Tesla AI DAY 2022: Musk built the dancing robot and revealed his next steps

I was happy when I learned that Tesla will hold AI DAY on October 1st, which means that I can devote myself to work on the National Day and forge ahead with the motherland.

Comrade Musk is probably as patriotic as I am—

AI DAY was originally scheduled to start at 8:00 this morning, but ended up at 9:15. I think it should be that the old horse was busy celebrating his mother's birthday last night and overslept. Well, it must not be because of a problem with the robot in the field.

That's right, the protagonist of this AI DAY is a robot, and Musk expressed his views on stage:

If robots are ubiquitous in the future, the human economy will develop better, and people can do physical work, but this is not necessary, we can choose more mental work.

I also hope that on the National Day 10 years from now, it will not be me who will be sitting at the workstation, but a humanoid robot that will work from birth.

Last year's Optimus Prime, how is it now?

To tell the truth, Optimus, which debuted last year, is much more flexible than today's, and it can even dance.

Jokes aside, last year's Optimus Prime did look a little more likable.

At that time, Optimus Prime was not called Optimus Prime, and Musk simply called it Tesla Bot; now Optimus Prime, I am reluctant to call it Optimus Prime, because it does not seem to be very smart, I I think it might be more appropriate to call it Megatron.

▲ Don't come here

I can't help but think of a song I heard a dozen years ago, which goes like this:

If you are two different people, leave it to me to bear

imagined, very different

Everything is different in the imagination

Although it looks different from the imagination, this "Megatron" can still do a little work, such as moving things:

For example, watering flowers:

Another example, moving bricks in a super factory:

It seems that this "Megatron" can do a lot of work. Musk said that after the cost drops, a "Megatron" will probably sell for $20,000. So, if I want to find someone to work for me, I have to prepare at least 140,000 RMB…

Excuse me, I'll do it myself.

Just as I was trying to convince myself to accept this fact, a newcomer suddenly appeared on the stage, and his appearance was much higher than the "Megatron" just now. In fact, "Megatron" is a development platform created in February this year, and the following is Optimus Prime.

▲From left to right are the dream lover version, the original camera version, and the beauty camera version

It is not the tinder that provides energy for this Optimus Prime, but a battery pack with a capacity of 2.3kWh, which is fully protected and placed in the most core body part, which is the blue one in the picture.

Optimus Prime is "perfect for a full day's work," Musk said, with power consumption of about 100 watts when sitting still and 500 watts when walking fast. Some people may ask how fast is the brisk walk, about 2 meters per second.

In order to ensure the flexibility of Optimus Prime, Tesla designed 28 joints for it, and each joint has multiple sets of actuators. These actuators can analyze the execution efficiency in the background and reduce invalid work.

The most flexible part of Optimus Prime is its hands.

Tesla said that the entire Optimus Prime has more than 200 degrees of freedom, and its hands account for 27 of them, which are driven by actuators. Through visual systems and algorithms, Optimus Prime can accurately identify the hand and the The position of the object, complete the above-mentioned tasks of watering flowers and fetching objects.

Optimus Prime weighs 73kg. There are 6 kinds of actuators on the whole body, which are completely developed by Tesla. These actuators are like the muscles of the human body, driving the corresponding parts.

It should be emphasized that although these activators look very delicate and small, with thin arms and thin legs, they do not look like people who can do heavy work, but in fact, a joint activator can hoist such a large piece.

▲ This is not the food that my grandma went out to buy at noon, but a real piano.

The most precious thing on Optimus Prime is its "brain" – an FSD chip. That's right, it's the same as your Model 3, except that your Model 3 has two pieces, and it only has one piece, so Optimus Prime has about 72TOPS of computing power.

In order to protect Optimus Prime's "brain", Tesla also spent a lot of effort. After all, this thing is different from a car. The car has four wheels, it only has two legs, and it is not too neat.

In this regard, Tesla draws on their car-building experience and has prepared a set of software to simulate fall tests to help them with research and development.

The same as the energy-absorbing principle on the car, Tesla also added an energy-absorbing area to Optimus Prime. When it falls, the energy-absorbing area on the chest can effectively control the damage range and prevent damage to the arms and head.

For the easily damaged shoulders and other positions, Tesla did not use high-cost raw materials such as carbon fiber and titanium alloys, which minimized the cost of using this humanoid robot.

However, the best way to prevent it from falling is to keep him from falling and walk well.

It took Optimus 5 months from taking the first step to posing with ease:

In short, it is like a child of Musk. Whether it is walking or fetching, it takes a very long time to learn. Fortunately, Musk's parenting experience should be rich enough.

FSD with beta cap removed

After talking about the robot for so long, what happened to FSD.

In fact, the above is not only the robot, but also the FSD. Optimus uses the same FSD (Fully Self-Driving) computing platform as Tesla cars, and all its actions are learned through AI models.

The same goes for the car.

At present, FSD beta users have exceeded 160,000, you know, this number was only 2,000 last year. With the help of such a large "test team", Tesla currently has more than 1.44 billion frames of video data .

At the same time, Tesla has completely optimized the data labeling process and increased the training speed by 30%.

Additionally, Tesla introduced something called the Occupancy networks model, in which our world looks exactly like Minecraft. In such an environment, even if the vehicle cannot recognize the obstacle, it will make an evasive action, and the safety has been improved.

At the same time, the vehicle can also recognize the slope of the road and make acceleration or deceleration actions in advance according to the actual road conditions, which improves the ride comfort.

For the existing capabilities of FSD, Tesla gave an example:

When turning left without protection, in order not to frighten the pedestrian crossing the road, the vehicle will find the right time to pass behind the pedestrian at a slower but suitable speed, and will not affect the normal progress of the vehicle coming from the right. .

Tesla said that FSD can quickly make the safest decision by listing more than 75 million factors that affect decision-making in less than 10 milliseconds.

In Tesla's words, it's "the language of the lane."

The future of FSD is in Dojo's hands

Finally, let's talk about Dojo. Tesla says Dojo can compress training that would have taken months to a few weeks.

This is a supercomputer specially used for model training. It consists of "Training Tile", each "Tile" contains 25 D1 chips, and these 25 chips are finally aggregated into 54P computing power and 13.4TB/S bisection bandwidth.

This is not over yet, Tesla has composed 6 "tiles" and 20 interface processors into a tray (Tray), and one of Dojo's cabinets is composed of two trays… Sounds a bit like a nesting doll, right? .

In any case, under the powerful hardware stack, a Dojo cabinet can provide 1.1E computing power, 13TB high-bandwidth memory, and 1.3TB high-speed memory. Ultimately, 4 Dojos can provide the equivalent of 72 GPU racks.

Even more incredible is that Tesla said that this thing will be mass-produced in Q1 of 2023.

As for the mass production time of the most concerned Optimus Prime, Tesla has not made it clear, and Musk does not even know what this humanoid robot will look like in the end.

Conversations and conversations will certainly be possible, and the technology will be further upgraded, but we don't yet know what the end goal will be.

However, while we don't know what Optimus Prime will end up being like, Musk tweeted about his next steps:

Find Optimus Prime a girlfriend.

The author is a little busy, so I will write the introduction later.

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