Super Mario 64: Original Nintendo cartridge sold for millions of euros

Super Mario 64 beats The Legend of Zelda : an original Nintendo cartridge sold for a whopping 1.56 million dollars (about 1.31 million euros). A mind-boggling figure that beats the previous record of $ 870,000 for a sealed copy of “The Legend of Zelda”. The two cartridges are still in their original packaging and are a coveted trophy for many collectors around the world. The two games are indeed milestones in video game history, and have just set two world records in video game auctions.

Super Mario 64 and the million-euro Nintendo cartridge

Heritage Auctions, a Dallas-based multinational auction house, has just sold an original copy of the Super Mario 64 game for Nintendo, in its original 1996 packaging, undamaged and sealed. An almost impossible piece to find, although the game itself was not rare, but being sold in cardboard boxes it is very difficult to retrieve a perfectly intact copy. The "antique" received a rating of 9.8 A ++ from Wata , a company that is in charge of evaluating and classifying the games. A very high score, almost perfect, enough to make the cartridge worth one and a half million dollars.

The cultural significance of this title and its significance for the history of video games is fundamental.

Heritage Auctions

The sale of Super Mario beat the previous one of The Legend of Zelda cartridge for the Nes, dating back to 1987. In this case the evaluation was "only" 9 A sealed out of 10, therefore in almost perfect condition, but not so much as those of the famous plumber's cartridge. The Super Mario saga is not new to purchase records : last year some copies were sold for 114 thousand and 156 thousand dollars, and last April another cartridge had reached the figure of 660 thousand dollars. Only Zelda had managed to break the record, but the victory did not last long: after just two days from the sale, Super Mario 64 took the world title of the most expensive game.

The game

Super Mario 64 is the first 3D game in the series and the only one of all to be released in the 20th century, in 1996 for Japan and the following year in Europe. It is among the most popular games of the saga, as well as the one most appreciated by fans and critics. While maintaining its platform style, the game marked the beginning of a new era of video games and the adventures of the Italian plumber. In this episode of the series Mario finds himself facing Bowser again to free the princess and her castle.

A sealed Super Mario 64 cartridge for Nintendo sold for $ 1.5 million.
A sealed Super Mario 64 cartridge for Nintendo sold for $ 1.5 million.

The eighth chapter of Super Mario is not only the top of the saga, but is also considered among the best video games of all time, having influenced millions of players around the world. The success of the Nintendo 64 is due to this title, which paved the way for all subsequent video games for the console. The Mario saga is the best known in the world, and there is no person who hasn't heard of it at least once or doesn't know the faces of the main characters. Starting with the first game, released in 1985 for the Famicom, up to the latest Super Mario 3D world + Bowser's Fury , the series is one of the most popular among gamers.

The influence it has had on mass culture is indisputable, and even if with ups and downs Super Mario has always stood out for the affection and appreciation received. The game's music and sound effects have also become iconic, often referenced alongside the characters and environments of the platformer. Well, if you happen to have an old cartridge from one of the games, don't leave it to gather dust : it could make you rich!

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