Tencent Red Devils gaming phone 6 Pro experience: The first release is equipped with a 165Hz refresh rate screen. Is it cool to play games?

It stands to reason that as soon as the new mobile phone development conference, we have to work overtime to conduct the evaluation, and bring you experience reports as soon as possible, but I have experienced the newly released Tencent Red Magic game phone 6 Pro for a long time, but I haven’t written it yet. After the evaluation, time is spent playing games for nothing else…

It's really hard work to experience a gaming mobile phone. Whenever I pick up the Red Devils to test the game, and then put down the mobile phone, the time is close to get off work, and the "fullness" day has passed.

After showing off "Versailles Literature", I returned to this "performance stunner". What is the charm of it, I can't stop playing.

165Hz high refresh screen, refresh the limit of smoothness again

This time I experienced the 12+256 GB mid-cup version of Tencent Red Magic Game 6 Pro (hereinafter referred to as Red Magic 6 Pro), not the first 18GB super-large transparent version, which is a pity.

First list the configuration list of Red Magic 6 Pro for your convenience.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888
  • 12GB RAM (LPDDR 5)
  • 256GB ROM (UFS 3.1)
  • First 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen
  • 6.8-inch 1080P resolution screen, support 10bit color depth
  • 500Hz single finger/360Hz multi-touch sampling rate
  • Double-shoulder keys with 400Hz touch reporting rate
  • 120W turbo fast charge
  • Built-in fan , cooling module upgrade
  • DTS stereo sound dual speakers
  • 64-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, 2-megapixel macro lens

The three core components of Snapdragon 888 with LPDDR 5 and UFS 3.1, in this month’s flagship new phone wave, I believe everyone is tired of listening, and summarize its performance in one sentence:

The performance of the Red Magic 6 Pro with the 12GB memory version is already at the top of the pyramid in the Android camp. It can play most mainstream mobile games at the highest quality. I believe that consumers who choose gaming phones are also aiming at this.

In the past, when we tested the game performance of mobile phones, we were accustomed to simulating daily game situations to test the fluctuations of the mobile phone's frame number, but for gaming mobile phones, describing its experience with a simple frame number chart is unavoidable. I spent a week in-depth experience of several mainstream games, and actually tested whether the Red Magic 6 Pro can bring me the freshness of mobile games.

Tencent’s "Ace Warrior" is the game I am most interested in, because when the Red Devils released the industry’s first 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen, "Ace Warrior" was the first to announce support for 165Hz frame rate game screens, which made me quite Looking forward to-know that I don't use the high frame rate of 165Hz on other platforms.

A higher frame rate means that more images can be displayed in the same time. With the popularity of mobile phones with high refresh rate screens in the past two years, more and more users understand and eat the "smoothness" brought by hardware upgrades. Bonus, game manufacturers are also becoming more active in following up with high refresh rate screens.

30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 165Hz, each frame rate upgrade means a qualitative leap in the experience. If you want to use plain text to describe the difference between each frame rate upgrade, it will probably evolve from "playable" to "Smooth", then evolved to "0 lag", and finally achieved "silky".

▲ Due to the limited frame rate of Gif images, the actual game screen cannot be restored well

A piece of butter fell on a hot knife, perhaps an image metaphor for the 165Hz picture experience. In fact, most of the time, the 90Hz picture can almost meet the human eye’s need for smoothness, but when I switched the picture to 165Hz in "Ace Warrior", I found that there was a big gap between smoothness and silky smoothness. distance.

"Ace Fighter" is a very fast-paced FPS game that emphasizes timely response. Since the combat map is generally small, compared to long-distance guns, "short-handed combat" within a few meters is commonplace. Fast-paced melee means The victory or defeat of the firefight can be distinguished within a few seconds, and the player needs to pull the gun to complete the kill in a very short time.

▲ The frame rate is always stable at about 160-165Hz during the game

The refresh rate of 165Hz means that screen lag and smear can be reduced, which is an immediate help for the instant firefight. As for my favorite character "Owl", I often need to perform a wide range of perspective shifts, move flexibly and lock the enemy for output. The silkier screen allows me to quickly capture the enemy's figure even when moving at high speeds.

Since the first 144Hz screen of the previous generation of Red Devils 5, chasing a higher refresh rate screen seems to have become the obsession of the Red Devils. Although there are still a few games that can play this industry's top refresh rate screen, in some games that do not support 165Hz, the Red Magic 6 Pro can also adapt to the highest refresh rate of the game.

For example, "QQ Speed" adapts to 144Hz screen, "Peace Elite" and "King of Glory" can adapt to 90Hz screen, etc. Red Magic 6 Pro can achieve 30Hz, 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz and 165Hz multiple "speeds" Bit" refresh rate is adaptive.

However, in actual experience, I also found that there are not many occasions where 165Hz can be fully utilized.

Open the frame rate display. I found that even if the refresh rate is set to 165Hz in the settings, when some common programs such as WeChat, Weibo, and browsers are opened, the frame rate will fall back to 90Hz or even 60Hz.

Such strict frame rate control is rare on other high-screen mobile phones. This may be a software adaptation problem of the current firmware version, but on a 165Hz screen, only 90Hz refresh rate can be used to refresh Moments. It's a bit disappointing, and I hope that the Red Devils will be able to make high-brush adaptations for more software in subsequent updates.

Faster, more ruthless and more accurate double-shoulder keys

The design of the double shoulder button can be said to be the standard configuration of the game phone, because for the big bar of the mobile phone screen, the introduction of the shoulder button can release more fingers into the game operation, making the "single-soldier combat" large The thumb reduces the burden.

The design of the shoulder button does not simply place two sensors on the frame, but also involves the sensitivity of the shoulder button and mistouch adjustment. I believe that no player wants to encounter "no response when pressed" or "not pressed yet" during the game. Just react to the dilemma.

Compared with the previous generation, the shoulder button of the Red Magic 6 Pro has a much larger touch area. The touch report rate is as high as 400Hz. It is coupled with the Red Magic’s anti-sweat algorithm. According to the Red Magic’s statement at the press conference, this time the shoulder The keys allow users to manipulate more precisely.

During the experience, I chose the Rouge Like game "Death Cell" that I like very much for testing. "Death Cell" is a multi-platform 2D horizontal action game. The clean combat action is its most attractive place.

However, after being transplanted to the mobile platform, the original 6-key operations such as "rolling", "jumping", "main weapon", "secondary weapon" and so on are all concentrated on the right thumb, making the original battle of turbulence and flowing water become one. The difficulty of the game has risen a lot in disguised form with the "hands and feet chaotic" with his thumbs.

"Dead Cell" emphasizes the dodge of attacks, and the proficiency of the position directly determines the game experience, so I projected the two shoulder buttons on "rolling" and "jumping" respectively, and the original hurried operation became organized.

The thumb that was supposed to take care of both walking and attacking was finally released. The two index fingers were responsible for walking and avoiding. After a simple familiarity, I gradually played a wonderful combo on the PC: when the monster attacks, roll to evade and move to the monster’s Behind him, he used a dagger to kill with a back stabbing twice the damage, and then quickly moved to the next target.

The sensitivity and button feedback of the two shoulder buttons also made me satisfied. In the long back and forth movement, I hardly encountered a mistaken touch or missed button; the timely feedback of the linear motor after pressing it will make people feel like playing with a handle. The immersion of the game.

For the mapping of the shoulder buttons, the Red Devils have made some adaptations to mainstream games. For example, in "Peace Elite", the shoulder buttons are used to open the mirror or fire, and the shoulder buttons are used to buy equipment or release skills in "Glory of the King". With games, such as "Original God", players can also set up according to their own habits.

For example, I like to map the shoulder button to jump and sprint, so that the move and attack can also be separated to create more beautiful attack combos.

Belongs to the "hard core" configuration of gaming phones

Putting gaming phones and ordinary phones together, we can always recognize at a glance which one is more focused on the ultimate gaming experience. Gaming phones are often equipped with some uncommon "hard core" configurations, and Red Magic 6 Pro is no exception.

There are two conspicuous slots on the frame of the Red Magic 6 Pro. These are the air inlet and outlet of the built-in fan. In addition to a built-in high-speed fan with a speed of 20,000 rpm, the inside of the body also uses thermally conductive copper foil , Thermal conductive gel, graphite, liquid-cooled VC heat sink is composed of multiple materials to form a heat dissipation system. Active heat dissipation and passive heat dissipation are combined, and the scale can be called luxurious.

The fan can be controlled in the status bar or activated by flipping the "e-sports button" switch on the left. After flipping the switch, the phone will automatically enter the game mode. The high-speed fan seems to indicate to you that it is ready The performance is fully prepared.

But before that, I must remind you that if you are in a quiet place such as an office or a library, try not to easily untie this performance seal. Because the air duct of the built-in fan is relatively narrow, it will inevitably produce higher frequencies. The sound of airflow, in an environment where the needle can be heard quietly, you will become the focus of your sight.

The fan sound of the Red Magic 6 Pro is similar to the noise produced by the laptop graphics card when running at medium and high loads. When I experience it in the office, I have to wear headphones to shield this layer of noise. When outdoors, the fan noise will be affected by the ambient noise. Covered up, not easy to perceive.

If you often play games in the office (except I really have such a person?), I prefer to use the heat dissipation back clip launched by the Red Devils. The back clip can be connected to the mobile phone through a USB-C to USB-C data cable Connected to the power supply, the noise of rotation is almost inaudible after starting, and thanks to the vertical dual fans and semiconductor cooling chips used in the back clip, the restless Red Devils can be calmed down in a short time.

Maybe you have a bold idea:

Turning on the built-in fan and external cooling at the same time, can the cooling performance of such a high specification increase dramatically? Facts have proved that the performance of the flagship does require the flagship's heat dissipation. After testing, the AnTuTu score reached 747302 after turning on the dual fans, which is about 20,000 points higher than that without active heat dissipation. At the same time, the back cover is still cool, and the basic feeling is No fever.

However, I do recommend that you keep this state for a long time. In the test of "Yuan Shen" full high quality and maintaining 60 frame rate, the dual fans can maintain the smooth operation of the image at 60 frames for a long time, but it consumes power. The amount is also very impressive-10 minutes consumes about 15% of the power, battery life and the picture are destined to be in a dilemma.

Fortunately, "fast" is also the charging speed requirement of the Red Magic 6 Pro. The Red Magic 6 Pro is equipped with a 120W gallium nitride charger. It can be fully charged with its 4500 mAh dual-cell battery in 20 minutes (without the built-in fan). When the built-in fan is turned on for heat dissipation, the charging time can be shortened to 17 minute.

This 120W GaN charger supports PD 3.0 protocol and QC 3.0 protocol, not only can quickly return blood, but also can charge laptops, Switches and other devices, and the size and weight are almost the same as ordinary charging. It is very convenient to use or carry. , Is my favorite Red Devils accessory.

In terms of design, the deepest impression of Red Magic 6 Pro should be restrained. Different from the design line of the past game mobile phones with publicity and distinctive personality, on the "Black Iron Black Edition" Red Magic 6 Pro, the elements of the game seem to be hidden. Put the phone on the table, its front and side frames are not much different from ordinary phones, and the touch-sensitive design of the shoulder buttons will not appear abrupt in daily use.

The design on the back of the phone is also very coordinated. The back of the fuselage is slightly bent to fit the palm better when holding; the large-area aluminum alloy back plate in the middle can better conduct the internal heat, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and take into account the texture of the material. practical.

But restraint does not mean low-key. Once the side "e-sports button" switch is turned on, the striped atmosphere light and the Red Devil LOGO hidden on the back will start to breathe and flicker, just like awakening another soul of the Red Devil.

In general, the Red Magic 6 Pro is still a gaming phone with excellent hardware quality. Through the combination of software and hardware, it explores more extreme game graphics performance. This 165Hz ultra-high refresh rate screen that I brought this time really refreshed my stereotype of the "simplicity" of mobile games.

In the past, players wanted to have a better mobile gaming experience. The ideal solution was to buy a handheld game console like Switch Lite, but now there are more and more like "Dead Cell" and "Stardew Valley". Such high-quality independent games are adapted to the mobile phone platform, and a gaming phone that can provide the ultimate screen performance may be a good new choice outside the handheld.

Higher and higher

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