Summary of Huawei’s full-scenario smart life conference: 13 products are released in one go, and the largest Mate in history is here!

At this time last year, Huawei P40 had been released for nearly two months. However, due to the further deterioration of living conditions, Huawei missed the wave of new phones in the first half of 2021, and the P50 series has not yet seen the public.

In addition to the P50 series, we are also looking forward to the arrival of the new MatePad and the official version of Hongmeng. None of these were unveiled at today’s Huawei’s full-scene smart life conference. A reliable rumor is that they will appear in June one after another.

Despite this, today’s conference still has a lot of highlights: Huawei’s first 16-inch notebook, two new members of the Mate family, and new semi-open wireless noise-cancelling headphones and other 13 products have all arrived.

MateBook 16, unleash productivity

The bigger the screen, the higher the productivity. Since the launch of Huawei's first MateBook in 2016, it later developed into three series of X, D and Digital. There are many styles, but only the 16-inch product is missing.

This is obviously a regret in Huawei's heart in an era when productivity is king. And this time MateBook 16 has completed this puzzle.

Let's look at the appearance first. MateBook 16 is available in two color schemes: deep space gray and Haoyue silver. The fuselage is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with CNC drilling and cutting technology, which improves the visual sense of refinement. The precision ceramic sandblasting process covers the whole body, enhances the metal texture and luster, and makes the touch more warm and comfortable.

The screen frame adopts the "upsetting" forging process. After aluminum alloy shaping and deformation, a strong fibrous structure is formed, which can effectively protect the screen.

MateBook 16 brings an oversized touchpad this time, which has increased the area by nearly 46% compared to the MateBook 14 touchpad. The surface is covered with a layer of glass material, with the AG process, it feels smooth and reduces the reflective effect.

In terms of interfaces, MateBook 16 is quite complete. 2 full-function USB-C ports, 2 USB3.2 Gen 1 ports, 1 3.5 mm headphone microphone port, 1 HDMI port. Daily office and external equipment are very convenient.

Since it is positioned as a professional productivity tool, how does MateBook 16 stack up in terms of hardware performance? Let's briefly summarize it as follows:

  • 16-inch full screen with a resolution of 2520 × 1680
  • The screen supports 100% sRGB, average △E=1
  • Full Blood AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Standard Pressure Processor
  • The whole system comes standard with 16GB DDR4 memory, 512GB high-speed solid-state hard drive
  • 84Wh battery+135W fast charge
  • Shark fin cooling system remodeling
  • Fingerprint power button 2 in 1
  • Support Wi-Fi 6
  • Positive output dual speakers, dual microphones
  • Multi-screen collaboration, full-scene smart experience

Summarize two key words: good screen and good performance.

Regarding the screen, the press conference gave more details. First, the screen-to-body ratio is high and the visual effect is more dazzling. MateBook 16 continues the "four-sided micro-frame" full-screen design, placing a large 16-inch screen in a 15.6-inch body with a screen ratio of 90%.

Second, the ratio is 3:2, making daily browsing and office work more efficient. With a resolution of 2520 × 1680 and a PPI of 189, the actual look and feel should be more delicate.

The third is professional color. It supports 10Bit color depth, 100% sRGB wide color gamut, and average ∆E=1. It is the world's first Rheinland professional-grade color-certified notebook.

It is worth mentioning that this computer uses a DC dimming non-flicker screen and has obtained the German Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification. The combination of hardware and software can effectively protect the eyes.

In terms of performance, this time MateBook 16 uses AMD Ryzen 5000 series standard mobile processors, which are available in Ryzen 5 5600H and Ryzen 7 5800H.

The Ryzen 7 5800H with 7nm process technology has 8 cores and 16 threads. According to AMD, the multi-core performance of the previous generation Ryzen standard pressure processor is increased by 20%, and the high-performance mode supports up to 54W TDP full release.

Regrettably, MateBook 16 is not equipped with a discrete graphics card, but a set of AMD Radeon Graphics. However, the whole system comes standard with 16GB DDR4 memory and 512GB high-speed solid-state hard drive, so the fluency should be good.

The improvement of performance puts forward higher requirements on heat dissipation. MateBook 16 uses a newly designed shark fin cooling system, equipped with two 75mm+ gaming-grade large-size fans, and uses a "full horn" dual heat pipe design to achieve quiet and efficient heat dissipation.

In terms of battery life, the MateBook 16 battery capacity is 84Wh, which can achieve about 12.5 hours of battery life. Support 135W fast charge (15 minutes for charging, 3.5 hours for office work).

Under a pile of materials, the weight of the MateBook 16 has reached 1.99kg, which is almost the same as the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The thickness is about 17.8mm, which is equivalent to the thickness of two mobile phones.

If you have a Huawei mobile phone, you can enjoy the easier-to-use "multi-screen collaboration" on MateBook 16. Wireless projection, multi-screen operation, file management, communication sharing, easier to operate on the big screen.

Huawei MateBook 16 is scheduled to go on sale on June 1. The price difference between the two versions is 500 yuan, as follows:

  • Ryzen 5 5600H version 6299 yuan
  • Ryzen 7 5800H version 6799 yuan

The biggest Mate in history is here

Since late April, there have been rumors that Huawei is about to launch a display. Today, it is here.

The sizes of the two monitors are 28.2 inches and 34 inches, respectively. The former is a 3:2 candy bar screen, and the latter is a 21:9 fish screen. They are classified into the Mate family, the former is named MateView, and the latter is named MateView GT.

First look at the screen quality of the 28.2-inch version of MateView:

  • 28.2 inches, 3:2 ratio
  • 4K+primary color display
  • 98% DCI-P3 film-level color gamut, 10bit color depth
  • △E<2 Professional color standard
  • 94% screen-to-body ratio
  • IPS hard screen, refresh rate 60Hz
  • Brightness 500nit (typical value)

As Huawei's first high-end monitor, Mate View's screen parameters are worthy of its positioning. 3:2 ratio, same as MateBook 16. Compared with the 16:9 monitor of the same size, the display area and content can be increased by 18.5%.

Why is it a "4K+" screen? This is because its resolution is 3840×2560, which is about 1.5 million more pixels than the ordinary 4K resolution (3840×2160).

In terms of color, MateView supports 3 color modes: sRGB, DCI-P3 and original color gamut. When leaving the factory, the color will be calibrated one by one to make the color accuracy △E<2.

The typical brightness of the MateView screen is 500nit, and it has passed the HDR 400 certification. In addition, it has obtained Rheinland low blue light and no flicker certification, and also has a set of eye protection.

In appearance, MateView adheres to a minimalist design style. Full screen design, extremely narrow frame. The thickness is 12.8mm and the silhouette is slim. The outer ring is wrapped in aluminum alloy and polished to give a delicate look.

There is a touch area at the bottom of the screen called "Smart Bar", which replaces the physical buttons on the traditional display. The user can adjust the volume, brightness, switch the input source and so on by touching the area.

For the first time, MateView uses a magnetic back shell, which is thinner than the traditional buckle fixing method. In addition, it adopts the iconic hinge and bracket design, which is elegant and delicate. Separate lifting cable management structure allows height adjustment without affecting the aesthetic effect.

Various interfaces are integrated on the bracket. Contains 1 full-featured USB-C, 2 USB-A, 1 HDMI, 1 MiniDP, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Below the bracket is the display sound hole, which contains two 5W speakers. This sound hole can also be used as an air inlet to dissipate heat for the display.

MateView has very rich connection methods. In addition to HDMI high-definition projection, you can also use USB-C one-line connection, MiniDP projection, PC real-time wireless connection, wireless projection from other devices such as tablets, mobile phone one-touch projection and so on.

Among them, the real-time wireless connection of the PC and the one-touch projection of the mobile phone are worthy of discussion. Using Mate series PCs, you can project on MateView by copying/extending and other modes, and you can open multiple windows at the same time, drag and drop content with each other, etc. In addition, the delay of wireless projection can be controlled within 80ms.

Use a Huawei mobile phone to touch the Huawei sharing sensing area of ​​the MateView base to turn on Desktop Mode. This is a bit like Lao Luo's TNT, after connecting to a large screen, you can achieve a computer-like large-screen operating experience.

Regarding Desktop Mode, there are many interesting interconnection scenarios, which will be introduced in detail in a later evaluation article.

Another 34-inch curved display, MateView GT, focuses on e-sports. The screen specifications are as follows:

  • 34-inch curved screen
  • 21:9 ratio
  • 3K resolution (3440X1440)
  • 165Hz high refresh rate
  • 1500R large curvature
  • P3 wide color gamut, △E<2

The exterior design is as simple as MateView. In front of the base is a "SoundBar", which enhances the immersion of the game through a more three-dimensional sound and cool lighting effects. "SoundBar" incorporates the "Smart Bar", which can be swiped and touched to achieve corresponding operations.

Both MateView and MateView GT will be on sale at 0:00 on June 1. The prices are as follows:

  • 28.2 inch MateView 4699 yuan
  • 34-inch MateView GT 3599 yuan

Huawei FreeBuds 4, a better noise reduction experience

Two years ago, Huawei released FreeBuds 3 which left a deep impression on me. At that time, almost all earplugs with active noise reduction function were in-ear design. FreeBuds 3 breaks this rule.

Two years later, FreeBuds 4, equipped with semi-open active noise reduction 2.0 technology, came. It is still the main "air sense" wearing, and has added adaptive noise reduction and dual microphone noise reduction technology. Simply put, the noise reduction experience is better, with a noise reduction depth of 25dB, leading the semi-in-ear TWS camp.

The shape of the headset is not much different from the previous generation at first glance, mainly because the design of the noise-reducing microphone pickup hole has changed. However, Huawei said that the semi-in-ear shape of FreeBuds 4 has been optimized and polished quite complexly. The current shape is "universal" for users of different ages and ear canal shapes, and wearing comfort is still the main selling point.

From the data point of view, the weight of a single headset is 4.1g, which is almost the same as AirPods 2. But the latter does not have active noise reduction technology.

The charging box has the same rounded shape as the previous generation, using exquisite matte technology, but it is smaller and lighter than the previous generation. The thickness is 21.2mm and the weight is 38g.

In terms of sound quality, FreeBuds 4 uses a 14.3mm large-size sound unit, and the LCP liquid crystal composite diaphragm can make the high frequency richer and more delicate. In addition, it is equipped with a new low-frequency enhancement engine, which can make the low frequency more surging.

The noise reduction upgrade is a more significant change in FreeBuds 4. The noise reduction adaptive technology can provide the best noise reduction scheme from 16 noise reduction parameters according to the contour of the consumer's ear canal.

The dual-microphone hybrid noise reduction is said to effectively reduce the interference of wind noise and improve the sensitivity of picking up residual noise. It can be seen from the appearance that the sound pickup hole of this generation of headphones is much larger than that of the previous generation.

In addition to quick pairing and connection, FreeBuds 4 brings a new "audio connection center", you can see the recently connected 10 devices in the function area, users can quickly switch connections.

FreeBuds 4 also has an important upgrade, which is about latency. A mobile phone equipped with the Hongmeng system can achieve a full link low latency as low as 90ms, which is 50% lower than the previous generation.

FreeBuds 4 provides a total of three colors: ceramic white, frost silver, honey red. The release date is scheduled for June 1st, and the price is 999 yuan.

Other smart life equipment

1. Huawei Smart Screen SE

Following the smart screen X series, V series and S series, Huawei has brought the Huawei Smart Screen SE. The slogan is a smart screen designed for young people, with three main abilities:

  • High-definition communication: equipped with magnetic 13 million pixel AI camera
  • Hongmeng Distributed Multi-screen: One touch screen projection, the mobile phone can be screened through 60 frames of ultra-high definition, with a delay of less than 100ms. The mobile phone can send text to the TV remotely and transfer files to and from the mobile phone. Support K song mode, can be adapted to professional wireless microphones, support smart scoring.
  • Quality audio and video: 92% P3 wide color gamut, color calibration one by one. Equipped with Huawei Sound smart sound field.

In addition, Huawei Smart Screen SE contains a large amount of online education content, 140,000+ class hours, and can be taught by age. The new child mode can be turned on or off remotely. It has also passed the dual certification of Rheinland without flicker and low blue light, which can better protect children's eyes.

The launch date is June 1st for 3299 yuan for the 55-inch version and 4,299 yuan for the 65-inch version.

2. Huawei Router H6

This is the first router equipped with Hongmeng system and supports WiFi 6+. It is positioned as the whole house Wi-Fi, supports the form of parent-child routing, and users can freely combine it. It has the following characteristics:

  • The first home microsecond smart positioning antenna, which contains multiple high-performance signal amplifiers.
  • The sub-router is plug and play, no tools and no disassembly.
  • The standard type 86 panel is designed for PoE power supply, no additional power supply is needed.
  • Branch intelligently recognizes online games and online courses, and intelligently accelerates. Intelligent protection of children, blocking of bad websites.

Standard version of sub-router is 399 yuan; Pro version of sub-router is 499 yuan; 1 mother and 3 sub-packages are 1999 yuan. Now on sale.

3. Eyewear brand new color lens series

The smart glasses jointly designed by Huawei and Gentle Monster have always been trendy in the industry. A new color lens series was brought to the press conference, with a total of 5 models. The color of the frame and the lens are different, and it looks more everyday. The price starts at 2699 and is now on sale.

4. Children's watch 4X new style

The high-end Huawei children's watch 4X is ushered in an update. The new model uses a woven wristband, which is comfortable and breathable. Support WeChat app. It is possible to add WeChat to each other for watches and watches. It also supports sports PK function and supports three major sports PKs. Added the Huawei Audiobook function, which contains a wealth of audiobooks. It will go on sale on June 1, at a price of 1398 yuan.

5. Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro

The body fat scale adopts a design of changing light and shadow. Built-in 8 electrodes can identify body type and find invisible obesity. Support dual frequency measurement, comprehensive measurement of intracellular and external fluid data. Accuracy is benchmarked against the professional gold standard. Support 6-80 years old, people of all shapes. It will go on sale on June 1, priced at 499 yuan.

6. Huawei Smart Selection Deschmann Smart Door Lock Pro

Three main features: infrared dual-camera face recognition, smart home linkage, and financial-level security protection. It will go on sale on June 8 at a price of 2,999 yuan.

7. HUAWEI Smart Selection 360 Smart Vacuum Robot 2 Pro

The main feature is 3 lidars, three-dimensional recognition of the environment. Large suction power of 3300Pa, large electronically controlled water tank of 500ml, large dust box of 500ml. A long battery life of 3 hours can be achieved. It will go on sale on June 8 at a price of 2799 yuan.

8. HUAWEI Smart Selection Hyde Smart Rope Jumping

It supports one-touch connection to Huawei sports health, in addition to accurate counting, there are voice course guidance and so on. The price is 169 yuan, and the public test will start in May.

9. Huawei's first smartwatch that supports blood pressure measurement

Rumors about the first smartwatch that supports blood pressure measurement have been around for a long time, and this time it finally made its official appearance at the press conference. It is said that it has passed the medical device registration inspection. However, the release time is set for the second half of this year.


Prior to this, Huawei repeatedly emphasized the "1+8+N" strategy at press conferences, aiming to create smart life scenarios based on 5G networks.

In "1+8+N", "1" currently stands for mobile phone, "8" is tablet, PC, wearable, HD (large screen), AI speaker, headset, VR, car machine, and "N" is Refers to IoT devices in general.

Today’s full-scene smart life conference mainly focuses on "8". New PCs, HD, headsets, and wearables all belong to this camp. Products such as body fat scales and door locks are classified as "N".

These devices are focused on building five smart life scenarios: audio-visual entertainment, smart office, smart home, sports and health, and smart travel.

In the current environment of crisis such as chips, it can be foreseen that the themes of Huawei's conference will be "8" and "N" for a period of time. As for when "1" will be updated, everyone needs to be patient and wait, it shouldn't be long.

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