Targeting the Apple Watch? Meta’s first smartwatch exposed, can take pictures and can be detached

After Facebook's parent company changed its name to Meta, the focus turned to the Metaverse. In order to move closer to the goal, in addition to building a software ecosystem, it is also accelerating the development of technological hardware, and initial results have been achieved.

In September 2021, Meta collaborated with Ray-Ban to launch "Ray-Ban Stories" smart glasses, which have built-in speakers and microphones to answer calls and control voice assistants. There are also two 5MP cameras, which can take photos and 30-second videos and transfer them to Facebook to view or share on the phone.

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An app developer recently discovered images of Meta's new smartwatch in the "Ray-Ban Stories" smart glasses' control app, and Meta's patent report to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was recently made public. A smart device that is believed to be the benchmark for the Apple Watch has begun to appear.

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Combining the patent drawings and the images exposed in the app, Meta's smartwatch may adopt two designs, one is a square and arc-edge dial similar to the Apple Watch, and the other is a round dial similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. , both of which may have more than one camera and display, which is held in place by magnets and can be rotated to take pictures or videos.

The patent document also mentions: "The present invention relates to a portable device comprising a strap, a base, a detachably connected display, and a camera integrated within the display."

It can be seen that, compared with the products of the same category on the market, the special feature of the Meta smartwatch is not only the camera on the dial, but also the fact that the dial can be disassembled.

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According to THE VERGE, Meta's smartwatch, when the display is removed, reveals a 1080P autofocus camera for taking photos and videos and sharing it between apps like Facebook or Instagram.

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In addition, according to The Information, Meta's smartwatch should be primarily functional for messaging and health monitoring. It will be equipped with heart rate and body temperature sensors, has built-in Facebook Messenger, and may partner with companies such as Peloton (a fitness technology company). The smartwatch may also support LTE connectivity, allowing it to work independently without a phone.

In terms of software ecology, the first version of Meta's upcoming smartwatches can run on a customized version of Android, but not on Wear OS, and the upgraded smartwatches will turn to Meta's own operating system.

It is worth mentioning that the patent document on the Meta smartwatch mentions "connecting wearable devices to augmented reality headsets, such as Oculus Rift", which means that in the future it is likely to be compatible with VR and AR systems, as An input device for the company's upcoming AR headset.

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At present, there is no more exact news about Meta's smartwatch, and there is no official name yet. After the company changed its name to Meta, many businesses have also changed their names, such as Oculus Quest to Meta Quest, but if the new smartwatch is named Meta Quest "Meta Watch" may have a brand dispute with MetaWatch, a smart watch company founded by a former Fossil engineer.

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