TacticAI: artificial intelligence will improve strategies during corner kicks

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the world of sport is opening up new and fascinating scenarios, with football being no exception. Among the latest innovations in this field, TacticAI stands out, an innovative system developed by a group of researchers led by Google DeepMind, which aims to assist football coaches in optimizing strategies during corner kicks. This tool, the subject of a study published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications, is based on the detailed analysis of thousands of game actions, offering accurate predictions and tactical suggestions to improve your chances of scoring.

The Origin of TacticAI


The TacticAI development team, including Zhe Wang, Petar Veličković and Daniel Hennes, developed this system after analyzing approximately 7,200 corners from past Premier League seasons, thanks to data provided by Liverpool FC. This immense database allowed the AI ​​to learn the dynamics and potential evolutions of game actions, in order to accurately predict player movements and the outcome of actions.

How TacticAI Works

Thanks to the training received, TacticAI is able to identify the player who will receive the ball first from a corner kick and predict the outcome of the action with high precision. However, the system is not limited to simple predictions: it analyzes the possible positioning of the players on the field, suggesting tactical variations aimed at maximizing the chances of success of the action.

The effectiveness of TacticAI was confirmed by the positive evaluation of five football experts, including members of Liverpool's technical staff, who appreciated the strategies proposed by the AI ​​in 90% of the cases examined.

The Impact on the World of Football


TacticAI's innovative approach opens new perspectives for the use of Artificial Intelligence in football, offering coaches an additional tool to refine their game strategies. While the focus is currently on corner kicks, the study's authors suggest that the same methodology could be applied to other types of set pieces, such as throw-ins, and even adapted to other sports.

The promotion of TacticAI by experts from the Liverpool team demonstrates the high value attributed to these technological innovations in the sporting context, highlighting how AI can become a valuable ally for coaches, helping them to make the most of tactical opportunities during matches. matches.

Future perspectives

The use of TacticAI and similar systems could mark the beginning of a new era for football and sports in general, in which Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in developing game strategies. As these technologies continue to develop, we may see a radical shift in the way coaches and players approach tactical challenges, making sport increasingly dynamic and unpredictable.

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