“Targeting” Apple Watch, Google to develop a variety of straps for Pixel Watch

At last month's Google I/O 2022 conference, the Pixel Watch had already been previewed. The smartwatch, which will be launched this fall with the Google Pixel 7 series, is also the first smartwatch built by Google.

Equipped with Wear OS and deeply integrated Fitbit functions, it is the embodiment of Google's strength in the field of wearable devices. However, in today's many industrially designed products, whether it is function or appearance, it is inevitable that there will be gradual convergence, and smart watches are no exception.

▲ Picture from: Google

In terms of the health monitoring functions of smart watches, different brands may have different indicators and accuracy, but they can meet the daily use of users. As for the appearance, although the rounded case of the Pixel Watch is also recognizable to a certain extent, there are no more than these types of smart watches on the market.

If you want to make the product more recognizable, you must also meet the user's pursuit of personalization. Smartwatches all aim here – straps.

▲ Picture from: Google

According to the 9to5Google website, Google is developing a variety of straps for the Pixel Watch, a smartwatch that will launch this fall, including at least seven straps, including the one shown at the I/O conference.

▲ Picture from: Google

The Pixel Watch shown at the I/O conference should use a common silicone strap. In addition, Google is also developing several high-end watch straps. One is the Milanese-style strap, which uses a woven stainless steel mesh, similar to the Apple Watch, and the clasp and strap are closed magnetically.

▲Apple Watch Milanese strap, picture from: Apple

There is also a chain strap that is also used by watch brands such as Rolex and Omega, and Apple Watch has a similar product, which can be adjusted by pressing on rectangular metal pieces connected to each other. There are also two leather straps, as well as the more affordable woven and elastic straps.

▲Apple Watch woven, leather, chain strap, picture from: Apple

Silicone, metal chain, stainless steel mesh, 2 leather textures, braid, and elastic straps, these are just a few of the straps that Google may be working on right now for the Pixel Watch.

Since Google has not officially disclosed the strap development plan for the Pixel Watch, it is unknown whether all of these straps will be available on the market. However, from the exposure news, it seems that Google is obviously going to use the Pixel Watch to "fight the ring" with the Apple Watch.

▲ Picture from: Google

Apple Watch can be said to be a "pioneer" that enriches the "strap culture" of smart watches to a certain extent. Not only does it have almost all the materials that Pixel Watch may have, but also in the design of colors and patterns, Apple Watch also always It can capture the hearts of users, such as the "rainbow straps" that are available every year but are different.

▲2022 new rainbow strap, picture from: Apple

It's worth mentioning that Google has also equipped the wearable with a proprietary wristband system, which may be easier to replace than other devices. Judging from the previously released video, the Pixel Watch does not use a simple snap-in type, but needs to be twisted and inserted into the strap before returning to the positive position.

▲ Picture from: Google

Before the product is officially launched, all the specifications and parameters such as functions, straps, and replacement methods are still uncertain, which makes people more curious about how the Pixel Watch will compete with the Apple Watch after it goes on sale this fall. ".

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