TCL XESS Rotating Smart Screen A200 Pro Experience: Change perspective, change “Horizon”

"Transformers" has always been a movie series that I will never tire of. Even though its storyline is clichéd and full of Michael Bay’s explosive aesthetics of "explosion is art", when I see a sports car, "Kaka" becomes When the Bumblebee, I would still be intoxicated.

Which boy doesn't like mechanical deformation?

TCL XESS Rotating Smart Screen A200 Pro is such a "Transformer" in the TV industry. Unlike Bumblebee, A200 Pro changes between the two forms of TV and "mobile phone."

Ingenious design

Let's start with its appearance. TV is the most conspicuous furniture appliance. The appearance design determines the style of the entire living room to a certain extent.

If you pursue a chic and elegant home style, A200 Pro can satisfy your ingenious needs in terms of function and design. There are too many unique features that are different from common smart TVs: the rotating front screen design, the sound material of the fabric, and the rounded corners of the four corners of the frame.

The design of the frame is very interesting. The metal frame and CNC chamfer cutting process are very textured in both the look and the touch. The rounded corners are used in the four corners, which is very rare.

I don't intend to discuss the advantages of rounded corners and right angles. Right-angled borders look clean and sharp, while rounded corners look more intimate and soft.

Rather than saying that the difference between the two lies in the reduced area of ​​the picture, it is better to say that this is the opposition of two completely different aesthetics, which is only about preferences without distinction between right and wrong. However, after seeing the rounded borders on the phone, I became more and more pleasing to the A200 Pro.

The A200 Pro is composed of two fuselages, the front is a floating screen panel, and the back is a fabric-designed back panel, which contains a vertical screen rotating structure and Onkyo certified Hi-Fi audio.

Built-in two 20W speaker units, this pair of fabric-shaped Onkyo speakers can not only "see", but also "play": the vocal tuning takes the natural route, the overall performance of the three-band is relatively balanced, and Dolby is turned on When you look at the big scene after the sound effects, it is very sensational, as if the surround sound effects from all directions make you feel like you are on the scene.

TCL took a special and vivid name for the base of the A200 Pro: Butterfly Wing Base. The two intersecting lines not only pursue simple visual quality, but also take into account practical functionality. The carefully designed center of gravity ratio makes it possible to rotate smoothly.

Because the screen needs to be rotated, a certain height space needs to be reserved between the ground and the screen, so the visual center of gravity of the screen is high enough when using the base, so it is more recommended to use it directly on the ground. If the TV cabinet at home is relatively tall, then the back-mounted one would be a better choice.

▲ Left: Interface Right: Close the back cover

The interface is also unambiguous. The A200 Pro is equipped with two USB interfaces, one HDMI 2.0, and one currently the most advanced HDMI 2.1. The larger bandwidth allows the next-generation host to fully utilize the ultra-high refresh rate of 4K resolution and 60 Hz. Picture quality game.

The back of the fuselage also carries out the simple design concept to the end. When the miscellaneous data lines are connected, the data lines can be secretly walked out through the base, and then covered with a plastic cover, everything becomes orderly.

There is also a circular secondary screen at the bottom of the front, which can display time, progress bar and other information at the same time. When watching a movie, you can glance at the soup time at any time, and you don’t need to switch the interface back and forth to affect immersion, which is very convenient.

The A200 Pro's remote control and the body also echo. The material is made of a metal material similar to the frame. It has a very good texture to the touch. However, it is inevitable that the metal material of Guangzhou at 8 degrees is a bit cold.

Unique vertical screen display

After talking for a long time, I finally came to the biggest highlight of the A200 Pro-rotating the screen. If you want to turn it up, you must first find the entrance of the "Vertical Screen Zone" in the UI menu, and then you can enjoy it slowly.

A200 Pro will maintain a stable angular velocity when it rotates. It takes about 30 seconds. The rotation is not fast, but it is stable and quiet enough. Although it's not the first time to watch it rotate, I still stare at its UI animation every time I rotate it and enjoy the process of rotation.

TCL has made a lot of exclusive content for vertical screen use scenes, such as using "Fresh Time" to scan short videos, follow the coach to exercise in "AI Fitness", and even watch comics on it.

At the same time, in order to make full use of this 4K panel, TCL has also produced a lot of exclusive vertical screen 4K content and ultra-high-definition art exhibitions. It has to be said that these elegant content and its exquisite shape have improved the style of the entire living room.

After the overall experience, the vertical screen TV does expand more living room scenes, but the shortcomings are also obvious, that is, the content is not enough compared with the horizontal screen.

It is a good choice to use the "projected screen display" to enrich the display content. After all, it is very comfortable to use the 55-inch large screen to scan Taobao to see Li Jiaqi, and to use Douyin to watch Manxue.

The vertical display is very suitable for the vertical screen application of mobile phones, and the entire large screen can be fully utilized. However, it should be pointed out that the ratio of the mobile phone screen to the TV screen is not exactly the same, so the screen will be cropped to a certain extent after projection.

In the process of casting the screen, I used the Android terminal for interaction. After experiencing it, there is still a perceptible picture delay. I look forward to further optimization of TCL.

Horizontally, the image quality is still the focus

After watching the novel experience of the vertical screen, let us return to the traditional perspective of the horizontal screen to see how the picture quality of this 55-inch 4K screen on the A200 Pro performs.

When I boot into the screen, the pure experience without ads has captured my favor for the first time, but the basic requirement of opening the screen without ads can now become the selling point of smart TVs. Looking at the TV industry from another perspective, it needs to be reflected.

From the first glance, the color of this screen is very pleasing to the eye. The 120% wide color gamut performance of BT.709 allows it to more accurately restore the richness of the movie when watching "Your Name" color. Even if you look closer, the solid performance of true 4K resolution can still have enough detailed image quality.

A200 Pro also supports Dolby Vision technology. You can choose to enable it in the image quality options of film and television applications such as Tencent Video. You can also transmit Dolby Vision videos shot on iPhone 12 to the TV and enjoy your family. Contrast video is useless.

After turning on Dolby Vision, when looking at the contrast of light and dark, the scene seems to be changed. For example, in "Embroidered Spring Knife", you can see more dark details of the characters and scenes, and the dark and solemn atmosphere is more intense.

In terms of processor, A200 Pro is equipped with MTK MT9652 processor, using Cortex A73 CPU architecture and Mail G52 GPU architecture. The memory is a combination of 3GB + 32GB. After experiencing the daily switching of the UI interface and the smoothness of the application, it is satisfactory.

In addition, it is also equipped with an NPU and a voice assistant can complete most of the TV interactions, such as finding movies, controlling the volume, and linking smart homes. You only need to give orders to the microphone.

It is worth mentioning that the A200 Pro has passed the IMAX Enhanced certification. At present, the domestic TV market can only experience this first-class audio and video standard on the products of TCL and Sony.

However, when I was enthusiastic about embracing the top visual enjoyment of IMAX in the living room, I rummaged through every film and television application and failed to find IMAX Enhanced resources. At present, Tencent Video has cooperated with IMAX. I believe that related film sources will be launched soon in the future. If you want to experience it in advance, you need to prepare your own resources.

The A200 Pro is like an exquisite and practical cup. It deserves to be filled with more aromatic coffee, but the top coffee beans in the store have not yet arrived. If you want to try it, you have to grind the beans yourself.

Since the introduction of Internet-connected smart TVs, we have begun to divide TV manufacturers into "traditional manufacturers" and "Internet manufacturers", but the word "traditional" here does not mean conservative.

On the contrary, traditional manufacturers rely on years of deep cultivation in TV hardware, but they are more able to apply some advanced technologies to products and become representatives of innovation. The XESS rotating smart screen series launched by TCL, from the research and development of the hinge technology to the adaptation of the vertical screen content, reflects the bold innovation of traditional manufacturers on the road of exploring new forms of TV.

In the battle for screen time in the living room of "playing with mobile phones or watching TV", the emergence of TCL XESS's rotating smart screen is like a reconciliation between the two parties. Now vertical screen entertainment content has become a part of daily life that cannot be ignored. How to carry these content in a larger and more beautiful way is worth more exploration by TV manufacturers.

Higher and higher

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