Sugar Factory Tape Thread™ wins 2024 Red Dot Award for Product Design

Sugar factory stickers ™ In the 2024 Red Dot Award selection, it won the Product Design Award (Product Design 2024). The innovative design of "self-rolling, self-absorbing, and self-storing" has been unanimously recognized by international judges.

This is the sugar factory’s second attempt at the international design stage after winning the IDA and Contemporary Good Design Awards in 2022.

As an advocate of the concept of "digital fashion items" and a follower of the line ™ The original creator of the brand, the sugar factory pastes the thread ™ The launch of the product has completely reshaped the experience of using data cables: the unique all-magnetic design effectively solves the pain point of tangled and messy charging cables, automatically adsorbs, and can be stored quickly. Compared with the rigid shape of spring charging cables, stick-to-stick cables show flexible and plastic characteristics, whether they are freely curled to any size when stored, or smoothly straightened when charging.

Sugar factory stickers ™ It also realizes the feature of automatic lamination of multiple lines. Multiple data lines can be integrated into one during use, realizing a simple and simple integration method that is impossible with traditional data lines.

Whether it is desktop or car charging scenarios, sugar factory stickers ™ All can bring an orderly user experience.

Sugar Factory is a brand of digital fashion brand Ai Faner. Its brand inspiration is rooted in Ai Faner's 2018 proposition that "a good product is a piece of candy." This concept reveals people's enthusiasm for good products, which is exactly the same as the yearning for sweet sugar in human genes. It is rich in emotional resonance and contains rational thinking.

From graffiti charging heads, small electronic products, to sticker cables ™ , Sugar Factory has always believed that design that understands the essence of aesthetics and is in line with human interaction will eventually transform into an intoxicating and pleasurable sensory experience. This is also the standard that Sugar Factory regards as the standard for creating "tomorrow's products".

Love style makes the future within reach.

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