Super Cashback: a possible revision of the ranking is coming

The digital payments development campaign, called Super Cashback, is perhaps about to receive a major overhaul. In fact, it seems that in the last few days new messages have been circulating on the IO app that herald a check on transactions. If this were the case, the operation would fall within the scope of tracing the so-called micro-transactions , or small repeated payments often with the same merchant.

In the meantime, however, the adhesion of the Italian population continues to grow so much that it is not certain that the funds allocated are sufficient. About 227 million euros and 1.35 billion for subsequent periods had been set aside for the Christmas experiment. In any case, in the event that the total reimbursement request exceeds the resources made available, the amount due will be remodeled proportionally.

The campaign organized by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to facilitate the transition to digital payments (Source: IO App).

Italy cashless and Super Cashback

The digital payments development operation initiated by the previous Conte government is actually divided into two programs. The first provides for the reimbursement of 10% for each payment made by credit card through a physical merchant (online payments are excluded), up to a maximum of 150 euros per semester. Each transaction is valid within the limits of 150 euros, therefore, payments with higher amounts will only be recognized 15 euros.

Furthermore, all transactions contribute to the definition of a ranking in the second repayment program: the Super Cashback. The first 100,000 citizens with the highest number of transactions will receive an additional bonus of 1,500 euros . Finally, all receipts issued following a digital payment can compete in the additional prize initiative called the “Receipt Lottery”.

It is clear, however, that since there is no minimum limit for the validity of an operation, there may be individuals who collect groups of small payments instead of making them with a single operation. For example, instead of refueling for 20 euros, make four for 5 euros, thus increasing the number of operations carried out. These operations are obviously to be discouraged, as they alter the ranking at the base of the program that will lead to the definition of the first 100,000 citizens who will receive the prize.

Micro-payments are used to over-alter the amount of payments made and climb the Super Cashback rankings.

The message in the IO app

The message says: “Hi! We are carrying out checks on some anomalous transactions detected in the Cashback: these are recurring transactions of negligible amount, carried out the large number at the same merchant, on the same day and which, therefore, do not appear to be qualified as "purchases" of goods or services, under the Program. "

The sender seems to be the ministry of the economy but there is still no evidence that the operation really started from the central offices . Of course, as already mentioned, it would be done to restore lawfulness in the general classification and denounce any abusive conduct.

In addition, recipients are given seven days from the time the message is received for any dispute of suspicious transactions . In this case it will be up to the citizen to demonstrate the correctness of the operation carried out so as to see its accreditation. In the event of lack of or invalid justification, the Ministry will reverse the amount both from those recoverable within the limits of 10% and from those counted in the final ranking.

The next steps of the campaign

The first tranche of the Cashback, after the trial in December, will come to an end on 30 June 2021 . After this date, the last operations will be verified and collected with the consequent recalculation of the final Super Cashback ranking. Users will receive the amount due to them up to a maximum of 150 euros within 60 days from the end of the program. In a similar way, the bonus will be disbursed for Super Cashback winners. The ranking will therefore be cleared for the second harvesting period, ie the one that runs from July to December. The same will then happen for the last time interval from January to June 2022.

In the meantime, we just have to wait for any confirmations or denials from PagoPA, the company that manages the digital payments of the Public Administration, in relation to the checks on the program's micro-payments, reminding us to always act in compliance with the rules.

The Super Cashback article : A possible review of the ranking coming soon comes from Tech CuE | Close-up Engineering .