The 2024 Apple Design Awards are out! This year’s 14 best apps are somewhat different. How many have you used?

Before the release of iOS 18’s major update, Apple first sent a Dragon Boat Festival “Easter egg”.

Yesterday, Apple officially announced the winners of the 2024 Apple Design Awards.

This design award, which was first launched in 1997, has witnessed changes in the way we interact with technology and the pursuit of value over the past two decades.

Unsurprisingly , with the release of Vision Pro last year, this year's "Apple Design Awards" added the "Spatial Computing" category for the first time based on last year, demonstrating Vision Pro's "creative productivity" with an app and a game. ” and the possibility of “creative play”.

This year, a total of 14 applications won awards in seven categories: "Fun", "Diversity and Inclusion", "Innovative Thinking", "Outstanding Interaction", "Social Impact", "Visual Imagery" and "Spatial Computing".

Which one will you be excited to experience this holiday?

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"Full of Fun" Winning App: Bear's Gratitude Diary & NYT Games

This category recognizes applications that deliver experiences that are entertaining and memorable, that are enjoyable and lingering, and that are further enhanced by Apple technology.

"Bear Gratitude Diary" is a very warm diary application. It uses illustrations to bring cute animal friends to users, helping users record the things they are grateful for and beautiful memories every day.

Having difficulty writing when looking at a "blank paper"? Click "Get some inspiration" at the top, and the app will share some "examples". It's not asking you to imitate, but just to stimulate inspiration.

Users can also reward themselves with cute stickers, because "even results that you think are not surprising have meaning."

If they encounter less happy days, users can also use the mindfulness tools in the app to self-regulate.

"NYT Games" is a game application created by The New York Times, which brings together a series of popular games, such as the popular "Wordle" in recent years and the classic "Spelling Bee". Apple commented:

It has completely broken the boundaries of its classic crossword puzzles and popular games, redesigned the navigation interface, expanded its already rich game variety, and introduced enticing new games that will spark discussion, such as Connections. This mini-game, like "Wordle", has been carefully designed to maximize replayability.

"Diversity and Inclusion" Winning App: Oko & Crayola Adventure

Winners in this category support users from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and languages, so everyone can have a great experience.

"Oko" is a tool built for the visually impaired. It can inform users of current intersection signal changes through tactile and audio feedback.

This application combines Apple’s own “narration” and “dynamic font” technologies, and plays a very good role in daily and important security scenarios.

Crayola Adventures is a colorful adventure game that sets a new standard for inclusivity and gender-neutral character creation options. When designing a character, users can choose from different skin tones, abilities, body types, and personal pronouns.

At the same time, the game offers comprehensive inclusivity options, including full narration for users who cannot read or have dyslexia.

It includes activities including making decorations, solving puzzles, reading storybooks, and more, so players of all ages can have fun.

"Innovative Thinking" winning app: Procreate Dreams & Lost in Play

The winning entries in this category use Apple technologies in their apps in creative ways to provide the most cutting-edge experiences and stand out among similar apps.

"Procreate Dreams" is called "the new benchmark for 2D animation creation on iPad."

In it, users can create animations using the rich brushes, gesture operations and PencilKit-supported actions familiar from the original "Procreate".

"Lost in Play" is like a "living" graphic novel, inviting you to follow a brother and sister as they travel through a hand-drawn fantasy world.

From eerie forests to cliff-top villages, you'll encounter many cute characters and fun mini-games.

"Excellent Interaction" winning application: Crouton & Rytmos

The winning entries in this category bring an intuitive, friendly interface and easy-to-understand operation, perfectly tailored for their platform.

In the fast-paced life, it is easy for us to lose the ability to slow down. For example, cooking is often incompatible with the busy life of urban people.

As a recipe app, Crouton has a very clear internal structure and information level, and a clean and attractive interface. It simplifies cooking. Even if you are not a chef, you can still cook according to the software's instructions. Tips and tutorials to get started easily.

Crouton's simple interaction method allows users to focus on their cooking countertop without frequent operations on the display.

Rytmos is a rhythm game inspired by world music, with excellent graphics and sound effects.

Players solve puzzles by creating paths with simple drag gestures, and each playthrough adds a new element to an ever-evolving piece of music.

The novice guidance makes the gameplay clear at a glance. No matter how complicated the game becomes in the later stages, the operation gestures are still simple and interesting.

The shortlisted works in this category are: "Procreate Dreams", "Arc Search", "Little Nightmares" and "finity."

"Social Impact" Winner: Gentler Streak & The Wreck

Winners in this category positively impact people's lives and shine a spotlight on important issues.

As a fitness app, Gentler Streak is a little different from other apps. It does not constantly remind you to exercise to exhaustion. Instead, it will care about a small amount of exercise in your life, such as walking the dog or daily chores.

It also recommends rest days and active recovery activities based on your readiness and heart rate data. By doing this, it helps you find the balance between fitness and rest.

The Gentler Streak also features a subtle yet pleasing design language.

The arrangement of health data is concise and beautiful, and the "Monthly Summary" view can display performance relative to historical data instead of rigid comparison, allowing users to witness their progress.

The Wreck is a mature visual novel game that tells a story about sisterhood, motherhood, grief, and survival.

Writer Junon was suddenly called to the hospital one day to make a life-changing decision. The plot in the game is not easy, but the writing is beautiful and the expressions are fluent, especially through the ever-changing thought bubbles, which reflect the chaos of thoughts in stressful situations.

Although The Wreck is classified as a game, it is also a heartbreaking and powerful story, or a film and television work that prompts players to start thinking about their own life choices.

The shortlisted works in this category are: "How We Feel", "Ahead: Emotions Coach", "Cityscapes: Sim Builder" and "The Bear"

"Visual Image" winning entry: Rooms & Lies of P

The winning entries in this category realize their unique and cohesive themes through stunning graphics, detailed interfaces, and high-quality, advanced animations.

Rooms is an app that’s hard to categorize because it can be a blank space for building imaginative scenes; it can be a platform for comfortable gaming; and it can be a place to interact with thousands of other A social space where people’s works interact.

The app's interactions, sounds, and nostalgic visuals strike the perfect balance between offbeat and engaging.

Lies of P is a stunning masterpiece for the Mac, a dark and engaging game based on a familiar story.

Last year, Lies of P successfully won the "Mac Game of the Year" in the 2023 App Store Award; today, it once again won the "Visual Image Award".

In this gorgeously rendered adventure, players will control a robotic puppet created by Geppetto as he traverses a burned-out city as he fights to survive and find his creator.

The game's visuals are stunning, presenting a world with beautifully textured and detailed lighting.

Players can also design the ruined city to their liking through visual customization options such as MetalFX image quality enhancement and volumetric fog effects.

The shortlisted works in this category are: "Sunlitt: Sun Tracker", "Meditate", "Death Stranding Director's Cut", "Honkai Impact: Star Rail"

"Spatial Computing" winning works: djay pro & Blackbox

The winning entries in this category use exceptional craftsmanship to create exceptional spatial experiences.

djay pro, which allows you to become one of the top 100 DJs in the virtual space, is not only a breakthrough app, but also creates a new way of interacting with music.

With exquisite technology and excellent immersion, it brings users a refreshing and vivid experience.

This app has high-quality discs for you to create, cool interactive effects panels, and a series of gorgeous environments.

The goal of djay pro is to create the live feeling and immersive atmosphere pursued by live DJs on the spatial canvas.

Blackbox is an improved and evolved version of the puzzle game. Unlike the iOS version, which requires players to think beyond the screen, Blackbox on AVP requires players to think about every corner of the space canvas from the first moment.

It transcends the constraints of your fingertips, breaks through the limitations of glass, and enters your home and life. Pop the bubbles, think about the puzzles, and let the rest unfold around you.

Immerse yourself in interactive visuals, mind-bending sounds, and maybe discover something profound.

The shortlisted works in this category are: "Sky Guide – 3D Constellation Star Chart Guide", "NBA", "Synth Riders" and "Loóna: Cozy Puzzle Games"

"Spatial Computing" is a new award category introduced for the first time since the selection and classification standards were established in 2021.

Since One More Thing at WWDC last year, although AVP, which focuses on spatial computing, still has a long way to go before becoming a mainstream consumer electronics product, the concept of "spatial computing" has become deeply rooted in people's hearts and has even begun to enter our work and life. .

In the past year, discussions about Apple have focused on the following points:

  • The originator of spatial computing
  • 15 which is similar to iPhone 14
  • Disappeared iPad
  • AI that makes big thunder but small raindrops

Compared with other mobile phone manufacturers that have already been All in AI, Apple is slower this time by a full half year. In any case, the late but arriving Apple AI will meet us in 3 days.

In the hands of Apple, is artificial intelligence just a “fair game with no surprises”? Or is it Only Apple Can Do, another hotly searched topic in the technology circle? It’s worth looking forward to.

Including next year's Apple Design Awards, with the empowerment of AI, what unexpected works of the times will be collided?

Finally, we have also compiled the winning works of the "Apple Design Awards" in the past three years. Interested readers can jump to read and learn more.

2023 Apple Design Award Winning Apps:
Diversity and Inclusion: “Universe” & “stitch”
Lots of fun: "Duolingo" & "Afterplace"
Excellent interaction: "Flighty" & "Orbital Link"
Social Impact: "Headspace" & "Endling"
Visual image: "Any Distance" & "Resident Evil Village"
Innovative thinking: "SwingVision" & "MARVEL SNAP"

2022 Apple Design Award Winning Apps:
Diversity and Inclusion: "Procreate" & "Wylde Flowers"
Lots of fun: "Habits" & "Overboard!"
Excellent interaction: "A Musical Story" & "Slopes"
Social Impact: "Gibbon" & "Rebel Girls"
Visual image: "Halide Mark II" & "LEGO® Star Wars" ™ "
Innovative thinking: "MARVEL Future Revolution" & "Odio"

2021 Apple Design Award Winning Apps:
Diversity and Inclusion: "HoloVista" & "Sound Dream Reader"
Lots of fun: "Little Orpheus" & "Pok Pok Playroom"
Excellent interaction: "Bird Alone" & "CARROT Weather"
Social Impact: "Alba: A Wildlife Adventure" & "Be My Eyes"
Visual image: "Genshin" & "Loóna"
Innovative thinking: "League of Legends: Battle Canyon" & "NaadSadhana"

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