Tablets conquer the market: are they better than laptops?

Tablet or laptop: what to choose? If until a few years ago most users had no doubts about the greater functionality of a laptop, now it is no longer so easy to answer this question. Today, in fact, the characteristics of tablets make these devices more and more similar to a laptop , leaving their ease of use and transport unchanged.

On the market there is a great variety of devices of this type, different from each other in size and technical characteristics, each suitable for specific needs. However, prices are also very varied, and at times they can become an obstacle for the undecided. There are numerous sites that allow you to make a careful choice and even save money, for example by using this ePRICE discount code for electronic and Hi-Tech instruments.

Tablet vs. laptop

The first difference that catches the eye is certainly the greater handling of a tablet compared to a laptop. Lighter, more compact and more practical, the tablet is easily usable in many more situations than a laptop. The use of touch is optimized for this device, as opposed to a laptop where this feature is not always handled in the best way and is in fact used less often. After all, the tablet is nothing more than a bigger smartphone, clearly with more computing power. While offering many more features than a mobile, the tablet remains silent and hardly overheats, ensuring extended use . The low weight also contributes to making this device a preferential choice in recent years, allowing users to carry it without using a dedicated bag.

The greater convenience of a tablet compared to a laptop also lies in its extreme portability.
The greater convenience of a tablet compared to a laptop also lies in its extreme portability.

If it is true that the convenience of a tablet has fascinated many users, it must be said that it is not without defects. For one thing, the features it can offer can't keep up with the power of a laptop . Even comparing the top of the range of the two categories, it is obvious that a laptop is able to carry out very intensive tasks, such as 3D modeling, video game execution or calculation programs. More than a defect, we can talk about a tablet limit that makes it unsuitable for a certain category of activity. Attention, therefore, to carefully evaluate which device is most suitable for you: the practicality of use must not overshadow the real capacity of the device.

Also on the connections side, the tablet lacks alternatives: in addition to the USB input there are no other ports , except in some models, but with a cost much higher than the average. The absence of a physical keyboard, then, can represent a difficulty during use, especially for those who, for work or passion, spend most of their time writing. Furthermore, in general the life of a laptop is on average longer than that of a tablet, both for the intrinsic durability and for more frequent updates and patches. In recent years, using an operating system that is the same as a laptop (like Windows 10) has narrowed this gap, but many of the tablets still on the market suffer from this problem.

What to choose?

To keep up with an increasingly connected world, it is essential to have the right tools at your disposal. A tablet can be the best choice for technological use without obligation , perhaps to follow TV series, read or surf on social networks. The reduced price compared to a laptop makes it an excellent tool for those who have no particular professional needs and just need a device that can do what a smartphone does, but with greater comfort and a larger screen.

Tablet or laptop? The use is decisive in the choice.
Tablet or laptop? The use is decisive in the choice.

If you look at the tablet market, you are faced with a very diversified choice, also in terms of price. If it is true that this device allows you to save money compared to a laptop , it is also true that there are models that are not accessible at all. An example is the iPad, recently presented in its Pro version. The basic model starts at 389 euros, up to almost 1000 euros for the top of the range. If these figures can scare you and make you opt for a laptop at the same price, you can instead find valid alternatives suitable for the use you want to make of it.

The best tablets by price range

If you aim for a very low price you can find good products even under 200 euros . There are also valid devices from 60-70 euros, such as Amazon Fire 7 or Amazon Fire HD8. We are talking about tablets of very small dimensions and similar to a smartphone (7 and 8 inches, respectively), and with a not high computing power. Both under 100 euros, they are suitable for reading, video streaming and browsing on social networks, as well as for entertainment with the store's games. By increasing the budget a little, you can buy the Huawei MediaPad T5 and T10S models . Here we come to a 10-inch screen and a longer battery life, along with more powerful processors. Also in this case the tablets are very suitable for browsing the web and watching streaming content.

The upper range, between 200 and 500, is the one that offers the most choice. For Apple lovers we find the iPad mini, with a smaller screen than the Huawei already mentioned but with much more advanced performance. He is joined by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, with a larger screen and an excellent photographic sector. The battery is 7000mAh, much more powerful than that of its rival.

The iPad mini is one of the most chosen tablets by users.
The iPad mini is one of the most chosen tablets by users.

Going even further we find products such as the iPad, the iPad Pro, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + and the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro . For these models, prices range between 500 and 900 (in the basic versions), offering very valid features. The screen size does not drop below 11 inches, reaching 12.9 in the case of the iPad Pro. The record for the largest battery capacity is held by Samsung, with 10090 mAh, while the Lenovo appears as the "weakest" one from this point. of sight (only 8600mAh). Great processors for all 4 models, as well as cameras and RAM: 6GB for all 3.

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