The 24-year-old Microsoft mascot “Big Eye Clip” returns with a retro emoji pack

Clippy, whose Chinese name is "Big Eye Clip", is Microsoft's unofficial mascot and a small Office assistant fired by Microsoft. It has affectionate eyes and iconic eyebrows. The picture below is its ID photo.

Recently , Microsoft is bringing Clippy, which has been idle for a long time, back to Microsoft Teams, a communication tool for Microsoft.

Microsoft officials said a few days ago : "Yes, this is true-Clippy has agreed not to retire! Whether you love it or hate it, Clippy is back with retro emoji stickers from Microsoft Teams."

Why is Clippy loved and hated by others? Why is it unemployed in Office, and now it becomes an emoji? People who used Office around 2000 will probably understand.

Clippy first worked in Microsoft Office 97, as a built-in assistant to help new users use Office. But it can only help very little, so I like to be surprised. Whenever you are working on a document or spreadsheet, it will suddenly appear involuntarily, even if you don't need it.

When creating a new document, Clippy suddenly shouted "I saw you are creating a new document"; when you typed "Dear", Clippy enthusiastically said "May I write for you?"; if you ignore it , It will overreact, including but not limited to staring eyes, swinging left and right, and tapping your display hard.

In 2001, when Clippy's troubles outweighed its usefulness, the noisy guy lost his job. "Dear Dad" Microsoft not only said it was "infamous" (notorious), but also used its notoriety to promote Office XP-Office XP does not require a small assistant because it is very easy to use.

Microsoft product manager Lisa Gurry explained at the time:

With new features such as smart labels and task panes, Office XP enables people to take advantage of the product more than ever. These improvements in simplicity and ease of use really make Clippy obsolete.

However, Clippy was only turned off by default at that time, and users can manually choose to enable it in the installation options. After Office 2007 went online, Microsoft finally made up its mind to let Clippy roll back home.

Probably the spark of love will only be rekindled when it is lost. Netizens start to miss Clippy, and fans also initiate various petitions. Among the Easter eggs of many Microsoft products, we can still see Clippy.

In March 2019 , Clippy first appeared in Microsoft Teams as an emoji sticker. Microsoft developers also published the codes for these emoji stickers on Github, and all Microsoft Teams users are welcome to import and use them for free.

But Clippy only survived for one day, and the emoji and code were all driven to extinction. The Verge reported that this was because the "brand police" within the company was very dissatisfied with Clippy's sudden corpse fraud, and there may be legal or copyright issues behind it. Interestingly, Microsoft applied for the Clippy trademark in June this year.

However, Clippy has finally been taken seriously by Microsoft again. On July 14 this year, Microsoft tweeted: "If this tweet can get 20,000 likes, we will replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy."

Compared to this realistic and boring standard paperclip, Clippy does look much pleasing to the eye. The fans worked hard and success came very quickly. Microsoft said "wait and find out".

However, Clippy is only part of the emoji update. The 1800 emojis in Microsoft 365 will be updated using Microsoft's Fluent Design system, and the emojis of Clippy will be redesigned to add more personality.

Now, the returning Clippy not only replaces the standard paperclip emoji in 1,800 emojis, but also has its own emoji pack in Microsoft Teams, as mentioned at the beginning of the article.

In July of this year, Microsoft's official "emoji expert" Claire Anderson said in an interview:

I grew up with Clippy, it looks like a funny little Easter egg. We have all imagined that when you put Clippy in a Microsoft product, you would feel that kind of joy, and then suddenly, you would feel this kind of nostalgia.

Just as Microsoft launched Clippy to help us learn home computers (although it is not very useful), emojis are increasingly becoming an important part of online communication, adding emotion and vitality to computer-based interactions. Microsoft said it hopes to "rethink the graphic expression of professionalism" through large-scale emoji updates.

▲ Picture from: Verge

Claire Anderson points out: “It’s not easy for everyone to be funny or expressive. Emojis are the perfect little helper. They are by no means frivolous or decorative. They are an extension of our human nature and an important one. Communication tool."

Grapes are not the only fruit.

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