Tesla’s Q2 financial report is very informative, and we focus on Chinese car owners

On July 21, Tesla announced the financial report data for the second quarter of 2022. Although Tesla experienced disruptions such as shutdowns, layoffs, supply chain interruptions, and logistics restrictions in the second quarter, it still achieved the success of Wei Xiao. Managed 14.6% profit margins and positive free cash flow of $621 million.

However, this is Tesla's first quarterly earnings report since 2020 that saw a sequential decline . Although second-quarter net profit was $2.26 billion, up 98% year-on-year, it fell 32% quarter-on-quarter. Total revenue in the second quarter was $16.934 billion, up 42% year-on-year, but down 9.8% quarter-on-quarter, missing market expectations of $17.2 billion.

On the earnings conference call, Musk believed that Tesla still faces supply chain challenges, but there is no need to make its own chips, and in the face of investors' questions about Chinese electric car manufacturers, Musk said that he respects Chinese electric car manufacturers very much, but He believes that the best EV maker in China is actually Tesla China .

For Chinese car owners who want to buy Tesla, I believe everyone will pay attention to the following news.

4680 battery: The official has not disclosed the preparation of the Shanghai factory, but there is good news

According to Tesla, the Texas factory has installed the next-generation 4680 battery production equipment, and has been debugged simultaneously. The production capacity is continuing to climb, and mass production is expected by the end of the year. On the other hand, Tesla emphasizes that there are enough 2170 batteries to meet this year's capacity needs without relying on 4680, which will be important next year .

Regarding the battery itself, Musk explained that the module structure of the 4680 battery is more advanced, and the structural battery pack will improve over time. This means that when the Shanghai factory assembles a Tesla equipped with a 4680 battery pack, it may be an iterative version, allowing the party to win .

Car prices: If inflation falls by year-end, prices may drop a bit

Compared with the previous Tesla price cuts in China, the multiple price increases in 2022 caught many people off guard, especially those consumers who could not bear to buy 230,000 Model 3s.

On the price issue that many people are concerned about, Musk said that now users wait for a long time to order a car, and the price will be adjusted according to the inflation rate of the time when everyone picks up the car. Musk thinks inflation will come down by the end of the year, so the price of Tesla cars might drop a bit, and the party might win again .

On the other hand, Musk and other executives emphasized that changes in the lithium material processing market will cause large fluctuations in the price of electric vehicles, calling on everyone to pay attention and invest in the lithium processing industry.

Shanghai factory: equipment upgrade, will become the world's highest production super factory

Recently, Tesla’s Shanghai factory has upgraded equipment to improve production efficiency, and in June, the Shanghai factory set a new record with monthly sales of 78,906 vehicles.

In Tesla's announced global production capacity plan of 1.9 million, the Shanghai factory accounts for 750,000 vehicles. If there is no accident, it will become the super factory with the highest production capacity in 2022 .

However, the Shanghai factory was forced to shut down due to the epidemic, resulting in limited production capacity. If it weren't for the epidemic, I believe that the Shanghai factory will open a bigger gap with other factories.

Cybertruck with multiple bounces: Officially launched in mid-2023, China has to wait

The Tesla electric pickup Cybertruck announced in 2019 has bounced many times, and this time Musk said that it is expected to be officially launched in mid-2023, but did not disclose the time of domestic listing .

However, in 2020, Cybertruck has opened reservations in China with a deposit of 1,000 yuan, but the domestic page has been offline for reservations.

Assisted driving FSD: more and more people use it, but the price may increase

As of Q2 2022, more than 100,000 car owners are using FSD-assisted driving in North America, and ADAS for new vehicles has adopted a pure vision solution. Musk believes that compared to the experience and value that FSD provides to car owners, its price is already low, and the price will increase as the scope of use expands .

However, we take the Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive version as an example. The current FSD price is 64,000 yuan, which is still relatively expensive for most people. In the face of new domestic forces, the entire Lili series comes standard with assisted driving functions. Weilai provides a monthly subscription system of 680 yuan for assisted driving on NT2.0 models. The high-end models of Xiaopeng P7 and P5 are equipped with auxiliary driving as standard after the free charging is cancelled. driving function.

The price of Tesla FSD has no advantage, and it also needs to face the training problem of FSD in the complicated domestic traffic environment. There are many variables in the domestic recognition of FSD.

Musk knocks on the blackboard, there is a surprise for Tesla AI Day on September 30

Finally, Musk left everyone suspense on the conference call, saying that this year's Tesla AI Day will have a lot of "exciting things" , and Musk has previously revealed that the event date is September 30.

What do you think is the exciting thing about Tesla this year?

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