Telegram: from 2021 it will introduce advertisements and premium users

In the last few hours, a new update of Telegram has been released, one of the most famous instant messaging platforms along with Whatsapp. The update includes a long-awaited novelty: the ability to make voice calls between multiple users, and it remains always open and active , leaving the user himself the ability to enter, exit and re-enter at will. Along with this, however, another thing is communicated: Telegram will introduce advertisements and support for premium users .

To communicate it to its users is the founder Pavel Durov , who relied on Telegram to take stock of the situation on the application indicating the strategies for the immediate future. The press release states that it takes a few hundred million dollars every year to support the service, which has now been learned to exceed 500 million monthly active users, and its constant growth (think that users were 400 million only in the month of last April) will only make the management of the platform more and more expensive .

“For most of Telegram's history, I paid for the company's expenses with my personal savings. However, with its current growth, Telegram is on track to reach billions of users and apply for adequate funding. When a technology project reaches this scale, there are generally two options: start earning money to cover costs or sell the company "

Have you ever wondered how it is possible, in fact, that telegram supports (goes) free file uploads up to 2 GB and unlimited availability over time?


The turning point of Telegram: advertising and premium users

First of all, the founder explains how he has no intention of selling the service to third parties as Whatsapp did. It is its intention, in fact, to continue to maintain the independence of the project and to continue to provide a place where users can take advantage of a guaranteed high quality service.

Here, therefore, is that the strategy that will begin to be applied in the coming months is outlined:

“Telegram will start generating revenue, starting next year. We will do this in accordance with our values ​​and the commitments we have made over the past 7 years. Thanks to our current scale, we will be able to do this in a non-intrusive way. Most users will barely notice any changes. "


Obviously, the doubt is legitimate: will the advertisements inserted be invasive? Will there be paid features that are currently free?

All currently free features will remain free . We will add some new features for business teams or for advanced users. Some of these features will require more resources and will be paid for by these premium users. Regular users will be able to continue enjoying Telegram – for free, forever. All parts of Telegram dedicated to messaging will remain ad-free. We believe that displaying ads in 1-to-1 private chats or group chats is a bad idea . Communication between people should be free of advertising of any kind .

All that remains is to wait and find out how Telegram will evolve in the near future, knowing that fortunately it will remain a quality service like the one we have come to appreciate over the last 8 years.

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