Tank 700 Hi4-T is on the market. Why does the domestic hard-core off-roader sell for 700,000?

Recently, the famous car show The Grand Tour received an update. Jeremy Clarkson put down his hoe and led his partners James May and Richard Hammond to follow the footsteps of the Dakar Rally in the Sahara Desert.

The three hosts, known as the "Three Cheeky Guests", at the request of the producer, modified three old sports cars to complete the 1,600-kilometer journey. As you can imagine, the performance of the sports car that was supposed to speed on the highway was not ideal in the desert. Three elderly people over fifty years old were tortured on the endless washboard road.

After just watching the Tank 700 press conference, I suddenly realized that if Great Wall Motors could do an implant in this program and let the three hosts ride on the Tank 700 to reach the finish line at the end of the program… that would be really far ahead!

Off-roading has always been Great Wall Motor's strength. If you take a trip to Xinjiang, the most likely car you will encounter is a tank. As Liu Yanzhao, CEO of the tank brand, said:

Bayinbuluk runs tanks.

Tonight, the tank brand that has successfully captured the hardcore off-road market decided to take a step further and officially enter the luxury off-road market with a price of 700,000 yuan.

In Tank's eyes, the foundation of luxury is power.

The Tank 700 is equipped with the only 3.0T V6 engine in China and a high-end 9HAT gearbox. The comprehensive system power can reach 517 horsepower and the maximum torque can reach 850 Nm, which brings a 5-second 100-kilometer time to the 3.1-ton Tank 700. Accelerate and rival the Land Rover Defender's 5.0T V8 in performance.

And unlike other plug-in hybrid models, the motor is not the main power source of the Tank 700. Its maximum power is only 120kW. If you want to cross mountains and ridges, you have to rely on the V6 engine. Coupled with the heavier curb weight, the Tank 700's The actual fuel consumption is 12L per 100 kilometers (official data is 10.9L/100km).

But fortunately, the built-in battery of the Tank 700 has a capacity of 37kWh, which can provide a pure electric range of 70-80 kilometers (official website data is 95 kilometers), which is enough for short-distance commuting in the city.

For the sake of luxury, Tank 700 also introduces air suspension, which, combined with CDC electromagnetic shock absorption, can provide a more textured shock filtering effect. At the same time, in order to solve the reliability problem of air suspension in off-road scenes, the Tank 700 uses a more reliable single-chamber air suspension from mainland Germany.

Compared with the double-chamber air suspension, the single-chamber closed structure can achieve long-term high-load operation, and the Tank 700 also uses a redundant design of machine spring separation. Even if the air spring is damaged, the vehicle can still drive normally. Tank said in the press conference that during the development process, the engineering team took the initiative to remove the air springs many times and drove them over long distances at speeds close to 120km/h to verify the reliability of the system.

Although the single-chamber air suspension is indeed slower to lift and lower, especially when rising, there is no need to worry about its travel at all. With this set of suspension, Tank 700 can be raised by 7cm when necessary, and the wading depth at this time reaches 970mm. You know, if there is no wading hose, the Land Rover Defender's wading depth is only 900mm.

If you are a hardcore player who likes to modify and surf sand, the air spring configuration will cause trouble for you. Then you can choose the basic model without air suspension. While the air suspension is removed, the price will be lower. It also came to 428,000 yuan .

But before making a decision, you'd better check out the mid-to-high-end models.

Among the mid-to-high-end models, the Tank 700 can be said to have everything covered. The instrument panel, door panels, armrests and other parts are completely wrapped in microfiber leather. There is also a real aluminum plate across the instrument panel, connecting the Harman Kardon speakers on both sides. , the physical buttons in the three middle areas are also very delicate.

What's more luxurious is the rear row. Thanks to the huge body size, the Tank 700 can put down thicker rear seats, with a thickness of 145mm, and comes standard with ventilation, heating and massage functions. It also achieves the industry's largest 141° backrest adjustment. In short, the Tank 700 must be the most comfortable hardcore off-road vehicle.

If you are lying on the limited edition priced at 700,000 yuan, you will also see a starry sky roof composed of more than 1,200 lamp beads. The density of "stars" is no different from that of a Rolls-Royce, and there will also be "shooting stars". ”Crossed.

Unfortunately, the first batch of 70 tanks 700 limited edition has been sold out within 55 seconds after it went on sale. The good news is that the annual quota for the limited edition model will be 700 units. In other words, there are about 10 opportunities a year to grab this luxury off-road vehicle.

If you don't want to grab it, the sub-top model priced at 468,000 yuan is also a good choice.

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