Tesla’s new vision in Hollywood

From SpaceX to Tesla to Twitter, which is still "unclear"… We always seem to see a lot of "wonderful ideas" in Elon Musk (Elon Musk) .

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Judging from the documents submitted to the city of Los Angeles not long ago, Tesla seems to have a new move, this time to open a restaurant. The information disclosed in the document shows that the project will be located in SANTA MONICA BLVD (Santa Monica Boulevard) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, covering an area of ​​about 9,300 square feet (about 864 square meters).

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A restaurant called "Shakey's Pizza" is currently open in this area and is expected to be demolished after Tesla's project approval. According to Tesla's vision, this area will have super charging stations, restaurants and drive-in theaters, and these functional areas have a circular layout.

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The two-story restaurant has hundreds of seats indoors and outdoors, and meals can also be delivered to cars in the parking lot. If approved, the restaurant may adopt a 24-hour model.

A restaurant may be open 24 hours, but an outdoor theater is not. Tesla plans to set up two movie screens in the outdoor area, which can be seen on the roof of the restaurant or in the car in the parking lot. A program lasting about 30 minutes is scheduled to play on the screen, about the time it takes to recharge or dine in a restaurant.

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Compared to restaurants and cinemas, the more important part of this area may be the charging station. There will be 34 charging points in the charging station for electric vehicles, of which 29 will be superchargers, and the remaining 5 will be equipped with secondary chargers for low-speed charging.

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In fact, Tesla is expected to open a restaurant. As early as 2018, Musk had already tweeted about opening a supercharger station in Los Angeles, but at the time he envisioned an "old-school" restaurant with drive-thru, roller skating and rocking.

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When the Supercharger station in Santa Monica opened in February, Musk tweeted about opening a "futuristic" restaurant and drive-in theater in Hollywood. In this "future restaurant", you can also pay with the cryptocurrency "Dogecoin".

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​Although from the documents submitted so far, it is not clear what the design style of the restaurant to be opened in Hollywood will be, but the document does mention that there will be "screens" made of rows of bamboo around the outdoor movie screen. .

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It is worth mentioning that in June 2021, Tesla applied for several trademark registrations, covering catering services, fast food restaurant services, cafeteria services and takeaway restaurant services. From the perspective of function and layout, the project in the Hollywood area seems to be a "service area" dedicated to Tesla.

For Tesla owners, this is an area that can both charge electric vehicles, meet dietary needs, and watch movies, which is naturally attractive.

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On the other hand, for Tesla, rich services can not only meet the needs of car owners, but also better improve the brand and product ecology, and perhaps attract more potential customers for itself. Service area” can be said to serve multiple purposes.

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