TEDxCesena 2023: a night of magic and innovation with BrainArt

On November 28, 2023, the Bonci Theater in Cesena transformed into a cauldron of innovative ideas and inspirations under the theme “Abracadabra”. This title was not a simple choice: it represented the essence of surprising discoveries, unique opportunities, and ideas that defy the imagination. TEDxCesena 2023 offered a series of engaging talks, interspersed with moments of pause and reflection , culminating in an unforgettable evening that left the audience amazed and inspired.

A panorama of brilliant minds at TEDxCesena 2023

Among the speakers there were prominent figures in various fields: from aerospace engineering with Andrea Accomazzo, to zoology with Mia Canestrini, passing through the sound art of Alice Boyd and the mental techniques of the infamous mentalist Francesco Tesei. Each speaker brought a unique perspective, enriching the debate with ideas that go beyond the conventional .

The revolutionary role of BrainArt at TEDxCesena 2023: the art of translating words and thoughts into images

One of the most fascinating innovations of TEDxCesena 2023 was the contribution of BrainArt . Already known in the TEDx scene for its talk in 2021 and technical partnership in 2019, BrainArt has reached new levels of innovation in this edition. Thanks to the involvement of Maurizio Berti, curator and main organizer, BrainArt experimented with a unique approach: by combining artificial intelligence and sentiment analysis of each speaker's speech, it was possible to create images that captured the essence of their speeches. This process transformed words into colors, styles and visual complexity, creating a bridge between the verbal and visual dimensions.

BrainArt's innovation has made it possible to transform the intrinsic meaning of every speech into a work of visual art. This method, which differs from the direct use of neural sensors, the classic BrainArt approach, has opened a new frontier in the artistic interpretation of language and emotions. The result? A multisensory experience in which the audience not only listened to the words of the speakers, but also "saw" their meaning through images projected at the end of the presentation.

BrainArt's work

BrainArt is an innovative project that combines art and science, allowing people to create art using their thoughts. Developed by the Italian company Vibre , BrainArt uses small sensors applied to the forehead to translate streams of thoughts and emotions into lines, curves and colors, thus painting with the mind . Vibre is a large team made up of bioengineers, computer scientists and clinicians founded by Raffaele Salvemini, Sara Piras, Stefano Stravato, Luca Talevi, Simone Cesarano and Marco Renzi.

The BrainArt experience requires no artistic skill and lasts as long as a song. Participants are asked to let their thoughts flow while listening to their favorite song, transforming these moments into an original and unique picture. After the song ends, the biomedical engineering team's algorithms decode the recorded data, creating a work of art that represents the participant's memories and emotions. Subsequently, the work is printed on forex with an explanatory brochure and a certificate of authenticity.

BrainArt works by analyzing brain waves generated by electrical impulses between neurons. This analysis provides significant information and is performed with modernized, ultra-lightweight electroencephalograms (EEGs). Currently, the BrainArt experience is only available in Cesena, Italy, and can be booked via a specific form on the official website .

TEDx Cesena and the importance of global dialogue

TEDxCesena is part of the tradition of TED and TEDx, movements dedicated to the diffusion of ideas capable of changing attitudes and lives. Since 2016, TEDxCesena has become a point of reference in the Romagna area, bringing to the stage topics ranging from science to art, from economics to ethics. Each year, the event brings together exceptional minds for a dialogue that transcends cultural and geographic boundaries, demonstrating that ideas, when shared, can truly change the world.

TEDxCesena 2023 demonstrated how magic can manifest in ideas, words and art. The event offered a journey through various disciplines, combining technology, creativity and innovation. BrainArt's contribution added an additional level of amazement, showing how technology can be a powerful tool for translating human emotions into visual art. In an evening full of inspiration, “Abracadabra” was not just a theme, but a reality experienced by each participant, leaving a lasting and inspiring impression in the heart of Cesena.

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