Tesla’s annual “bragging conference”: 100 million cars a year, Tesla Bot will change the economy, and these big news

This morning, Tesla held its 2022 annual shareholder meeting at its Texas factory. This can also be said to be Musk's "bragging" conference, and he himself laughed at himself at the conference, "I know that bragging has to be realized quickly."

However, Musk has become a top social media player in recent years and has gained a large number of fans. In addition to his bold and outrageous remarks, it is also because he has realized his bragging step by step from Tesla to SpaceX in recent years.

We sorted out the important information of this conference for the first time, to see what bullshit Musk has boasted this time, and what future Tesla has been spoiled.

Essence version:

  • Tesla to build dozens of gigafactories
  • 1.5 million cars to be built this year
  • Cybertruck production to start next year
  • There will be a V4 supercharger next year
  • Musk confident to launch FSD within the year
  • Ten years later, Tesla can build 100 million cars
  • Tesla is more profitable than traditional car companies
  • Shanghai factory is hard to beat
  • Tesla Bot is more valuable than a car
  • Component costs are trending down
  • Even if Musk is kidnapped by aliens, Tesla will still be fine

At the beginning of the meeting, Martin Viecha, Tesla's vice president of investment relations, mentioned that this was the most attended Tesla's annual shareholders meeting, perhaps because there were more shareholders-

At the shareholder meeting, Tesla shareholders passed a proposal for a 3:1 stock split, Tesla's second stock split in two years. Today, the barriers to becoming a Tesla shareholder are lower. Of course, I still can't afford it.

Without further ado, let's take a look at Musk.

Build more, sell more, earn more

When the leader takes office, it is natural to emphasize the achievements made in the past year.

Musk pointed out that Tesla's production capacity will exceed 1.5 million this year . Coincidentally, Tesla achieved a small achievement just last week – the 3 millionth Tesla was born.

Musk is very proud of Tesla's output, he sighed:

Ten years ago, Tesla built 2,500 Roadsters and about a few hundred Model Ss. Today, Tesla has built 3 million cars, which seems like a pyramid scheme.

And for Tesla's next decade, Musk gave a number, "I would be surprised if it didn't exceed 100 million (cumulative) in 10 years."

Musk's ability to sell so many cars is nothing more than a strong product and strong sales. On the other hand, Tesla's production capacity is also very strong.

▲In the past ten years, the increase in Tesla’s delivery is very exaggerated

Judging from the histogram given by Musk, since Q3 2017, the quarterly compound growth rate of Tesla's production capacity has reached 72%. The CEO hopes that Tesla can achieve a production capacity of 2 million vehicles per year by the end of this year. rate .

For Tesla, this is not a particularly difficult goal. In fact, its production rate has reached 1.5 million vehicles per year in June this year. Today, the lower-capacity Texas and Berlin factories only need to work a little harder. , you can catch up.

However, the best "top student" is the Shanghai factory. Even Musk said, "Tesla Shanghai is hard to beat."

“To achieve the goal of producing 20 million cars a year , Tesla needs about a dozen factories,” Musk said. The location of the next factory will be announced.

Interestingly, Musk hinted, "I'm half-Canadian."

The more cars you sell, the more you earn, just look at the picture. ⬇

In 2020, the 17-year-old Tesla has finally become a profitable company, and has ushered in leapfrog growth in its second year of profitability .

If you want to know whether a person's ability to make money is strong, just look at his wallet. Let's take a look at Tesla's wallet.

Over the past 4 quarters, Tesla's positive cash flow has reached $7 billion. In a nutshell: build more, sell more, and earn more .

Even better than traditional car companies.

It can be seen that Tesla's profit margin has surpassed that of traditional car manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and General Motors, and even dropped a lot from the second place.

Tesla's operating margins are among the highest in the entire auto industry.

In addition, Musk also revealed that the Model Y is the most profitable model of the year.

Tesla can have such a high operating profit margin thanks to its excellent cost control and process optimization capabilities. Tesla Chairman Robyn Denholm also emphasized at the meeting that Tesla is focused on reducing costs .

Two examples, the first is integrated die casting , a technology that greatly simplifies Tesla's production process. It can be seen that the number of robots in the Austin factory and the Berlin factory has been greatly reduced compared with the Fremont factory——

It is also Mode Y, the number of robots in the two new factories is about half less, not to mention the Model 3 that does not use integrated die-casting parts at all.

Second, Tesla has also made great efforts in the layout of the factory. The rational layout of the new factory not only reduces energy consumption costs, but also improves production efficiency.

What's going on with Musk's promises?

Tesla Robot and Robotaxi

As early as this year's Q2 earnings call, Musk announced a lot of news about AI DAY, and at this shareholders meeting, Musk released more information.

Regarding the Tesla robot on AI DAY, Musk believes that it will change the concept of an economy. In the future, the sharing mode can be opened for the Optimus robot, and the value of the car will not be as good as that of the Optimus robot .

Musk announced last summer that the Tesla robot would be available this year, before it was called Optimus Prime.

Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 125 pounds, the robot can carry 45 pounds, deadlift 150 pounds, and move at 5 mph. Its prototype could be revealed around September 30, with production in 2023.

When asked about pilot cities for the Robotaxi program, Musk said there may be no pilot cities, and the company aims to provide a common solution for autonomous driving.

FSD Beta

FSD has driven about 42 million miles. Interestingly, Musk has set up a Flag for himself. He vowed that Tesla will launch a non-beta version of fully autonomous driving software in 2022. He also said that FSD Beta faces complex environmental conditions. The steering ability is amazing.

Musk believes that FSD Beta will make roads safer and countless lives will be saved .


From planning to pricing, this year's Cybetruck, built at the Texas factory, will look a little different than when it was first released. This pure electric pickup truck, which has repeatedly bounced tickets, may really come next year. In Musk's mouth, it is a very heavy product.

about environmental protection

In 2021, Tesla will deliver a total of 4GWh battery capacity energy storage equipment. Chairman Robyn Denholm said at this shareholders meeting that the clean energy they provide is enough for 3 million households around the world.

Musk said that in the past 10 years, the electricity provided by energy storage equipment has been equal to the sum of the electricity consumed by its own factories, vehicles, fast charging and home charging, and there is even a surplus.

In addition, Musk spoke highly of the previously announced battery recycling program. At present, battery pack recycling has been opened at the Nevada factory, with about 50 sets per week, but the business has not yet expanded, and a large number of battery packs are still in use.

According to Musk's ideas, smart electric vehicles can not only protect the earth, but also bring about a completely different way of life, and even reconstruct the logic of social productivity.

The earth can be saved, and it will be saved.

Musk with "ace player"

We have a very talented team here, and even if I get abducted by aliens, or if I go back to my home planet, Tesla will still do well.

It was also mentioned in Tesla’s previous 2021 impact report that SpaceX and Tesla are the two companies that American engineering graduates most want to go to. Interestingly, Max even allows employees to work at both SpaceX and Tesla at the same time.

Musk firmly believes that "Which team the ace player goes to, which team is likely to win ."

Perhaps, the confidence of 100 million vehicles comes from this.

By the way, I also discovered a small detail: Musk may not usually like to drink water, and he only drank half a bottle after talking for an hour.

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