Super intelligent AI: what is it? Can it be countered?

With the term "super-intelligent AI" we mean a robotic system that has a higher level of intelligence than any mind belonging to the human race.

Many researchers, after carefully studying all the possible application scenarios for this device, have come to the conclusion that the creation of a super-intelligent AI would involve catastrophic risks never seen in history. Its possible containment is practically impossible, or so it is believed. Assuming that this could be made possible, super-intelligent AI would include data and programs that can be run by a universal Turing machine.

Revolution of AI

IA, an acronym that stands for artificial intelligence , is an innovative technology, of a computer nature, which has revolutionized the interaction between man and machine and between machines themselves. An intelligent technological system is able to carry out actions, carry out difficult calculations, learn from the mistakes made and carry out activities that until now were typical only of the human being.

With AI, production times are reduced and accuracy levels are optimized in such a way as to have high work efficiency.

Lately we are trying to go outside the box, to understand if it is possible to create an advanced AI with a level of intelligence far superior to the current AI.

Super-intelligent and uncontrollable AI

The researchers and engineers of the Max Planck Society, after numerous studies, have come to the conclusion that today's increasingly innovative technologies are unable to monitor and dominate an intelligent artificial intelligence that could even decide the fate of humanity.

Super intelligent AI

By device IA we mean a system consisting of a series of algorithms, and therefore a series of computational calculations, which make the subject of interest autonomous. By "super-intelligent AI" we therefore mean a completely autonomous device, capable of making decisions without the consent of the human being. If this is seen as an unprecedented technological innovation, on the other hand it is identified as a “dangerous technological system”.

Super-intelligent AI engineering ideas

Regarding this hypothetical and infamous technological invention, the engineering researchers speak of creating a "containment algorithm". The latter would have the task of stopping the robotic activity when any damage by the super-intelligent system can occur. The device IA would therefore enter a blocked condition, preventing any type of action. With this algorithm it is in fact possible to contain the tasks performed by this system, working in safety.

Super intelligent AI
Cyber ​​security concept: Shield With Keyhole icon on digital data background.

AI can make the world better

If super-intelligent AI were achieved by adopting the right security measures, then such a system could certainly improve the world in all its facets and in every field. It could be of help in saving lives in the biomedical field, as the surgeries would be done with maximum accuracy without the occurrence of unexpected events; in the automotive field, on the other hand, this system could minimize production and testing times; in the legal field it could consistently determine the guilt of the accused.

These are just a few examples of how this invention could improve the world.

Super intelligent AI

Future predictions

Researchers think that this discovery and invention could turn into reality within the next few years. If this were the case, there would be a sudden change in the technological world and in the interaction that humans have with machines.

“A super intelligent machine that controls the world looks like science fiction. But there are already machines that perform certain important tasks independently without programmers fully understanding how they learned it "

Manuel Cebrian, co-author of the study

The danger for the human being of a super-intelligent AI is obviously only a theoretical consideration, which wants to make sure to give life to a debate, in order to give rise to new proposals and ideas so as to guarantee their optimal development.

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