Tencent ROG gaming phone 5 Phantom first experience: 18GB flagship storage, how cool is it to play games?

ROG Gamerland, also known as the Eye of the Prodigal, this name is known among PC players. However, as mobile games become more and more popular, especially at the 2018 Blizzard Carnival, the Activision Blizzard CEO’s phrase "Don't you have a mobile phone?" makes traditional PC manufacturers unable to sit still.

Under this opportunity, ROG also began to get involved in the field of gaming phones in 2018. Three products were launched before and after, and now it comes to the fourth one, the Tencent ROG gaming phone 5 series (hereinafter referred to as ROG 5).

ROG is a product line of ASUS specializing in games, and its performance configuration must be placed in the top priority position. The so-called should be better than the best products on the market. SoC has not yet reached the replacement cycle, and it is quite difficult to distance itself from competing products in the field of "people have, I have". It is better to find another way and fill up the memory.

18GB running memory, no virtual

18GB, this is the running memory of the ROG 5 Phantom I have, 2GB more than the computer I am using. Looking at the series of numbers in the system settings, it made me dream about 2015.

At that time, mobile phones had just popularized 4GB of memory. Since then, there has been a prediction from the outside world, which probably means that the amount of memory of Android phones will soon catch up with laptops and even desktops. The latest iPhone 6s Plus had only 2GB of memory. .

In the Android camp, as predicted, the running memory has risen exponentially, to the current 18GB. The function of the memory in the mobile phone is like a deposit in a bank. The more you deposit, the risk resistance you can bear. The stronger the ability. The greater the amount of memory, the higher the execution intensity and ability of multitasking.

However, today’s native Android system, or a localized system based on Android, its multitasking management capabilities have become very strong. In my daily use, the situation of killing the background has become rare, but rare does not mean complete Disappear, occasionally you still encounter the situation that the app is forced to quit due to insufficient memory.

So since ROG 5 directly raises the memory ceiling to the height of 18GB, I also tested it with extreme usage scenarios and directly opened 25 apps, including 5 domestic mainstream video applications.

After opening all of them, I returned to the first app, still opened in seconds and retained the original interface, and then clicked on the previously opened apps in turn. The situation is still the same, and there is no application crash during the whole process. It must be equipped with ROG 5. 18GB LPDDR5 memory is more than enough to meet the needs of most users.

Although in daily use, we are not likely to open a bunch of applications and switch back and forth in a short period of time, but as the use time accumulates, the huge amount of 18GB memory will reflect its value.

Returning to the actual use scene, during the time I used it as the main machine, all applications were able to run smoothly, respond quickly, and opened immediately. Tencent ROG gaming phone 5 Phantom has 18GB RAM + 512GB storage space configuration, so that it will not be out of date for a long time in the future.

However, when the hardware parameters are full, the software level of ROG 5 is slightly insufficient. The ROG UI developed based on Android 11, the overall experience is close to native. In some localization scenarios, the adaptation is not so good. If you want to become the main engine in the minds of consumers, you need to work harder.

The appearance is still hard core

I've been waiting for a long time, I know that everyone has long wanted to see the full picture of ROG 5, so I will give everyone a reward.

ROG 5 Mirage, as the top product in the series, is extremely exquisite from the packaging to the appearance of the mobile phone.

The packaging adopts a symmetrical hexagonal shape. Although it is not as cool as the design of the original ROG briefcase, it still has rich visual elements. It is difficult to describe it in a specific style, but the staggered lines and The digital code has hooked out my second soul.

By the way, the Tencent game logo is printed on the corner of the box, which means it has a better tendency to optimize Tencent mobile games.

The outer layer of wrapping paper is lined with a cyberpunk-style city portrait, which is a bit like a set of a certain game. In fact, ROG has created a complete cartoon short film.

After opening the package, you can see the comics printed on both sides. With the AR scanning function of ROG 5, you can watch the complete comic short film.

The package contains the phone body, manual, card pin, hollow hard plastic shell, 65W original charging head, nylon data cable and cooler fan5.

The highlight is of course the ROG 5 Phantom itself, but with Cooler Fan 5, this set of game equipment is complete.

This top version of the ROG 5 Phantom has only a Phantom White color scheme, and the back cover is too rich in elements. The white Gorilla Glass 3 is used as the base, black lines are added with inscribed text, and blue lines are used for embellishment.

Create a futuristic look

This is the official statement. It is good to see people’s opinions, but when the mirror-like monochrome PMOLED screen lights up, a sense of the future will be blown up. In the intelligent control center, you can set different dynamic effects in different scenarios, such as bright screen, There are several animations for players to switch between charging, external devices, and incoming calls, and each scene has several animations.

When I showed the back cover of ROG 5 to my colleagues, the male colleagues were all very handsome. And I only hate that for most of the time I spent with it, this "ROG personality window" was not in my sight, and I didn't get to look at it more.

The overall workmanship is exquisite, delicate and smooth to the touch.

The top three cameras are:

Sony IMX686 64 million pixel main camera, F1.8 aperture, supports four-in-one pixel technology;
125° ultra-wide-angle lens, 13 million pixels, F2.4 aperture;
5-megapixel macro camera.

With the cool back cover, irregular graphics processing has been specially made in the rear camera area, which is more visually impactful.

The curved surfaces on both sides of the back cover transition to the metal middle frame, which is smooth and natural. The sides of the fuselage are packed, the left side is the USB Type-C interface and the fan interface, and the buttons are all set on the right side. In addition to the protruding volume button and the lock screen button, there are touch ultrasonic shoulder buttons on both ends. , Can come in handy in the game.

There is a USB Type-C interface and a 3.5mm audio interface at the bottom. Why are there two Type-C interfaces? You'll understand when you see the game part at the back.

Since the appearance is so hard-core, the size is naturally the same. The net weight of the body is 238 grams, which is not light, but it is barely acceptable for the two built-in batteries with a large capacity of 6000mAh.

No holes in the screen, no regrets

The ROG 5 achieves a comprehensive non-porous screen by laying down the front lens and stereo dual speakers at no cost to thick forehead and chin. The 6.78-inch Samsung AMOLED E4 screen on the front can retain the most complete form in front of the players, 144Hz It’s worth mentioning that this is also Samsung’s best refresh rate screen, and everything is for e-sports.

Despite the extremely high refresh rate, this screen is also excellent:

Resolution: 2448×1080;
Screen aspect ratio: 20.4:9;
Color gamut: 111% DCI-P3;
Color cast: Delta E mean value<1;
HDR10+ certification;
Peak brightness: 1200 nits @APL1;
Minimum brightness: 5 nits

Whether it is in daily use or during games, this screen has not disappointed me. The refresh rate can be adjusted to 120Hz on weekdays, and then switched to 144Hz when entering the game, which artificially strikes a balance between performance and power consumption.

At present, mobile phone manufacturers are focusing their efforts on the screen, and when choosing between high resolution and high refresh rate, most of them choose the latter, and consumers and the market have also responded: with high refresh rate capability. The sales of the products are often higher than those of pure high-resolution products.

ROG 5, which focuses on games, will naturally also give priority to high refresh rates. In fact, the trend of high refreshing screens was first started by gaming phones. Today's ROG 5 is still at the forefront of the industry.

The play experience is as silky as Dove

After talking about the screen, then we will come to the most important part of this article, the game part.

ROG 5's gaming experience is roughly composed of 4 parts: hardware and software, accessories, vibration and sound effects.

Deeply cultivating the game mobile phone market, ROG 5 has its own system. The first is the cooperation with Tencent Games. At present, except for CODM, almost all Tencent shooting games support 90Hz or higher frame rate modes. Among them, Crossfire and Ace Fighters are more direct. Support 144Hz mode, every time you turn around and open the lens, it is silky smooth and one step faster.

At the system level, ROG 5 provides X mode, which is equivalent to "one-click overclocking" in gaming laptops. In this mode, the processor is turned on at full frequency, and the memory is directly full of 18GB. Players can eliminate the hardware The variables above are purely technical contests. If you lose, you can only blame yourself.

However, ROG 5 has long helped players think of a way to improve technology, that is, the 6-finger operation that others can't.

Pull down the status bar and open the AirTrigger 5 mode with one click, or swipe right from the left edge to open the game wizard interface in the game, and map the ultrasonic shoulder button to the corresponding button on the screen. My habit is to set the left button as the trigger and the right button. It is set to open the mirror. This 4-finger plan is enough for me to kill the Quartet.

However, ROG 5 feels that the 4-finger operation is not dazzling enough, so two small sensing areas are set at the lower position of the back cover, and the preset actions can be triggered by sliding, and the 6-finger Ares can be easily achieved.

If you think that this is all the housekeeping skills of ROG 5, then you are very wrong. With Cooler Fan 5, there are more ways to play waiting for you.

Cooler Fan 5 has not only changed the appearance design, but also added two buttons and a bracket ingeniously. The left and right keys that are slightly curved can also be used to achieve certain specific skills through the mapping function. For example, they can be mapped to the left and right probes respectively. In the peace elite, the speed of playing a show operation will be faster than anyone else.

In a rush? nonexistent.

With the help of the bracket behind the Cooler Fan 5, the phone can also be placed on the desktop, which is a must-have artifact for a party without a drama or a meal.

Perhaps ROG’s designers have been able to design the best form of cooler fans in this generation after years of user complaints. An accessory that can support the whole machine to watch a show, and martial arts can assist in games and heat dissipation.

Speaking of heat dissipation, we must mention the role played by Cooler Fan 5. Playing the original God for 30 minutes with the highest quality 60 frames, you can get a very good gaming experience, but the temperature of the back cover quickly soared to above 42°C, and the heat was concentrated in the central CPU. After installing the Cooler Fan 5, the system automatically enters the X+ mode, the firepower is fully turned on, and the air volume is not large when listening to the sound. The maximum speed can reach 5200 rpm. After wearing it for a period of time, take it off and measure it with a thermal imager. It is found that the core temperature has dropped significantly, and the temperature of the whole machine has also been relieved.

There is no need to say more about performance hardware, it must be the current top-flow configuration:

2.84 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, 5nm process, 64-bit 8-core;
18GB LPDDR5 running memory + 512GB UFS 3.1 storage space;
6.78-inch Samsung AMOLED E4 screen, 2448×1080 resolution;
Double front symmetrical stereo speakers, Dirac tuning;
6000mAh dual cell + 65W overcharge, support QC5.0 + PD3.0 fast charge;
Support WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 protocol.

I tested ROG 5 with five games. Before entering the game, I installed Cooler Fan 5 and entered X+ mode automatically.

It is hard bones at first, collapse 3, after opening the game, directly enter the settings, the picture quality is pulled to the highest, and the 90 frame mode is turned on. During the battle, the number of frames is basically stable, and occasional fluctuations do not affect the game.

▲ Honkai 3

The following Call of Duty mobile games, Ace Warriors, and Crossfire: Gun Fight King, the performance of the three shooting games is more stable, the frame number is stable at 60, 143.8, and 143 frames respectively, plus the 6-finger operation, it is difficult to lose.

▲ Call of Duty Mobile Game

▲ Ace Warrior

▲ Crossing the Line of Fire: The King of Gunfights

The final test is the original god. This game can be called a next-generation mobile game. Before, there are few models that can run smoothly in the extremely high-quality 60-frame mode. Let's take a look at the performance of ROG 5 Phantom.

It can be seen from Perfdog's test screen that ROG 5 has not yet fully conquered the original gods, but compared to other mobile phones, the frame rate fluctuations have been relatively smooth. In the extremely high 60-frame quality mode, the number of frames is 40-60 Wandering between.

▲ Original God

After entering the town, the number of frames will be further reduced. If you turn off some special effects that have little effect on the image quality, you can alleviate some of the frame drop.

The overall experience of the game, in addition to the visual, don’t forget the hearing. The dual-speaker design is matched with the sound tuning of the Swedish Dirac audio company. The overall sound quality is strong and shocking, and the volume is louder than ordinary mobile phones. Especially among the peace elites, it can significantly improve the efficiency of listening to the position. In the past, I could only get similar effects after wearing headphones.

The X-axis linear motor on ROG 5 is also commendable. Whether it is the usual typing input vibration, or the dynamic feedback when the shoulder button is pressed in the game, it is accurate and powerful. The feeling of fist and fist will improve the overall gaming experience. Has a miraculous effect.

However, after ROG 5 has the beast-like performance, it also has its troubles. Too big and heavy is the most obvious point. If you want to use it as the main machine on weekdays, you will inevitably encounter many inconveniences. For example, it is difficult to operate with one hand; it will fall when placed in a trouser pocket, etc.

Then there is battery life. In X+ mode, even with the support of a 6000mAh large-capacity battery, you can only play 4 hours of games on battery power, which is not far from the battery life of a regular flagship phone, but the original 65W fast recharges quickly. ROG 5 with zero battery can be charged to 78% in half an hour, and it can be fully charged in 55 minutes.

The reason why ROG 5 has two Type-C ports is that it can be charged from the bottom even when the phone is held horizontally and an external fan is connected. It is no longer a pain for players to play games while charging.

The original intention is not changed, the personality is dependent

ROG 5 Phantom continues the fine tradition in the PC/notebook field in terms of gaming experience. The hardware is the main and software supplemented to present the best gaming experience. Thank you ROG for maintaining the positioning of gaming phones, which is now convergent. In the ever-increasing mobile phone market, unique products such as ROG 5 are even more valuable. The market needs such products to meet the needs of different groups of people.

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