The 2021 Apple Design Award is out! “Original God” and “League of Legends” won awards, and 10 apps of the year

The annual Apple Design Awards (Apple Design Awards) is here again.

After the annual Apple Developer Conference (WWDC), the Apple Design Award is issued. This award is a series of outstanding apps selected by Apple based on innovation, originality, and technical achievements in application and game design.

Over the past 20 years, more than 250 developers have won this award. Today, Apple has commended 12 apps and games from developers around the world .

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This time, Apple divided the award-winning products into 6 new categories, namely "tolerance, exquisite and interesting, interaction, social influence, visual and image, innovation". There are two award-winning works under each category to highlight the work behind the works. significance.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these annual apps and games.

Inclusive App

The winners of this category mainly support people from different backgrounds, different abilities, and different languages ​​through apps and games. They broke the Tower of Babel in the app and made "accessibility" more popular.


Open this puzzle game, you are likely to be attracted by its unique vision at first sight.

As a young artist, the player will go to a strange mansion full of secrets to take photos and explore, collect information, complete tasks, and then unlock more fantasy spaces.

What Apple considers the game to be "inclusive" is that it supports a large number of auxiliary functions, including motion control, text size, text contrast, sound and visual effect intensity, etc.

Moreover, it is an augmented reality game, and the game experience is also very immersive.

When you play this game with your mobile phone, just move your body and through the gyroscope in the mobile phone, you will see the scene in the mobile phone change synchronously, as if you have actually entered a 3D space.

Free and diversified function control, coupled with augmented reality experience, make dream and reality more intertwined.

Developer: Aconite (United States)
Note: This work has a score of 4.7 in the App Store. It supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It requires iOS 13.0 or higher. The price is $4.99. The iOS central area is not yet available.

Sound Dream Reader

This app is a text-to-speech app that can read digital text aloud in more than 20 languages ​​and almost all formats, including PDF, web pages, e-books, etc.

Moreover, it also has a highly customizable layout and functions. People can choose the tone, tone, accent, and speed of reading, so that people from all over the world and with different needs can get the best reading and listening experience.

Before, this app was considered by many to be the best text-to-speech app on mobile platforms.

Especially for children with dyslexia, the help they bring is like sending charcoal in the snow.

Developer: Voice Dream LLC (United States)
Note: This work has a score of 4.1 in the App Store, supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch, requires iOS 12.0 or higher, and costs 128 yuan.

Happy and fun App

The following two award-winning works are games, and they can both bring people a relaxing and pleasant play experience, suitable for leisure time.

Pok Pok Playroom

This game is very suitable for children, because it is played by letting children make toys by hand.

Its picture looks very bright and lovely, every scene and character are colorful, and there are various interesting sound effects and vibration experiences.

Open the game, without too many instructions and cumbersome tutorials, children can directly explore.

Pok Pok also said that this game hopes that children can play freely with intuition, use their imagination, learn and grow from the process of discovering, building, and repairing each toy.

Looking at the colorful pictures of this game and listening to the jingle sounds, I feel like I am back in kindergarten.

Developer: Pok Pok (Belgium)
Note: This work has a score of 4.2 in the App Store, supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 12.3 or later, and is free to download.

Little Orpheus

This is an adventure mobile game created in the Soviet era. The protagonist is a Soviet astronaut who is cast into an extinct volcano. He needs to enter the earth through the volcano to explore, and there is another fantasy and mysterious world. Hidden the lost civilization inside the earth.

It sounds a bit scary, but in fact there are many interesting levels in it, including entering the underwater kingdom, prehistoric jungle, passing through all kinds of strange flowers and plants, etc.

Moreover, the game dialogue is also full of brain holes and jokes. Compared with other adventure games, this journey is obviously much more interesting.

Developer: The Chinese Room (UK)
Note: This work supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, and requires iOS 13.0 or higher. iOS Central has not yet been released.

Easy interactive app

The following two apps mainly allow people to experience a more intuitive app interactive interface and easily control functions.

CARROT Weather

This is a weather forecast app, which is different from other apps in that it also has an announcer.

This announcer is a robot named CARROT, but he never broadcasts "seriously". He has a humble and cute tone and specializes in ridicule, sarcasm, and complaints.

The strong interactivity of this app lies in its ingenious cartoon vision, simple and elegant functional experience, and a series of customizable practical small components.

In one interface, all weather information is covered: the upper layer is the sky, temperature, body temperature, rainfall probability, wind speed, and the lower layer is the hourly forecast weather information and future weather conditions.

When you move the interface, the background also has different animation changes, just like going through a level in a game.

Developer: Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC (United States)
Note: This work has a score of 4.5 in the App Store, supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, requires iOS 13.0 or higher, and is free to download.

Lonely bird

What kind of experience is it to read a book by talking to a bird on a mobile phone?

"Lonely Bird" is such a game. The game itself is a healing and interactive book. Open the game and you can talk to the bird in various ways such as gestures, vibration, parallax and dynamic sound effects. Talking, complaining, creating some poetry and music, and some paintings of my own.

Moreover, the game content will change the background music according to the weather, seasons, and different time periods in reality.

This lonely bird will become your friend. It will often ask questions that empathize with people who are alone or in trouble, such as:

It is a very humane game.

And those rich interactions make this human touch more real.

Developer: George Batchelor (Canada)
Note: This work has a score of 4.9 in the App Store, supports iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac, requires iOS 10.0 or later, and costs 6 yuan.

App that focuses on social issues

For the award-winning app in this category, Apple said it "improved people's lives in a meaningful way and aroused people's attention to important social issues."

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that helps visually impaired people "see" things.

"Seeing" here means "borrowing" other people's eyes to see.

As long as the user opens the app and clicks to call, a volunteer from all over the world will be connected to the video to help the user. They will use the user's camera to identify objects, view the road, and improve the efficiency of action, and provide urgent help.

So far, more than 4.5 million volunteers have used this app to help 300,000 blind and low-vision people. These users come from more than 150 countries and speak more than 180 languages. Volunteers often rely on looting to help.

A volunteer once said :

Every time we help is so small, but it is of great significance.

It brings great convenience to the visually impaired. It is these small assistances that have accumulated happiness for more people.

Developer: S/I Be My Eyes (Denmark)
Note: This work has a score of 4.8 in the App Store, supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 12.1 or later, and is free to download.


This is a new game developed by the "Monument Valley" team.

In this game, the player and Alba will go to a small Mediterranean island to visit her grandparents, where you will spend the summer together. Of course, the main purpose is not to play, but to complete a very meaningful task-exploration Wild animals, get them out of danger.

You will set up an "Ayi Wildlife Rescue Alliance". In addition to saving wild animals, you will also gather volunteers to set up an "Island Rescue Organization" to save the birds on this island, repair local bridges, clean up garbage around the city, etc. , Let that idyllic beach and ancient castle return.

There is a sentence in the game introduction that is worth thinking about:

Even the tiniest person can make huge changes.

Developer: ustwo games (UK)
Note: This work supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, and requires iOS 13.0 or higher. iOS Central has not yet been released.

App with wonderful visual effects

The following two apps have amazing image performance, well-drawn interface, and high-quality animation performance, which also makes them unique in many apps.


This is a sleep aid app, but it is not a common white noise software. Instead, it guides and adjusts users' emotions before going to bed, so that people can have a better sleep.

Every night this app will provide a new sleep scene, just like a treatment, combining relaxing activities, stories, and soothing sound effects, allowing people to enter the unique "world" it creates before going to bed.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the design of the scene, the font, color, animation and 3D content of this app are all very retro and quiet.

Developer: Loóna Inc (Belarus)
Note: This work has a score of 4.7 in the App Store. It supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac, requires iOS 11.2 or later, and is free to download.

Original god

Finally, there is a game from a Chinese developer among the winning works.

"Yuan Shen" was very popular in the Chinese game market last year. The total revenue within 30 days of launch will reach an astonishing US$245 million , surpassing well-known games such as "Honor of Kings" and "Pokemon Go". At the same time, there are many controversies accompanying it. .

But in the fantasy world it created called "Tivat", Apple said that the heart-pounding battle scenes and vast game landscape have elevated the visual effects of mobile games to a new level.

Whether players are destroying monsters, summoning earthquakes, throwing lightning, or guiding strong winds to intensify flames and blizzards, the dynamic blur, shadow effects, and frame rate that can be adjusted at any time make the visual effects of the game even more stunning.

Developer: Mihayou (China)
Note: This work has a score of 4.1 in the App Store, supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 9.0 or later, and is free to download.

The most innovative app

The winners of the last category are mainly awarded for their innovative use of technology and unique product experience.


This is a studio-level music app. Whether you are a musician or a singing lover, it can help you perform and publish various styles and performances. The creative space is very free.

It was originally an app that provided accompaniment for practicing singing traditional Indian songs, and now it can support seven different music types.

And with the assistance of AI and Core ML, it can also listen to the user's impromptu singing, and then quickly give feedback on the pitch, and generate an accompaniment track in real time.

Developer: Sandeep Ranade (India)
Note: This game supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, requires iOS 14.2 or later, and is free to download.

League of Legends Mobile Game

The last prize-winning work must be familiar to everyone.

Apple said that it brought a complex PC game to mobile devices and simultaneously brought a complete experience. The developer team, Riot Games, completely refurbished and designed this well-loved work from players around the world, such as with the help of sophisticated touch-screen controls designed for mobile devices, an automatic target locking system that helps novices stand firm, and is designed for mobile devices. Camera settings and so on.

All these make it easy for all players to enter and experience the wonderful world of League of Legends.

Developer: Riot Games (United States)
Note: This game has a score of 3.7 in the App Store. This game supports iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iOS 9.0 or later and is free to download.

The above is all the winning works of this year's Apple Design Awards.

This year, in addition to the physical trophy of the Apple Design Awards, this year’s winners will also receive a bonus package containing Apple’s hardware package. Although it did not disclose the products in the package, Apple said it hopes to encourage developers to continue to create outstanding products. Apps and games.

These award-winning apps and games were born through Apple’s layers of selection. No matter from their creative inspiration, appearance design or inner experience, it is enough to see the hard work of the developer team.

From the annual Apple Design Awards and the selection of the best app of the year, we can see Apple’s support for outstanding developers and high-quality products. The six categories of award-winning works this year can also be seen from Apple’s support for these products. Coming to the attention of the social significance.

After all, these developers are building our current and future mobile ecosystem.

But of course, these award-winning works also represent the "taste" of Apple, and there are many outstanding works that are worth seeing by more people.

If you have long-loved apps and games, please share them with us in the comments section.

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