Tencent PCG business group announces new personnel changes: Liang Zhu is the CEO of Tencent Music, and Yao Xiaoguang is concurrently the head of social platform business

On April 15, according to sources familiar with the matter, Tencent internally announced a series of new personnel appointments for the Platform and Content Business Group (PCG).

According to sources, this organizational adjustment is focused on the content business line, involving two business groups, one subsidiary and five group vice presidents. In this personnel appointment, Liang Zhu, the former head of social platform business and vice president of Tencent, will be transferred to the chief executive officer (CEO) and member of the board of directors of Tencent Music Entertainment Group. Yao Xiaoguang, vice president of Tencent and president of the Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG) Tianmei Studio Group, concurrently serves as the person in charge of the platform and content business group (PCG) social platform business and is in charge of QQ.

Public information shows that Liang Zhu joined Tencent in October 2003 and served as the first person in charge of the social platform department in 2013. In 2014, Liang Zhu took up the post of general manager of the digital music department. During this period, he led the team to optimize the QQ music experience and achieve innovation, and made substantial progress in the construction of piracy detection and forensic tools, and paid attention to paid albums and fan economics. Related commercialization exploration. In 2016, Liang Zhu was promoted to vice president of the company. After the adjustment of Tencent's organizational structure on September 30, 2018, QQ was divided into Liang Zhu's hands. Since then, Liang Zhu's team has successively launched small worlds, small programs, small games, and functions such as listening to songs together and partying together, which has strongly promoted QQ's exploration in the direction of "young society".

Today, Liang Zhu will be in charge of the music entertainment business again. People familiar with the matter said that Liang Zhu's appointment as CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment Group may strengthen the linkage between music and social interaction, focusing on creating entertainment life through young trendy content and social interaction.

Yao Xiaoguang, the new head of social platform business, joined Tencent in 2006 and is responsible for the development and operation of the products of the three major studios of Linlang Tianshang, Tianmei Yiyou and Wolong Studio. In 2014, the three major studios were officially merged and upgraded to the Tianmei studio group. Yao Xiaoguang served as the president of the studio group. He has successfully created many popular works such as "King of Glory", "QQ Speed", "Daily Cool Run", "Royal Dragon in the Sky" and other subdivision game fields such as role playing, athletics, MOBA, shooting, etc. His monographs "Protein Game" and "Think Like a "Mushroom"" have widely influenced the field of Chinese game development, and he is considered to be one of the best game producers in Tencent and even in China.

In addition, Yao Xiaoguang is also one of the core founders of Tencent's gaming juvenile protection system. He has actively promoted the implementation of the "most stringent" juvenile gaming restriction management program in history.

People familiar with the matter believe that Yao Xiaoguang's rich 2C product experience and deep insight into user social interaction are expected to bring brand new breakthroughs to QQ products and explore the greater possibilities of young social interaction. His experience in the management program of minors' game restriction can help QQ deeply explore the construction and improvement of the social protection system for minors. At the same time, his original IEG position remains unchanged, which may promote Tencent to apply computer graphics technology capabilities accumulated in the game field to social networking, strengthen the resource connection between PCG and IEG, and strengthen Tencent's overall strategic layout in the consumer Internet field.

It is worth noting that in the video business, Tencent Video and Weishi will jointly form an online video BU (On-line Video Business Unit), which will be part of PCG. Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent Group and former head of WeChat, will be in charge of BU's technology and products; group vice president and former head of Tencent Video Sun Zhonghuai will serve as CEO, responsible for membership system and content.

In the information business, Group Vice President Chen Juhong will step down as head of Tencent News and be transferred to other business groups.

In September 2018, Tencent announced the adjustment of its organizational structure, integrating part of the original OMG (online media business group), MIG (mobile Internet business group), SNG (social network business group) and IEG, and establishing a new PCG to promote the Internet Platform and content ecology integrate development.

Since then, Tencent PCG has carried out a series of organizational optimization actions. In addition to the implementation of the appointment system for management cadres, Tencent has also adjusted its organizational form and talent capabilities accordingly to fully cope with business adjustments. Starting in 2019, Tencent began the integration of the Chinese and Taiwanese architecture. At present, PCG has established a number of technology and data centers that can be reused in internal products, such as the information stream that Kandian is responsible for, and the video coding technology that Tencent Video is responsible for.

The new personnel appointment means that Tencent PCG will further activate the vitality of the organization and cooperate with business development to enter the deep waters of change. As of press time, Tencent's Hong Kong stock price is 616 Hong Kong dollars, with a total market value of 5.9 trillion Hong Kong dollars. 

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