Ten years earlier, Lina Belle cannot become Disney’s “top-class female star”

No matter how tough you are, it's hard to escape the screen of a little pink fox these days.

Her name is Lina Bell (LinaBell), and she was the first character to be released in Shanghai Disneyland on September 29. It seemed unremarkable, but when I flipped through the comment area, all enthusiastic fans were screaming:

"Mother Goose loves you!" "The top female celebrities are too cute!" "I don't get tired of seeing them a hundred times a day!" "I was cured by Lingna Belle!" "I'm so good at dancing", " The big tail is wagging into my heart"…

Someone queued for 7 hours just to buy her surroundings. Even if the scalpers increased the price by hundreds of thousands, they were willing to empty their wallets. Someone rushed to use Weibo Xiaohongshu Douyin "Cloud Chase" to train their social network algorithm into a pink.

Lingna Belle has become a veritable "traffic password", and her every move is hot searched: the first show of floats, new clothes, no physical manicures, encountering fans climbing walls…So far, just Weibo topics#玲娜贝儿# has been read 290 million, and the Douyin topic of the same name has been played 280 million times.

Disney's top actress, who is Lena Belle?

No matter how familiar you are with Disney's movie characters, it will be difficult to find the name of Lena Belle. Because she does not belong to any Disney movie, she has no works, just a new friend of Duffy.

Duffy is an original character that appeared in 2002, originally called Disney Bear (Disney Bear), and the response in the US market was mediocre. In 2005, this little bear was given a name and a simple story background, and became Mickey's favorite teddy bear, and was gradually loved after being introduced to Tokyo Disney.

Later, Disney expanded this series and added new friends for Duffy: ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLou, CookieAnn, Ole Mira ('Olu Mel), and Lina Belle who is refreshing the screen frequently today.

▲ From left to right: Lina Belle (fox), Oromira (turtle), Gerardoni (cat), Duffy (bear), Shirley May (bear), Star Delu (rabbit), Ke Qi'an (dog)

In the official Disney setting, Lina Belle is a curious, thinking, and clever little fox who can always solve many puzzles. During an outing, Duffy went away with Mickey in order to chase the butterfly and met Lina Belle with a magnifying glass. She carefully analyzed the grass seeds, butterflies, orchids, etc. on Duffy's body, and found a way back for him.

▲ The official story of Reina Belle

In order to welcome this new friend, Disney can be regarded as a full face. On September 17, Disney first released a trailer for the story of Lina Belle, preheating with a cute image. In addition, the theme dining and shopping place for Duffy and his friends in Adventure Island-Tribal Plenty Hall, will be built as an exclusive space for Lingna Belle.

On the day of Lina Belle’s debut on September 29, Disney held a grand welcoming ceremony to invite popular figures such as the Duffy family and Mickey Minnie to the platform.

At the same time, popular actresses such as Zhao Lusi, Zhou Yutong, Xu Yiyang, Ju Jingyi posted photos of dolls given by Disney in advance, which caused a wave of social network envy and excitement.

The following National Day Golden Week, Lingna Belle's cuteness and "difficult to buy around" went out together.

Many fans waited in line for the surrounding area. At first, it was only 5 hours and 7 hours from day to night. Later, the best-selling plush dolls were out of stock. Even Taobao agents refused to take orders. Only the scalpers had the goods. This is even interpreted as "hunger marketing" by fans, urging Disney to replenish goods every day, saying "I step on the sewing machine faster than you."

The Internet has also begun to divide into two camps. On one side, fans are screaming and yelling "girl goose is cute", on the other side are passers-by confused:

Is a traffic with no works so popular?

Female classmates without stories, Disney’s new IP manufacturing formula?

Before Linna Belle appeared on the stage, the Duffy family was already the "money-robbing group" of Shanghai Disney.

One of the most "fishing for gold" is Xing Dailu, a purple bunny who has a dream and wants to go to Broadway to dance. The girls called her "Lulu" and "female celebrity." They posted photos on social networks and screamed so cute. A Mid-Autumn Festival-limited doll with an original price of 359 yuan was sold out within 3 days of being online, and was later fired up to 1,000 yuan…

▲ Mid-Autumn Festival limited star Dailu, see watermark for picture source

Data released by Shanghai Disney in June this year showed that Star Dew is the most popular IP in the park. If the Star Dew-themed products sold since 2018 are superimposed, the total height is equivalent to 119 Mount Everest.

Sound familiar, right? To a certain extent, Lina Belle is copying Star Delu's popularity. And Lina Belle is now being questioned about "no work" and "no story." This is actually a questioning of the entire Duffy family.

▲ Some Disney fans believe that the launch of the Duffy family is just to collect money

For Disney, which pays attention to "story", in the past, various IPs started from animation or film works, with sufficient personality and story support, and then developed to the commercialization of offline derivatives.

In the case of Lina Belle, the factory settings given by Disney are indeed thin, but on the other hand it also brings more imagination-like Disney only wrote half of the story, and then the audience joins it. Create the other half.

First of all, the popularity of Lina Belle is inseparable from the cute appearance. The round face and body shape, the matte color, and the plush touch of the doll can easily arouse people's desire for protection and bring a feeling of healing. This is the "standard configuration" that Disney gave her, and it is also the so-called "starting with beauty."

The very important part in the middle is actually the role played by the Disneyland staff.

When fans call her "the eldest daughter of the nation", Lina Belle will be shy. Fans urge replenishment madly, she will make letters and calls or even draw her sword and cut her ears to send you. I found that Lina Belle would pretend to be angry when the fans climbed the wall. She was always bouncing and wagging her tail when she commuted to and from work. She was full of vitality and even understood the Shanghai dialect…

These lively and lively details and reactions on the scene are all enriching and supplementing the personality of Lingna Belle. The face-to-face interaction between each visitor and Lina Belle creates a story that only belongs to them.

For example, when a fan saw Lina Belle making a flip of a mobile phone and offered to buy her an iPhone 13, Lina Belle jumped up with joy. This unpredictable response and sense of participation makes people feel that Lingna Belle really exists; some fans even say that these moments of business are her works.

Fans' second creation of the image of Lingna Belle also includes expression pack making, face changing, clothes making, and illustrations. They all follow the spread of social networks, turning a person's happiness into a group of people's happiness.

And because of the simplicity of the setting, Lingna Belle has even become a "magic oil", and fans can get what they want from it.

There is a social animal who is busy at work and feels healed because of her cute short videos every day. A friend who chased stars found similarities with her own idols in her, and she became an extremely delicious "meal replacement." There are also fans who read out the power and freedom of women from the official setting of Lina Belle, and use this to inspire their growth.

▲ "Looks like a fox, likes to take a magnifying glass and observe everywhere in the forest. Isn't the prototype of Lingna Belle infinitely small?!"

In the age of social media, fans’ hearts are in an instant

In the topic discussion on #玲娜贝儿谁会爆火# on Weibo, a netizen @ThatCheer said:

They no longer need stories, they just need the emotion of "I like".

Kathy is one of Lena Belle's avid fans. She told me that she really felt that the Duffy family was built by Disney following the example of traffic stars, updated quickly, followed the marketing and business route, and did not need to launch cartoons or game projects, and rely solely on selling IP and peripherals to make money. But she doesn't care about these, nor how far the IP of Lingna Bell can go.

Anyway, it’s fine to chase when I like it. No one can say how long I can chase. I just like the healing she brings to me at the moment. If I get tired of it, I will get tired of it. Anyway, I have already consumed it for her, and each takes what she needs.

As early as when the Bubble Mart blind box became popular, the need for IP to be a story has already aroused discussion. Zhou Shuying, Chief Consumer Operation Officer of Bubble Mart, once said that the charm of artist toy IP is not in culture or story, but in the image designed by the artist. Its image can impress users is a very key part of conversion purchase.

This attitude towards IP consumption is not unrelated to the current changes in the Internet environment.

A "Toy Story" fan's feelings for Buzz Lightyear and Woody are likely to be seen from the first part to the fourth part, from VCD and DVD to buying tickets into the movie theater, and even streaming media platforms Revisit the learned. But in today’s fragmented world, the younger generation’s perception of information acquisition comes more from social networks. Scanning hot short videos is far less burdensome than reading a book or a movie.

Falling in love with a pink fox, who said you have to need an animation or a movie?

▲ "Toy Story 1" is already a movie 26 years ago

In this age of "everyone is a creator", official stories may become less and less important. Every fan’s second creation can give birth to a new story, and even your Lina Belle can not be called Lina Belle, she can have a new soul infused with you.

From this perspective, an IP like Lingna Belle was born for social networks.

Stop asking why IPs without stories can become popular. Lingna Belle is the top female celebrity of this era, and she is destined to only become the top female celebrity in this era.

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