Tesla releases the fully automated driving system Beta 9.0 / Audi’s automated driving project will be put into production in 2025 / Xiaomi accelerates the process


  • The new Lynk & Co 02/03/03+ officially launched
  • Toyota releases SUPRA special edition, carbon fiber blessing
  • The new Porsche GT1 hypercar is exposed, with a mid-engine layout
  • Tesla releases Beta 9.0 version of fully automated driving system
  • Weilai announced the layout plan for power replacement stations, the total number will exceed 4000
  • Xiaomi acquires DeepMotion, an autonomous driving company, to accelerate the process of building cars
  • Dodge will build electric muscle cars in 2024
  • Audi's autonomous driving project Artemis will be put into production in 2025
  • Spy photos of suspected Porsche 911 hybrid models exposed
  • BMW announces first half sales results, China is the best-selling country
  • Kovald's hoverboard completes the street test
  • Exploring the future of travel, Volkswagen released the public: UX prototype cockpit
  • C8 Corvette cloud test drive: the results did not meet expectations

The new Lynk & Co 02/03/03+ officially launched

Yesterday, Lynk & Co released the new Lynk & Co 02, Lynk & Co 03, and Lynk & Co 03+. The new car has been upgraded on the basis of existing models, and its appearance and interior have also changed slightly.

The new Lynk & Co 02 has cancelled 4 versions of models, including 3 models and 1.5T Yao champion version, and added 2.0T-DCT Yao Plus/ Yao Pro and 1.5T Yao Pro, a total of three models.

It can be seen from the naming that the new Lynk & Co 02 adds a power combination of 2.0T engine + 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

▲Lynk & Co 02

The new Lynk & Co 03 released Jin Plus/ Jin Pro 1.5TD-7DCT, Jin Plus/ Jin Pro 2.0TD T4-7DCT, a total of four models. In terms of power, it will continue to use the power system of the old model , which is also consistent with the Lynk & Co 02.

The main improvement of Lynk&Co 03+ lies in the configuration level. Configurations such as 540° panoramic image, smart headlights, smart tire pressure monitoring, and steering wheel will be fully upgraded. In addition, the Yufeng version has optional driving control kits, including 19-inch forged wheels and front cabin stiffeners, while the performance package models come standard with driving control kits and full carbon aerodynamic kits.

▲Lynk&Co 03+

The starting price of Lynk & Co 02 is only 139,800 yuan.

Toyota releases SUPRA special edition, which is blessed by carbon fiber

Recently, Toyota launched a special SUPRA-SUPRA A91-CF special edition, which is currently the most expensive SUPRA model that can be bought, priced at 64,275 US dollars (about 416,000 yuan).

The Toyota SUPRA A91-CF special edition is based on the normal version, and there is not much difference in appearance from the normal version. However, Toyota has replaced carbon fiber plaques on the front lip, side skirts, and rear wing.

After adding carbon fiber components, its duckbill rear spoiler has a greater angle of attack, which can generate greater tail downforce for it. In addition, the new car also uses 19-inch matte black wheels and red brake calipers.

In terms of power, the SUPRA A91-CF special edition is equipped with a 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine that can output up to 382 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500N·m. The transmission is matched with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, and it accelerates from 100 kilometers in 3.9 seconds.

Only 600 of this special SUPRA were produced.

The new Porsche GT1 hypercar is exposed, with a mid-engine layout

In 1995, the Porsche 911 GT1 was officially released, which was designed and mass-produced by the Porsche racing department for the Leman 24 Hours GT1 category.

And Porsche seems to want to resurrect this classic sports car.

A web podcast called Spike's Car Radio published the news of a suspected new GT1 hypercar: VIP customers can pay a deposit for the purchase of a Porsche GT1 if they wish. The whistleblower also said that Porsche plans to officially announce this new mid-engine sports car in August this year.

Porsche announced in December last year that it was building a prototype race car, aimed at participating in the LMDh class of the World Endurance Championship and the Le Mans hypercar class.

▲Porsche concept car 919 Hybrid

The mid-engine, which reminds me of the Carrera GT.

Tesla releases Beta 9.0 version of fully automated driving system

After bouncing tickets many times, Tesla finally released the Beta 9.0 version of the fully automated driving (FSD) system yesterday.

The new version of the fully automated driving system uses Tesla Vision, a vision system that only relies on optical images, without any data from radar sensors. Previously, radar sensors were an important part of Tesla's sensor suite.

Tesla said that fully autonomous driving is still in the early testing stage. When in use, the driver must keep his hands on the steering wheel and pay attention to the road conditions. After enabling fully automatic driving, the vehicle can automatically change lanes and choose fork roads on the highway.

In addition, Tesla also said that the driving visualization on Model S and Model X has also been improved. When fully automatic driving is enabled, the dashboard will display information around the vehicle, and other secondary information will be displayed at the bottom of the dashboard.

Its stability needs to be tested over time.

Weilai announced the layout plan for power replacement stations, the total number will exceed 4000

A few days ago, the first NIO Energy Day was held in Shanghai. NIO announced the NIO Power 2025 replacement station layout plan at the meeting. So far, NIO has built 301 swap stations, 204 overcharge stations and 382 destination charging stations nationwide.

NIO announced at the meeting that it will speed up the construction of the NIO Power charging and swapping network and increase the total number of power swap stations in 2021 from 500 to 700.

In addition, Weilai also stated that from 2022 to 2025, there will be 600 new power stations in China each year; by the end of 2025, the total number of power stations worldwide will exceed 4,000.

For NIO, the power-swap mode is an opportunity as well as a challenge.

Xiaomi acquires DeepMotion, an autonomous driving company, to accelerate the process of building cars

Xiaomi has recently acquired DeepMotion, an autonomous driving technology company, which holds a number of patents related to autonomous driving. It is understood that DeepMotion will have a team of more than 20 people join Xiaomi.

Prior to this, the Xiaomi autopilot team was still in the early stages of preparation, and the internal autopilot business reported to Ye Hangjun, general manager of the artificial intelligence department. After DeepMotion joins, its key personnel will assume the responsibility of the person in charge of each module in the autonomous driving department.

This will help Xiaomi initially complete the autopilot technology research and development lineup, which may lay the foundation for Xiaomi's autopilot technology research and development.

Xiaomi's autonomous driving is also coming.

Dodge will build electric muscle cars in 2024

According to The Verge report, Dodge recently announced that it will launch its first all-electric muscle car in 2024, but Dodge made it clear that although gasoline engines and superchargers may be replaced, vehicle performance will never decrease.

For a long time, Dodge has been known for producing large-displacement cars. Therefore, electrification may be a very difficult problem for Dodge.

According to Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis (Tim Kuniskis), for Dodge, its engineers have almost reached the limit of the performance of the internal combustion engine: "The electric motor can provide us with more."

You may not hear the supercharged sound of Hellcat in the future.

Audi's autonomous driving project Artemis will be put into production in 2025

Audi set up Artemis, a highly automated electric vehicle project last year, and plans to build a "pilot model" by 2024. However, due to various technical reasons, the project's models will be postponed to 2025 mass production.

According to reports, the internal code name of the first model of the Audi autonomous driving project Artemis is "Landjet", which is expected to replace the Audi A8 as the new flagship model in the future. In addition, it will have advanced autonomous driving technology, which is currently the most forward-looking R&D project in the Volkswagen Group.

According to the information disclosed by Audi executives, the first concept car of the Artemis project will be unveiled at the Munich Auto Show starting in September, and the mass-production model is estimated to be launched in 2024 and officially put into production the following year.

In order to surpass Tesla, Volkswagen has gone all out.

Spy photos of suspected Porsche 911 hybrid models exposed

Recently, foreign media have exposed a set of spy photos of a suspected Porsche 911 hybrid model. It is reported that the rear window of the 911 in the picture is affixed with a yellow label that is mandatory for the German hybrid test vehicle. Therefore, this is likely to be A hybrid version of the Porsche 911.

Previously, Porsche had stated that the Porsche 911 model code-named 992 series was developed with the compatibility of mild hybrid and plug-in hybrids in mind.

Michael Steiner, the head of Porsche R&D, once said that the 911 is the core of the Porsche brand. If possible, we may consider electrifying the 911 in the future.

Will the number of cylinders be reduced if the motor is added to the 911?

BMW announces first half sales results, China is the best-selling country

Today, the BMW Group announced its sales in the global and Chinese markets in the first half of the year: The BMW Group delivered 1.339 million new cars in the first half of the year (this data includes BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce).

Among all models under the BMW Group, the best performer was the BMW 3 Series, whose sales increased by 49.1% year-on-year. It is worth mentioning that the sales of the BMW M series increased by 39.4% to 83,000 vehicles, which was the most successful six months in the history of the M series.

It can be understood from official data that Asia is the region where BMW sells the best, while China continues to be the best-selling country for BMW. In the first half of this year, BMW's sales in China reached 467,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 41.9%.

Owners of the 3 series have a look.

A hoverboard in the U.S. completed the street test

Last week’s Dong Che Daily talked about an electric skateboard, but what we are going to share today is much cooler than an electric skateboard.

Recently, the Los Angeles technology inventor Hunter Kowald (Hunter Kowald) conducted a street test of hoverboard.

As you can see from the picture, the skateboard can fly at a height of one meter from the ground, just like an electric skateboard. The rider controls the skateboard through the handle in his hand.

It is understood that the maximum load weight of the hoverboard is 226 kg and it is equipped with eight motors. Kovald claims that a safe landing can be ensured even when both motors fail at the same time. Perhaps today, in the near future, the "last mile" problem will be solved perfectly.

However, there are still many related security issues that need to be resolved.

Exploring the future of travel, Volkswagen released the public: UX prototype cockpit

At the 2021 DEMO WORLD World Innovation Summit held some time ago, Shanghai Volkswagen launched an eye-catching "product of tomorrow"-Zhong: UX prototype cockpit.

Public: The UX prototype cockpit contains a lot of innovative elements: hidden wheels that subvert the appearance of traditional cars, ubiquitous screens, and digital assistant Vicky. In addition, the cockpit follows the concept of sustainable design, and environmentally friendly and sustainable materials are used in many parts of the interior.

In addition, Shanghai Volkswagen has made the relationship between people and the car more harmonious and intimate through intelligent innovation that enhances the internal experience.

For example, facial recognition can help track the driver's eye position, fatigue, and emotions, thereby automatically adjusting the seat height or the atmosphere in the car.

The shape of this steering wheel seems familiar.

Here comes the weekly "cloud test drive" session. Last week, the Zhou Dong Auto Club brought you the "cloud test drive" experience of the new Civic, so this week, let's start with an exciting catapult.

▲C8 Corvette, picture from: Motortrend

Yes, it is the C8 Corvette with these two mid-engines. Chevrolet claims that it can break through 100km/h in just 2.8 seconds. Considering that this is a rear-drive vehicle and its power is less than 500 horsepower, this is indeed a remarkable result.

But after testing, this C8 Corvette does not get this result every time.

▲C8 Corvette, picture from: Motortrend

In fact, when we test a car, we shouldn’t just take it to the track and run it once and write down the results. Moreover, for a sports car with ejection start control like the C8 Corvette, another set of controls must be set up to see if the ejection start control system is better than the driver's manual shift.

To get a good ejection start is a technical job, you need to step on the brake pedal first, and let the engine reach a certain speed, but not too high, otherwise it will cause the rear wheel to spin idly.

Ideally, a perfect catapult start needs to prevent this from happening.

▲C8 Corvette, picture from: Motortrend

And can the C8 Corvette's ejection start control system help us to complete such an ejection start? The answer is no.

It can achieve a score of 3.1 seconds in the test. Of course, this is related to many conditions, including tire temperature, road temperature, road type, fuel load, and so on. But according to Chevrolet, the C8 Corvette can learn and adjust every launch start, but from the actual situation, the situation has not changed for the better.

▲C8 Corvette, picture from: Motortrend

Of course, 3.1 seconds is actually a very good result. If the standard Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires are replaced with Pilot Cup 2s, there may be a better result.

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