you. In general (King IP) There is still no shadow of more money than Pokémon.

King of Glory IP, the next step is to break the circle

Although the IP of Honor of Kings still has many problems, there is no doubt that it has the basic attributes of becoming a gold IP-popularity + fans.

Therefore, Tencent has also paid more attention to this IP. At the 4th Tencent Game Developers Conference, Liu Xinglun, the marketing director of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, gave a speech on the topic of King Honor IP construction.

▲ Liu Xinglun, Marketing Director of Tencent Interactive Entertainment, shares IP types

He said that Honor of Kings is more like a mineral IP. There was no IP when it was born, but fortunately, there are mines underground (gameplay+experience+social relations+locality), which can be digged. This type of IP construction is generally not completed, and iterating continuously, attracting more co-creators to participate in the creation by injecting more emotion into the product.

The well-known IPs that we are familiar with are very similar to industrial manufactured products, produced by top designers and large companies, to make products that users are willing to consume. From the Avengers to Pokémon, from Disney Princess to Harry Potter, most of them are successful industrial manufactures.

▲ There are many works besides Harry Potter movies

Industrial IP is not a derogatory term. Only when an IP is polished through industrial manufacturing, it becomes more like a mature IP that is acceptable to the public, and thus has more commercial value. In other words, companies are rushing to pay, and fans are willing to pay. For this reason, the game of Honor of Kings has made many attempts.

One is to invite spokespersons, and attract more young fans to pay attention to the game through five spokespersons with high enough nationality. The second is to focus on products and launch more film and television works, so that more people who do not play games can also accept the IP of King Glory.

▲ The silhouette photo of the spokesperson of the official announcement of the King of Glory was resisted by fans

On its fifth anniversary, Tencent announced a number of innovative works of the King's Honor IP.

In addition to the new action mobile game "Code: Breaking Dawn" and the new IP game "Code: Departure", the first officially authorized film and television drama "You are my glory" will star Yang Yang and Di Lieba, and the first IP-based 3D animation drama will also Finally started production, just to attract more non-player users to accept this IP.

▲ "You Are My Glory" has not been broadcast and has fan drawings. Picture from: @山主学姐

For the King of Glory, krypton gold can become stronger, recharge can make money, and a skin can make a lot of money. But after watching Pokémon authorized derivatives to earn 76 billion, I am afraid that no game dare to say that I am completely unmoved.

The characters in the game of Glory of the Kings are a little different from the Qian Tian Tuan in the Asian circle of "Mengfan World", and it is not so easy to make derivatives that are recognized by the consumer market. But today, with the announcement of multiple IP actions, we can also say that the creation of industrial IP has also been put on the calendar of the glory of the king.

Not too interesting, not too optimistic.

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