Support 4K output! Can the Switch Pro with a better screen and stronger performance conquer hardcore players?

As the 2021 E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo is approaching, more and more exposure news about Switch Pro, including Bloomberg and electronic game portal Eurogamer and many other media have disclosed relevant information.

In the latest firmware update of the Switch, 4K support codes have also appeared, and the well-known screen manufacturer Universal Display Corporation (Universal Display Corporation) stated at its financial report meeting that the Switch will use an OLED screen.

This information has undoubtedly enhanced the credibility of the upcoming release of Switch Pro. In the past year, relevant exposure information has emerged endlessly, which to a certain extent also supports people's expectations for the new model.

From the detailed upgrade information currently exposed, it can also be found that this time Nintendo Switch Pro is aimed at hardcore gamers.

Reinstall the upgraded Switch Pro

How much is expected of Switch Pro? Just look at the players' complaints about the Switch.

Although sales have continued to increase since its release and once became one of the scalpers' favorite products, many users still complain about the hardware configuration of the Switch.

Among them, the most complained one is undoubtedly the Switch screen. The resolution of the 6.2-inch size is only 720P, even if it is connected to the TV, it is only 1080P. In this era when mobile phone base 1080P and TV 4K become the standard, the hardware specifications of Switch are a bit lagging behind.

This has also spawned a lot of Switch modification services. Previously, we reported that many e-commerce channels sold Switch screen modification services, changing from non-fitting to full-fitting, increasing the viewing angle and color performance of the screen.

▲ Comparison of Switch screen modification shared by players (before modification on the top, after modification on the bottom). Picture from: No Cream

The new Switch Pro is obviously trying to solve this problem. According to Bloomberg reports, Nintendo will cooperate with Samsung to use a 7-inch OLED screen, which has a better contrast ratio than the LCD screen of the Switch, and will have a better performance in color display.

Although OLED screens have burn-in and PWM dimming problems, the better color display makes it the most common choice for mid-to-high-end products in mobile devices. With the improvement of technology and technology upgrades, the burn-in situation of mobile phones is actually It did not appear on a large scale.

Moreover, the 7-inch OLED screen is distinguished from the current mainstream mobile phones or tablet products. For Nintendo or Samsung, the production and assembly pressure will not be so great, which reduces the delivery pressure.

▲Concept design drawing of Switch Pro. Picture from: tomsguide

Last year, there were many predictions that Switch Pro will shrink the screen frame to enlarge the entire screen. The specific placement of this 7-inch OLED screen depends on the actual machine information.

The problem of low external display resolution will also be solved. The Bloomberg report mentioned that Switch Pro will use the new NVIDIA processor, and its computing power and graphics performance will be greatly improved, prompting it to support 4K resolution in host mode Rate shows the game.

This Nvidia chip will also support DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), which can greatly improve performance through AI sampling calculations while maintaining the same power consumption and heat dissipation, and achieve higher frame rates under higher image quality.

▲Picture from: memeburn

Previously, there have been cases of switching with new chips for small facelifts. The NVIDIA chip with the new process has made the small facelifted Switch more efficient and has a significant increase in battery life, from 2.5-6.5 hours to 4.5-9 hours .

There is no detailed information on the Nvidia chip process used in Switch Pro this time, but I can expect to see how much performance it can bring. More advanced process is also conducive to reducing heat dissipation pressure, so that Switch Pro is a handheld host. The two-in-one form of equipment is lighter.

As for the Joy-Con handle drift problem that players complained about, Nintendo passed a new handle patent earlier this year, the cross button returns, and its appearance looks similar to the Switch Lite button layout, but can the patent be on board? The production machine is still unknown.

▲Joy-con new patent. Picture from: Nintendo

In addition, Spanish media Vandal once released the news that Switch Pro will add two USB ports and a network cable interface to bring a better host network communication experience. However, there are currently few revelations about the interface, and it depends on the actual situation to determine.

In terms of timing, Bloomberg and many other media have stated that Nintendo will release the Switch Pro at the upcoming E3 video game exhibition, and the official shipment will have to wait until this fall.

On May 6 this year, Nintendo reported through its financial report that 84.59 million units of Switch and Switch Lite have been sold worldwide. Games such as fitness rings and Animal Crossing even broke the circle, allowing many non-console game players to start Switch. Make it one of the best-selling game consoles in history.

So, can the greatly upgraded Switch Pro continue the sales myth?

Can Switch Pro continue the sales myth?

Compared with PS5, Xbox Series X, etc., even the new Switch Pro hardware is likely to be slightly inferior, but this is in line with Nintendo’s consistent strategy. It is easy to apply it to different fields using mature or even close to obsolescence technology. Produce best-selling products.

This is known as the "level thinking of withered technology" within Nintendo. Under the guidance of this concept, Nintendo has achieved many successes. The game console Game & Watch released by Nintendo in the 1980s still uses a fixed background. With LCD screen, one game console can only play one game.

Comparing with its peers, it can be described as a proper lagging behind, but in the sales of Game & Watch, it has been outstanding. Its global sales of more than 43 million units are one of the most sold handhelds in the world.

And the performance upgrade of Switch Pro this time is more like laying a solid foundation and preparing for higher-quality game content. For games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, supporting 4K resolution will definitely get the picture quality. Significantly improved, you can also get a more immersive gaming experience when you connect to the TV in the host mode.

This will also increase the number of high-definition games on the Switch platform. Previously, when "Doom: Eternity" landed on the Switch side, the display resolution was reduced due to insufficient performance, and even dropped to 360P in handheld mode.

▲ "Doom: Eternity" game screen

The emergence of Switch Pro allows certain high-performance games such as "Doom: Eternal" to enter the Switch platform, further expanding the Switch's game lineup.

At the same time, it also makes the entire Switch product line clearer. Although Switch Lite and Switch share the same game content ecology, Switch Lite is actually a handheld device. Compared with the Pro model, it has a smaller screen, and at the same time, the display effect is more delicate under 720P.

The improved NVIDIA chip also allows Switch Lite to have a good battery life, which makes it a more suitable handheld than the Switch, which is cheaper and lighter, and the Switch Pro is more like Nintendo prepared for hardcore players. product.

Bloomberg has mentioned in the news that the new Switch Pro will be more expensive than the old one, which will exceed $299, and the final price will be around $399, which will undoubtedly increase the entry barrier of the Switch Pro a lot.

Only those in-depth players who are really interested in high performance, high picture quality, and extended joy-con gameplay are willing to spend more money to buy Switch Pro, otherwise the cheaper Switch Lite is a more suitable choice.

In recent years, the two popular games "Fitness Ring Adventure" and "Assemble it!" have broken the Switch's circle. "Animal Crossing Friends" has the influence of the epidemic, and now that most of the global epidemic is going to calm down, it is not easy to continue the sales myth with the higher barriers to entry of Switch Pro.

Of course, the game console market is essentially a content market, and games are the main influencing factor. This is also the main reason for the popularity of Switch in the past. All this depends on Nintendo's first-party games.

In the 2019 financial report , Nintendo stated that 85% of Switch game sales that year were first-party games, and the top few in the Switch sales list were mostly Nintendo’s own games, such as "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Edition" ", "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", etc.

It coincides that Nintendo will also participate in the E3 game show. If the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is launched in line with the expectations of many players, it will undoubtedly escort the release of Switch Pro.

Whether Switch Pro can continue the sales myth, it depends on Nintendo's action at the E3 game show.

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