Telephone booths, Tim revolutionises Milan with digital stations

Telephone booths are about to undergo an epochal revolution thanks to Tim , the Italian telecommunications giant . This innovation will initially materialize in Milan, with the introduction of telephone booths completely renovated and transformed into real "digital stations". These devices will not just be a contact point for telephone communications, but will become real power plants offering advanced services, culture, tourism and security. Here's what it is and what they will allow you to do.

The digital revolution in Milan

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Tim's new telephone booths will not just be means of communication, but are designed as cutting-edge "digital stations". These digital stations will be equipped with infotainment, smartphone charging, digital payments and ticketing services , as well as free calls to national numbers. The 'intelligent' stations, the result of the partnership between Tim and Urban Vision, were officially unveiled in preview by Pietro Labriola, the CEO of the Tim Group. Initially, approximately 450 stations will be installed in Milan. The plan will subsequently involve 13 other Italian cities, bringing the total number of new digital telephone booths to around 2,500 across the country.

Tim digital stations will offer an unprecedented infotainment experience. Users will be able to access multimedia content, real-time news, videos, and much more through interactive screens and high-speedinternet connections . This means that, while waiting for a friend or for public transport, users can enjoy videos, read news, or even play interactive games, turning the wait into a fun and informative experience.

Characteristics of the new telephone booths

One of the fundamental features of these digital stations will be the possibility of charging our smartphones. With today's reliance on mobile devices to communicate, browse the internet, and even work, keeping your smartphone charged is essential . The digital stations will provide USB ports and wireless charging technology, allowing users to stay connected wherever they are in the city, without worrying about low battery.

Additionally, the new booths will be equipped with technologies to enable secure and convenient digital payments . Users will be able to pay for public transport tickets, purchase tickets for events, cinemas or theaters, and make cashless purchases. This will not only improve the efficiency of transactions, but will also help reduce the use of cash, making the entire process safer and more convenient for all users. One of the other features of these digital stations will be the possibility of making free calls to national landlines and mobile numbers . This represents significant savings for people who need to communicate with public services, businesses or family members and promotes greater accessibility to communications.

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The innovations of telephone booths for safety and culture

A particularly significant aspect of these digital stations is the inclusion of the 'Women+' button. This initiative is part of Tim's larger project to bridge the gender gap . This button will allow women in dangerous situations to request help in real time, connecting to a dedicated operator who will offer immediate support and assistance . This feature not only provides an additional level of safety in cities but also promotes gender equality and female empowerment. This is therefore an important step towards a fairer and safer society.

In addition to advanced security services, these digital booths also serve as cultural and tourism info points . They will provide detailed information on the city's cultural offerings, including museums, cinemas, theatres, concerts and events. Furthermore, they will offer the possibility to purchase tickets, book restaurants and taxis, check the weather forecast and transport timetables. This makes digital stations not only a resource for residents, but also for tourists visiting Milan, improving the overall travel experience.

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