Tencent’s “cloud” wants to make design accessible to the public

When you use your mobile phone to chat and watch short videos every day, you may have these questions: Why do these apps look like this? Why is this button red and not some other color? Why swipe to see the next video?

Behind these settings, all are driven by "design". Whether it is user interface, graphic design or even other fields, design has become a complex and huge whole, which affects the whole body; but in the face of rapidly changing user needs and aesthetic trends, "fast" has become a variety of new products and even The lifeblood of a new team.

In this process, how to achieve the sweet spot between "good" and "fast" has become a problem that every Internet team must face. Therefore, various design guidelines, front-end frameworks and design tools emerge in an endless stream. On top of this, everyone is looking forward to a service that can package the most basic and detailed parts of the design and development process to provide an overall solution from design to development.

Now, Tencent has done just that. This is "Tencent Design Cloud".

This "cloud" is the output of Tencent's design service

Different from general design specifications or front-end frameworks on paper, Tencent Design Cloud provides a variety of design-related services and tools to create exclusive basic services for design-related businesses such as product development, graphic design, and multimedia creation. Whether it is product development, self-media release, or a wider range of design scenarios, Tencent Design Cloud can provide comprehensive solutions.

Compared with traditional design solutions, Tencent Design Cloud is closer to modern cloud services: by combining different hardware and software products, they are integrated into a set of solutions and overall services. Each team can freely choose different services and products according to their actual needs.

▲ The product matrix of Tencent Design Cloud covers scenarios such as product design, graphic design, and multimedia design

This feature of Tencent Design Cloud gives it an incomparable advantage compared with previous design solutions: it is more cost-effective than customized services, and it can also give full play to the characteristics of different products and different teams, so that every Every product, every self-media account, and even everyone can have exclusive design services.

Behind the whole set of solutions is the crystallization of Tencent's "user-oriented" product development ideas in the past, as well as its response to the needs of rapid product iteration. In the early stage of Tencent's development history, it has attached great importance to user experience and user research, so Tencent has accumulated industry-leading experience in the field of design.

The launch of Tencent Design Cloud also means that teams of all sizes and fields now have the opportunity to obtain design experience and high-quality design services accumulated by Tencent over the years at an affordable cost.

In the "cloud", everyone has a weapon

Since it is a "full tool chain", the tools included in Tencent Design Cloud will naturally be very complete. It can be said that from design to R&D, everyone in the process can get their own weapon in Tencent Design Cloud.

In the field of product and graphic design, how to manage different versions of design drafts, how to share design drafts with colleagues and collaborate to complete design work is a major difficulty in the entire work.

CoDesign in Tencent Design Cloud was born to solve these problems: it allows designers to upload and collaborate on their own design drafts, annotate and comment on the drafts in real time, and all content can be easily browsed on one page. Using TDesign, product designers and developers can also quickly use beautiful and elegant visual components to quickly complete product design and front-end development work.

▲ CoDesign supports a variety of common prototype file types, and you can browse, comment and even manage versions directly on the web page

In daily design work, it is very common to produce multiple design schemes. At this time, it is necessary to use user research to study which scheme is better. Tencent Design Cloud also provides Tencent questionnaire service, which can easily create detailed and thorough questionnaires to understand user preferences and preferences. The detailed report provided by Tencent Questionnaire can also quickly generate sharing links and export files, which is convenient to feedback the user's voice to the upstream design team.

▲ Tencent Questionnaire provides professional questionnaire templates and question banks, so that the team can understand the voice of users

In team work, process and schedule control have always been the top priority. Tencent Design Cloud also provides ProWork services for various design teams and task scenarios. It can display project-related progress, tasks, and the corresponding person in charge in the form of a calendar and various views. Each team member can also display the workload and corresponding evaluation related to the current task in the statistics list, so that everyone can know the progress of the project and their own work.

▲ ProWork allows the team to have the same calendar, everyone can understand the project progress and to-do items from it

The tools in Tencent Design Cloud are not limited to product development and graphic design related fields. For self-media operators and multimedia design industry teams, Tencent Design Cloud can also be used to use various design-related services and tools such as copyright library and AI generation. Relying on Tencent's strong copyright collection capabilities and R&D capabilities, Tencent Design Cloud is also extending this design service to all walks of life.

Using Design Cloud, Let Design Drive Progress

From product R&D to graphic vision, from self-media to developers, Tencent Design Cloud not only provides a design tool chain, but also provides a complete set of design infrastructure for teams of various industries and sizes: it will provide almost all In the field of design, the most minute details are integrated to make up for various defects and deficiencies in the entire process, and to speed up the entire process.

From a longer-term perspective, Tencent Design Cloud is not only exporting design resources and services, but also an opportunity to explain its design experience and values ​​to the outside world. These design experiences come from the practice of Tencent's first-line product design and R&D teams.

It is foreseeable that the output of these experiences will directly or indirectly promote the design progress of Internet products, so that ordinary users can also enjoy the benefits brought by the design progress. One of the most valuable benefits to society.

▲ The open source TDesign allows anyone to use it, and allows anyone to submit contributions

It is worth mentioning that Tencent is not only exporting its own good design experience, but also building design resources with the entire UI/UX design field in an open attitude.

The TDesign design system in Tencent Design Cloud is such an example: TDesign, which originated from Tencent's internal open source, was also open sourced to the public not long ago. Not only is everyone welcome to use it, but it is more willing to absorb excellent design experience from different fields and condense it in the same design. in the system. It is believed that Tencent Design Cloud itself is also an open platform, and all participants can contribute to it and benefit everyone.

We often say "technology for good", and the design field that is closely integrated with it is no exception. Tencent is also using its own methods to let more people pay attention to design and let design promote the progress of all walks of life.

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