Tens of millions of people are watching, why are e-waste repair videos so popular?

witness the miracle!

Seeing such comments and barrage, what will come to your mind. Is it Liu Qian’s magic scene, or is it a variety of live recording videos that break the laws of physics?

The answer may surprise many people. The above comment comes from an e-waste repair video. Yes, it is the kind of electronic products that are covered with dust and all kinds of dirty things.

▲ Picture from: NationSwell

Video authors often wash these "Iraq War Damaged Versions" electronic products and repair or replace the damaged parts to restore them to normal use. Before and after comparison, there are often comments that are comfortable, favorites of OCD patients, and witnessed miracles.

Similar videos are emerging on the Internet in an endless stream. A considerable number of electronic product enthusiasts are "chasing dramas" on major video platforms. Watching video bloggers repairing electronic waste one after another, and there are even related videos on YouTube. The volume has exceeded tens of millions, and there are many related videos on the domestic B station.

It really works again

Speaking of e-waste repair videos, the cover and title alone are enough to make people’s appetites. Most of them are covered with dust, and even all kinds of dirty things are attached to the surface of the product, with a screen like the Game Boy. Of products, there will be a big black screen.

Under normal circumstances, most people avoid such garbage, let alone use it, but it is precisely because of the mess of e-waste that makes people wonder how it looks after repair, whether it can be used, how to repair it, etc. .

This huge difference between before and after comparison attracted many viewers to click.

▲The upper part is before repair, and the lower part is after repair. Picture from: The Retro future video screenshot

And most of the electronic products repaired by video bloggers are game consoles, mobile phones, TVs and other products. They have brought us a lot of fun and even youthful memories, but they are limited by product performance and era development. After all, it will become obsolete, and most electronic products will be discarded.

For example, Odd Tinkering is a blogger who specializes in making e-waste repair videos. Since entering YouTube in 2017, his channel views have exceeded 170 million. It can be seen that many viewers still like such videos.

Among the videos he recently published, the most viewed is a Sony PlayStation repair video, which has exceeded 10 million views. Compared with other e-waste, the quality of this PlayStation can be said to be very good.

It's just that the casing is yellowed and contains some grease, and the CD cannot be read. It is relatively easy to repair. Disassemble the product, scrub the casing, clean the dust inside the body, detect and repair the CD reader.

After the repair was completed, this old PlayStation not only had a new look, just like a product just out of the box, but also successfully ran the game.

It’s worth mentioning that most e-waste repair video bloggers will do the same as Odd Tinkering in the cleaning process. Add a yellow duck to the cleaning pool. It is like a "black word" in the circle, making the whole The repaired picture becomes cute.

There are many similar circles. Some electronic product enthusiasts call damaged or dirty products "Iraqi version" or "war damaged version", which means that the product will be broken after a war.

In fact, there are indeed bloggers trying to repair these extremely damaged products. Odd Tinkering repaired a "war-damaged version" of the Game Boy. In addition to the yellowing of the case, the speaker cannot be used, and the screen burned out.

▲ The battle-damaged Game Boy is only $2

In addition to cleaning the dust, scrubbing the case, replacing the speakers and burned screens, this kind of equipment has been on the market for more than 30 years. It is not easy to find accessories, but in the end Odd Tinkering was repaired and still playable. "Pokémon" game.

E-waste repair videos are not only popular on international platforms like YouTube, but there are also many authors who make similar videos on station B. UnboxEverthing recently released a video to repair CRT TVs.

When I look at the various dust and scabs on the TV, I know that it has gone through a long time. The 5.5-inch body also makes it very compact. After all, the iPhone’s screen has expanded to 6.7 inches.

▲Comparison before and after repair. Picture from: @UnboxEverthing Video screenshot

Fortunately, the damage of this small TV is not too high. After cleaning the casing and scabs, measure the voltage of the circuit board, confirm the damage point, re-soldering, repairing and re-assembling, etc., this TV can be reused Up.

The e-waste repair video is like a mudslide in many unboxing and evaluation videos. Although dirty and messy, it does not prevent it from gaining a large audience.

When we watch the e-waste repair video, what are we watching

Why do such a large group of people love e-waste repair videos?

There may not be a unified answer to this question, and everyone's ideas may be different. For this reason, we found several friends who have different knowledge of e-waste repair videos and talked about how they think about this type of video and related Hobbyist's.

Xiao Wu had never watched an e-waste repair video before. When he saw part of Odd Tinkering's video cover, he still instinctively wanted to reject it. After all, it was still too dirty, but it was really fragrant after reading it. The strong contrast between the front and the back made him Quickly became curious. In his words:

Organizing patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder will always be curious about the messy to tidy process.

On the other hand, Afu, who occasionally scans e-waste repair videos on the video platform, compares it to AMSR. He believes:

Don't you think the sounds of cleaning the casing and twisting the screws sound very rhythmic. They sound pretty good for sleep.

In fact, Afu is not alone in seeing this. I contacted Xiao Chen, an e-waste repair video enthusiast. In his eyes, this kind of video is a good decompression content, whether it’s neat washing sound or cleaning dust and stains. The process can make him relax quickly.

Occasionally, Xiao Chen would watch it at night when he couldn't sleep. In his annual review of the video platform, an e-waste repair video was played in loops many times because he had forgotten to turn it off.

The opinions of these friends do represent the thoughts of some people. From the comments and barrage of the e-waste repair video, we can find that the contents of miracles, comfort, and goodness are endless, and some people even explore the repair of the video author. the way.

For example, using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a bleaching agent to wash the plastic shell of electronic waste is one of the basic chemistry knowledge, and it also makes many people think about their school time and complete interesting chemistry experiments under the supervision of chemistry teachers. , The barrage of "Yeh Qinghui" also appeared in due course.

After graduating, the chemistry knowledge that I have learned is not completely empty.

Of course, the e-waste in the video may be very strange to many people. The Game Boy that has made a generation of people addicted has completely become history. Products such as Nintendo N64 and CRT TVs are now being used by more advanced products. Substitute.

However, it is not difficult to find from the video comment area that in addition to recalling youth, some people are also aware of these products for the first time. Simple circuit boards, thick cables, and pixel-style games allow people to understand electronics in a clearer way. The development history of the product also made some viewers like the "retro" pixel style.

These e-waste used to be part of people's lifestyle. Although they have been discontinued and damaged, people can still understand it from the video. It is still affecting the lives of contemporary people in ways such as life decompression products and aesthetic styles.

Behind the video is the growing e-waste

Of course, not every electronic product is repairable. The degree of damage to the components will affect the difficulty of repair. After all, if most of the components are replaced, the meaning of repair will not be so great. Therefore, looking for repairable electronic products becomes One of the main tasks of these video bloggers.

However, the difficulty of this task may be beyond some people’s expectations. It is not as difficult as imagined. Some bloggers showed in the video where to find e-waste products-abandoned dumps, the amount of e-waste It's far more than imagined.

▲ Picture from: YouTuber @ BL Restoration

According to the "Global E-waste Monitoring 2020" data report released by the United Nations, 53.6 million tons of e-waste was generated globally in 2019, which is a record high. The annual output of e-waste has been rising in recent years.

At 53.6 million tons, you may not be able to find a weight reference at a time. For example, the weight of e-waste last year has far exceeded the weight of all European adults combined.

Moreover, most of the e-waste is discarded or incinerated, and the recovery rate is extremely low, only 17.4%. This is the case in which countries are actively pursuing e-waste-related policies and regulations. Since 2014, the number of countries that have passed national e-waste policies or regulations has increased from 61 to 78.

What’s more serious is that the amount of e-waste is still growing. Mobile phones, smart homes, TVs, and the electronic products we use are becoming more and more advanced, with more functions, and even extending a variety of fashion styles. , Mobile phones, computers, etc. are increasingly emphasizing integrated design, product maintenance is getting more difficult, and the speed of updating is getting faster and faster.

Vanessa Forti, UNU's project assistant, pointed out that the most worrying thing is that "recycling technology cannot keep up with the growing rate of e-waste." The ever-growing e-waste will obviously cause damage to the environment. Elements such as mercury contained in computers will also cause damage to human health.

▲Mercury affects children’s brains and even cognitive development

Many bloggers dedicated to e-waste repair videos will also call on people to choose to repair rather than discard electronic products in the video content. At the same time, they will also launch a series of repair tutorial videos, recommended repair tools, and so on.

Reducing e-waste requires not only people's consciousness and selection of formal channels to recycle electronic products, but also technology companies that provide products that are easier to repair and recycle.

The title picture comes from: andrewmcconnell , some pictures in the article are from Odd Tinkering video screenshots

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