Surface Laptop 4 experience: Will Microsoft’s own thin and light notebooks be the “standard answer”?

If there is a laptop that sells for 10,000 yuan, is exquisite and thin, has top audio and video effects and has a long battery life of ten hours, then which product would you think of?

I see, could it be that you are M…

That's right, it's under! Surface Laptop!

Perhaps the least "maverick" of the Surface series is the Laptop product line. Compared with the other two subverting the traditional computer form, the appearance of the Laptop is the "two-in-one" Book and Pro from a different perspective. The design is closer to the traditional notebook computer, and it is more like a standard answer that Microsoft has made for PC manufacturers—the thin and light notebook is the right design.

The Laptop 4 this time provides two processor versions: the 11th generation Intel Core processor i5-1135G7/i7-1185G7; AMD mobile Ryzen processor 4680U/4980U. The core displays are the Iris Xe processor graphics card and the Radeon series processor graphics card.

The one I have is a 13.5-inch i5 version with elegant black color. As a five-year-old user of Surface Book, I started to use Surface products again, and I was still deeply attracted by its beauty.

Light enough, thin enough, and elegant enough

The Surface series products have always had that unique "industrial aesthetics". Throughout the entire body, it is very simple and delicate. The CNC cutting integrated molding process also leaves no visible screw on the front and back. The iconic "Tian" logo on the A side also makes this minimalist appearance highly recognizable. Even people who don’t know Surface can associate it with the Windows logo. In short, there is a strong "Microsoft wind".

This computer is also elegant enough to use, one-handed opening and closing to Windows Hello face unlocking in one go, it is really ready to use. The size of 13.5 inches and the weight of less than 1.3 kilograms also make it very portable. It can be stuffed in a backpack and taken out for office anytime, anywhere.

For the student party and people who travel frequently, reducing the weight of their backpacks is to reduce their burdens, and being able to work with or without a desk is one of the secrets to improving efficiency.

The thickness of this computer also made my old Surface Book user finally realize that the original 13.5-inch computer should have been so thin.

However, it may also be due to thickness considerations, the interface appears slightly less, the left side of the fuselage provides a USB-A, a USB-C and 3.5mm headphone jack, of which the USB-C supports PD charging.

On the right is the "ancestral" Surface Connect interface. Although it is magnetically attracted, it can greatly reduce the chance of tripping on the cable and damaging the computer, but it may be "blind plug" in actual use because the side of the fuselage is made of a bevel. The success rate is not high, and it usually takes a few more trials to connect successfully. However, compared to the USB-C charging method, the L-shaped interface design is more convenient for geographic wiring and takes up a smaller area.

Unfortunately, the USB-C interface on the left still does not support the Thunderbolt protocol, so it is not possible to connect the Thunderbolt docking station. With only 1A1C interface in daily use, even if the wired keyboard and mouse are not connected, it seems a little stretched. One card reader and one U disk are full.

However, the bandwidth of Surface Connect is also powerful enough for most users to use, so a Surface Dock may be a must-have artifact for every Surface computer user.

The first-generation docking station can provide a total power of 95w after being connected. There are a total of 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 miniDP ports, 3.5 mm audio ports, and Gigabit Ethernet ports. These only need one cable to connect. You can plug in and leave when not in use. It is strongly recommended that all Surface users put a Surface Dock at the workstation and at home, which is simply an artifact that greatly improves productivity. The second generation replaces both the DP interface and the previous two USB-A with USB-C, and the total power is also increased to 135w, which will be more practical overall.

Lightweight books can also become "productivity tools"

The productivity of Surface Laptop 4 is not only reflected in the external docking station, even if used alone, it is also an "office tool." Although this keyboard is not made of Alcantara fabric in my hand, the aluminum-magnesium alloy is not so cold to the touch, and it is relatively better to take care of. It also makes the color of the C side more uniform and simple, and it is integrated with CNC molding process. Makes the overall sense stronger.

The keyboard feels very good in a notebook, and the 1.3 mm keystroke makes the typing experience very comfortable. The layout of the buttons inherits the usual tradition of the Surface series, and small dots are made in the upper right corner of the F4/F8/start button to reduce the possibility of blind press errors. Three levels of white backlight are also provided, but there will be slight light leakage in the key gap when used at night.

The touchpad may also be the best in Windows notebooks. It is made of frosted glass. Although the area is not as exaggerated as the MacBook, it is also easy to use.

It is worth mentioning that the black metal material is indeed not enough to resist dirt. A little dust on the fuselage will be very obvious under the black bottom surface. It is easy to get crazy for obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you really mind this, it is recommended. Buy the light version.

In terms of performance, this one I have is the i5-1135G7 version. Although it is a nuclear display, the Iris Xe processor graphics card is officially claimed to be 70% faster than the previous generation Surface Laptop 3.

According to the actual application test, Suface Laptop 4 scored 4214 points in the PCMark 10 basic test, of which 8248 points for common basic functions, 5614 points for productivity, and 4386 points for digital content production, which is more than enough for some common scenarios. Up.

Using GeekBench 5 to test it, the single-core score is 1366 and the multi-core score is 5119, which also verifies that the 11-generation U does have a significant improvement in single-core performance.

However, the running score alone is still not intuitive enough. The specific performance depends on the actual use. As an engineering student, the smooth operation of some commonly used software is the key. I opened COMSOL, the finite element simulation software used for complete design, but found that I couldn't drag the model. I originally thought that the performance was too poor to carry this software, but later on the official website of the software I found out that it was not well adapted.

It turns out that this product is not weak in performance, but not compatible. After fixing it according to the solution provided by the official website, the software can be used normally. The model can be dragged at will, and the conventional simulation calculation is no problem.

I tried other usage scenarios again, no matter whether it was retouching or codewords, there was no pressure. This performance is completely sufficient for office and study. But if you want to play large-scale 3A games, it’s fine, but mainstream online games can still run smoothly and are suitable for some light entertainment.

The air outlet of the Surface Laptop 4 is placed on the D side, which is praised for not blowing directly on the screen. In daily use, the heat dissipation is basically silent. Even in the running test, the noise of the fan is far from the "noisy" level. It can basically be used all the way silently without disturbing the work.

This screen also has a high resolution of 2256×1504 and supports touch. Although there is no standard stylus, even if there is no Bluetooth connection, other Surface Pens can be used directly without pairing. But I still don’t recommend you to do this, because the maximum opening and closing angle of this screen is only 135°, and the inability to lay flat or flip means that the screen will shake when using the touch screen, and it may be difficult to really write and draw. .

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to high resolution, this screen has excellent display effects, and the color calibration files are included in the system folder. At the same time, sRGB and enhanced modes are built in the system settings. The screen display supports the Dolby Vision standard, and with the speakers hidden under the keyboard that supports Dolby Atmos, you can get a unique audio-visual experience.

When I tried the sample material of Dolby Vision, I was completely shocked by the effect of this screen and speakers. It would be a pleasure to watch a movie and ignore the screen size. And for some video shooters, using this computer can also simply edit Dolby Vision videos, especially now that more and more devices support Dolby Vision video shooting, which is likely to become the future of the film and television industry. General standards.

However, watching a 16:9 ratio video with a 3:2 screen ratio will leave two huge upper and lower black borders on the screen, but when viewing photos, this ratio can make the picture perfectly filled. This ratio is also more suitable for office, whether it is office or markdown, more content will be displayed vertically.

Although the starting price of Surface Laptop 4 is close to 10,000 yuan is still "very touching", but this price can buy sophisticated workmanship and texture, excellent audio and video experience, and 17 hours of long battery life. At the same time, there are not many notebooks that meet these three standards, let alone a product that can achieve this thickness and weight. The price of the product itself will not be lower. Think about it this way, it is not a loss to buy a "faith" Surface.

Therefore, the positioning of the Laptop series has always been very precise-for those who have mobile office needs and focus on portability and battery life, the compatibility of the Windows system and excellent workmanship are all destined to be affected by this product. Favored by people who travel frequently.

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