Tesla started testing lidar? The answer may not be so simple

Last week, the audiovisual industry consultant Grayson Brulte took this photo in Palm Beach, Florida:

A Tesla Model Y equipped with lidar.

▲ Tesla Model Y equipped with lidar, picture from: Grayson Brulte

In January of this year, NIO released its first sedan ET7, one of its biggest highlights is that it is equipped with lidar. Li Bin, the founder of Weilai, emphasized at the press conference:

For high-level automatic assisted driving, lidar is indispensable.

The International Society of Automata Engineers (SAE) divides autonomous driving into six levels from L0 to L5. Among them, L3 is called "conditional autonomous driving", which is the watershed between assisted driving and autonomous driving. It is defined as "the system operates in its design All dynamic driving tasks can be continuously executed within the conditions." Below L3 is assisted driving, and above L3 can be called autonomous driving.

Lidar is the key sensor to realize high-level autonomous driving.

▲Lidar on Weilai ET7, the picture comes from: Weilai

Is Tesla going to use lidar on its own models?

According to Bloomberg News, Tesla has established a partnership with Luminar to use lidar for "test and development."

Tesla is unlikely to install lidar based on only one vehicle model.

As Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst at Guidehouse (one of the world’s leading developers of autonomous driving systems), said, in addition to Model Y, the same modules have been found on other Tesla models. Including Cybertruck's prototype.

▲Tesla Cybertruck, picture from: Tesla

This may not be the case.

In fact, Tesla has always abandoned the use of lidar and insisted on focusing on visual recognition, which is inseparable from Elon Musk. Musk once called lidar a "dumb" in a speech given by Tesla to build a fully autonomous car.

Musk said that Tesla is trying to solve a bigger problem: no light source recognition. This is why Tesla uses the camera as the key hardware for self-driving cars.

Although it is not clear what Tesla’s specific intentions for using Luminar lidar are, Tesla’s engineers may use lidar as a benchmark to test their camera-centric autonomous driving system.

▲Elon Musk, picture from: Magyar Szo

"It is more likely that they are using Liminar lidar to verify their camera-based FSD (Fully Automated Driving)." Absamed said in an interview, "If they make changes, then he has The entire team of will be eliminated."

It is unrealistic for Musk to use lidar

Abersamid said.

The picture of the title comes from: Tesla

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