The 45-year-old Silicon Valley tycoon returns to the age of 18, and the inside story of “rejuvenation” is fully disclosed

Bryan Johnson, 45, a Silicon Valley tech mogul, decided to turn his body into a machine.

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He wakes up at 5 o'clock, exercises strictly for 67 minutes, consumes precise energy of 1977 calories a day, falls asleep on time at 8:30 o'clock, maintains high-intensity exercise 3 times a week, more than 30 doctors and health experts formulate a regimen, and shoots once I took 33,537 intestinal photos, and received dozens of extremely painful medical experiments in one month…

Oh, and a machine hooked up to his body every night counting his erections—it turns out his sexual prowess is still teenage.

I want my brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, tendons, teeth, skin, hair, bladder, rectum, penis, all of them to be in the same state as I was when I was 18 years old.

Bryan Johnson said that the latest test results broke the world record for reversing aging: now he has a 37-year-old heart, 28-year-old skin, 18-year-old lung capacity, and his overall biological age is at least 5 years younger.

In just 7 months of devil training, his aging rate has been reduced by 24%.

In other words, we have 365 days in a year, and there are only 277 days for him.

This "rejuvenation" fee costs 2 million US dollars a year-I don't know if it is expensive to use it to buy youth.

It's no secret that most billionaires who seek immortality are secretive about what happened to them.

In this crazy story, Bryan Johnson brings the inside story of the most detailed rejuvenation of "reversing aging" in the Silicon Valley celebrity circle.

▲ Picture from: Bloomberg Businessweek Magdalena Wosinska

Turn the body into a computer experiment

I'm jealous that other people can act so comfortable in front of the camera.

Though worth nearly $5 billion as the founder of online payments giant Braintree, Bryan Johnson struggled with his body image as a child.

He was born in an ordinary family in Utah. He grew up in the "typical 80s American diet" environment. He often ate sugary cereals and canned foods. He didn't get rid of this bad eating habit when he grew up, and later fell into chronic depression. troubled.

After starting a technology company, the stress exacerbated his depression, and his emotions became more and more uncontrollable. He was even more unable to control his overeating, and even nearly committed suicide.

Until one day, Johnson suddenly realized a point in the autopilot: control.

Hand over control to technology, and technology can fly planes better than humans. What if my body could drive itself, too?

He began to return to and focus on himself, imagining his body as a computer program, using strict technical rules to restore its youth and vitality.

The decades-long "body experiment" began.

In 2013, Johnson sold the company to eBay for $800 million, using the funds to realize his "rejuvenation" dream.

First, he combined a database of more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications on health and longevity, ranked them for their grounded contributions to reversing aging, and used the knowledge to build a new algorithm.

Then, he analyzed all the organs in his body: tested urine, feces, saliva, etc., performed ultrasound, MRI, colonoscopy, and used all methods to obtain all his body data.

After sorting out and comparing the data and scientific literature, he founded the biotechnology companies OS Fund and Kernel in the next few years, and worked with the team for more than a year of experiments to formulate a new plan to improve all aspects of the body.

They call it the "Blueprint Project" – Johnson's body is regarded by them as the hope for the future of mankind.

By this time Johnson was already tinkering with his body: changing his diet, taking lots of supplements, and inhaling a vial of stem cells now and then.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of his future plans to repair his body.

Johnson decides his daily diet and behavior through the "blueprint plan", and uses this plan to control all aspects of his life to the extreme, just to become "the youngest self".

His almost religious experience is somewhat like the beginning of the story of a charlatan.

The team's physician leader, Oliver Zolman, also set an ambitious goal:

By 2030, reduce the aging degree of all organs (78) by 25%.

Johnson is the most persistent and limitless of his healers, and he has put experimental research on his own body.

Quantify yourself to the limit, subvert the way of eating

Johnson wakes up at five o'clock every morning.

First thing to do, take 100+ pills—lycopene for arterial and skin health; metformin for bowel polyps; turmeric, black pepper, ginger root to boost liver enzymes and reduce inflammation; acarbose for Anti-diabetic; zinc can replenish missing nutrients in daily vegan diets; microdosing lithium for brain health…  

Although some nutritionists believe that such a dosage is too extreme, excessive supplementation can be harmful, put a heavy burden on the liver, and it is best to get nutrition from real food, but Johnson is still trying.

He sees these drugs as one of the core necessities of life, alongside food, sleep, and exercise.

Then began a 67-minute workout, which included 25 different fitness moves in just one hour.

He strictly consumes 1977 calories per day (interestingly, this number is not the result of complex equation calculations, but just from his birth age), and all foods are carefully configured with scientific data.

"I don't choose what I want to eat by looking at the menu," he even said with a little pride.

For breakfast, he drinks a green juice rich in creatine, cocoa flavanols, collagen peptides, and more, which includes his only non-vegetarian food of the day.

The "typical food" for lunch is to mix almond milk, macadamia nuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, Brazil nuts, cinnamon, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, pomegranate juice, and sunflower lecithin into a bowl" Nut Pudding".

He eats 10 times the dietary fiber of the average American every day, often with a bowl of "super vegetarian" – made of black lentils, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, garlic, ginger root, lime, cumin, apple cider vinegar , hemp seeds, and world-class olive oil.

Johnson likes them because it allows him to eat all the elements his body needs faster, instead of eating them in chunks, which is too time-consuming for him.

But according to a Bloomberg reporter's tasting, "they sound good on their own, but when mixed together, they taste like a bowl of mud."

There is also "dessert" – red wine balls and pure dark chocolate.

Red wine pills are "snacks" invented by himself, which have the same benefits as alcohol, but without the harm of alcohol; chocolate has passed the test for heavy metals such as cadmium, and comes from the area with the highest concentration of polyphenols in the world.

He occasionally eats some salad for dinner, but before noon, he would not eat any food. Earlier, Johnson even only ate one meal a day to reduce his body fat to less than 3%.

He has learned to enjoy hunger, Johnson said in a VICE interview:

I celebrate every night that I'm going to bed hungry, and for me, that's a feeling of success.

Now, he still adjusts the "best recipe" that suits him based on the daily test results of body weight, body fat, blood sugar, and heart rate.

After eating, Johnson meticulously brushes and flosses his teeth, rinses them with tea tree oil and slathers on an antioxidant gel because doctors say he has gum inflammation from a 17-year-old boy.

Johnson also conducts high-intensity training 3 times a week to ensure that his body fat rate is controlled between 5% and 6%. His current body fat and muscle concentration are in the "perfect body ratio" in medicine.

At 8:30 p.m., he goes to bed right away and insists on wearing blue-light blocking glasses for two hours before bed, even when his kids are communicating with him.

Bedtime is a very serious matter, and relaxing is a mistake, a serious "violation".

Johnson admits it took a while to adjust to these dietary and lifestyle habits, and he says he has made about 75 "violations" so far.

In Johnson's world, anything less than perfect is considered a flaw.

Even while asleep, there are devices that track his nocturnal erections to ensure his sexual performance remains at puberty.

On Johnson's smart watch, the sleep score every night is an enviable 100 points, with an average of 8.5 hours of sleep.

He is now content with his day-to-day.

Pioneering Medical Tool to Slow the Speed ​​of Aging

Johnson founded a website called Rejuvenation Olympics, which has a long list of the website's "biggest age reversal rankings".

Among the 1750 people in the world who struggle with aging, he ranks first.

The authenticity of the data cannot be investigated, but in order to achieve this, the Johnson area not only has precise control of lifestyle, but also his bold attempt at the latest medical technology.

To repair sun-damaged skin, he stays out of the sun, applies seven creams a day, and undergoes weekly chemical peels and laser treatments.

A Bloomberg reporter described his skin like this: "His face lacks most of the blemishes that come with middle age, and his pale skin is radiant."

Truth be told, it reminds me of vampires.

He undergoes weekly skin rejuvenation procedures with lasers and intense pulsed light therapy, which allow his genes to act younger.

But the treatments would brand him as if he had been hit by a car.

Because he injured his ear while hunting when he was a child, in order to improve the hearing in his left ear, he used "sound therapy" verified by Stanford University to test the limit of the frequency he can hear, and then stimulate the ear and brain to hear the sound again.

Because nocturnal peeing prevented him from getting a good night's sleep, he spent 30 minutes a day sitting on an electromagnetic machine to strengthen his pelvic floor, which sure enough increased the intensity of his urination.

He measures his weight, BMI, body fat daily, and monitors waking body temperature, blood sugar, heart rate variability, and oxygen levels while he sleeps.

He regularly performs blood, stool, and urine, as well as full-body MRIs and ultrasounds, and more specifically, periodic checks of the kidneys, prostate, thyroid, and nervous system.

Zolman is also exploring new ways to make more clinical and statistical changes to the treatments in his research papers that will have a greater impact.

Using the brain as an example, he would use a series of MRIs and ultrasounds to track blood flow, tissue volume, scarring, swelling, and plaque growth in the brain, ventricles, midbrain, cerebellum, pituitary gland, and brainstem.

Of course, not all of these experiments can meet expectations, and he still has to bear uncertain risks.

Johnson's heart health was also seriously threatened when he dropped to 3% body fat.

In September last year, Zolman established a "fat scaffold" in Johnson, which can produce fat cells belonging to young people, restore the distribution of youthful fat levels throughout the body, and thus better control calories to become younger.

But because Johnson's body fat was too low, the donor's fat was implanted on his face, and he had an allergic reaction, and his entire face was swollen as if he had been stung by a poisonous bee.

In any case, as the result stated at the beginning of the article – after 7 months, he got the "youth" he wanted .

Different parts of Johnson's body have achieved "anti-aging growth" to varying degrees, and he is healthier than most of his peers.

Three months ago, he said he had made "significant progress in reversing gray hair" and had been able to stop dying black.

What I'm doing may sound extreme, but I'm trying to prove that self-harm and degradation can actually be avoided.

Later, his team has hundreds of treatments about to start on him, including a series of experimental gene therapies.

This time it was a good start.

It's not for everyone, but it will benefit everyone

Apparently their "blueprint plan" isn't for everyone.

One is that in order to achieve the result of "rejuvenation", one has to experience both physical and psychological hardships and trials. For many people, this may be more terrifying than aging itself.

Not everyone has his grit, and not all agree with this value.

The controversy of public opinion overseas has somewhat proved this point:

  • I would rather kill myself than do it like in a self made prison.

  • None of this makes any sense other than a waste of money and a miserable life.

  • His fear of death prevents him from living well, like buying a Porsche but never driving it because of fear.

  • Is it really worth it if you look like 18 but lose the joy of life itself?

  • Aging and death are a natural part of life, so it is better to age gracefully.

Second, the price is still too high for the public at present.

Johnson spends about $2 million a year on teams and people to restore his aging body, which isn't a lot of money for him, but a lot of money for the public.

Not to mention, Zolman's clinical trials still have a lot of hardware that money can't buy, and they are usually only available in official research institutions.

Third, the universality of many experimental treatments and dietary lifestyles has yet to be verified.

A lot of what they do is groundbreaking, with little evidence or medical proof that it works for the general public.

Taking caloric restriction as an example, Levine, a researcher at the anti-aging company Altos, said, "The caloric restriction that is beneficial to one person may be harmful to another. Many of the effects of specific interventions on different individuals are unknown, and we still know too little."

But the bright side is that Johnson does bring new possibilities for reversing aging.

He did not follow the trend and do the most popular maintenance trend on the Internet, such as taking resveratrol, high doses of testosterone, and ice baths, etc., but tried his own method through scientific practice.

Johnson has given himself a more sense of mission. The he founded has disclosed his entire treatment process, all test results, and guiding principles, making everything completely transparent and breaking the commercial nature that everyone expected.

He also created a reverse aging ranking website to encourage more people to participate.

The "field of epigenetics," which Johnson focuses on, has been an emerging area of ​​interest to anti-aging researchers since its inception in the early 2010s, but it's still a work in progress, with many techniques only used in animal models.

"The whole field of longevity is transforming into a more rigorous clinical field," says George Church, a renowned geneticist at Harvard University.

This is also the eternal victorious proposition of Silicon Valley circles, elite sports circles, and celebrity circles. The smartest people in the world are frantically researching the secret of immortality.

The former CEO of Twitter respected the intermittent fasting method, the founder of Paypal studied how to create a "human biological tool set", the founder of the supplement company Nootrobox invented "nootropics", Johnson turned himself into an experimental machine, and believed in the ultimate medical testing And self-experimentation is the first step to solving the ultimate problems of the world.

The more attention is paid to these new ways of life and experiments to reverse aging, the cheaper and more readily available future research and surgery will be, and the sooner new standards will be established that benefit everyone in a systemic way.

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You don't have to be too far-sighted, but you can also maintain expectations.

Perhaps in these exciting rejuvenation pills, there are new formulas that can save human lives.

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