Sugar Factory releases SlimBolt, bringing professional experience into exquisite daily life

CANDYSIGN, a brand sugar factory owned by digital trendy brand Aifaner, today launches tomorrow's product® – SlimBolt ™ Cable , a full-featured data cable that integrates ultra-fine wire diameter, top-grid high-speed and full magnetic design .

40Gbps ultra-fast transmission, durable

SlimBolt thin lightning cable supports ultra-high-speed transmission rates up to 40Gbps and is compatible with USB4 and Thunderbolt protocols , realizing an efficient workflow of "shooting in one day and transferring in one second", allowing large file transfers to be completed instantly.

SlimBolt thin bolt cable is one of the very few high-speed cable products that adopts coaxial technology , which can effectively avoid signal attenuation and reflection problems and ensure transmission quality. The USB-C connector is designed with minimal specifications , significantly reducing the length and width of the USB-C connector. High-quality, no-cost full-pin connector terminals, with flexible and clear plug-in feedback, durable for more than 10,000 times, and durable.

Ultra-fine wire diameter, "light sticking" experience

SlimBolt thin bolt line continues the stick line ™ The unique "magnetic attraction" feature subverts the cumbersome experience of storing traditional high-speed cable ties. It is lightweight and fits well, can be coiled or rolled, can be stored by lightly rolling, and is easy to straighten for use.

SlimBolt thin cable has an extremely fine wire diameter (approximately 3.6 x 4.2mm), which is approximately 30% smaller than traditional USB4 cables. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for EDC (daily carry equipment).

8K high-definition screen projection, showing all the details

SlimBolt thin cable supports up to 7680×4320 resolution, supports single screen 8K@60Hz, dual screen 4K@K60Hz , DP1.4 protocol, can be used as a screen connection cable for computer hosts such as Mac mini, and can also be used to easily connect laptops and iPad Pro Expand 1 or 2 secondary screens. SlimBolt thin cable can also be used as an external graphics card connection cable, supporting daisy chain .

240W flagship charging

SlimBolt cable comes with an E-Marker chip , supports up to 240W charging power , and supports PD3.1. When used with the original charger of the corresponding brand, actual testing supports triggering 100W super fast charging of Huawei mobile phones (compatible with 88W super fast charging), 100W fast charging of Xiaomi and vivo, etc.

original art design

Continuing the Tape Man® style LOGO, Thin Line uses simple and plain straight lines to shape the rhinoceros LOGO, symbolizing the power and speed of the product. Environmentally friendly and simple packaging, unique design, is an excellent gift for relatives and friends.

As the latest member of the SlimBolt line family, SlimBolt brings professional quality and experience into exquisite daily life, and can be used in all scenarios of family travel, car travel, and truly realizes traveling around the world on one line.

SlimBolt ™ The line will accept customers' spot purchases starting from today, and the price is 219 yuan (the new product's initial price is 169 yuan). Users can purchase at candysign Tmall, flagship store, Sugar Factory Xiaohongshushu Store, Sugar Factory WeChat mini program and Sugar Factory Weibo store.

Product parameters
  • Product Name:SlimBolt
  • Paste thread·Thin crack ™ series
  • Product color: sugar orange, black gray, milk gray
  • Interface type: USB-C (CC)
  • Transmission rate: 40Gbps
  • Product functions: charging + data transmission + audio and video transmission
  • Product size: 1M
  • Packing size:95*95*50mm
  • Product net weight: 1m≈43g
  • Weight with packaging: 1m≈76g
  • Product material: Outer cover: ABS Core: Magnetic PE
  • Braided line: 48 spindles of nylon yarn braided line
  1. Tomorrow's Products® is a registered trademark of Aifaner, and the related logo is authorized to be used.
  2. Paired with Samsung 990 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD & 40Gbps hard disk enclosure, the sequential writing speed is about 3112.9MB/s, and the sequential reading speed is about 2748.1MB/s.
  3. If you are an old user of the Sticky Thread·Candy series and find a change in the resilience when using thin threads, please rest assured that this experience is not caused by quality problems, but is part of our design choices and is a normal phenomenon.

About Sugar Factory CANDYSIGN

Sugar Factory is a creative brand that provides inspiration and pleasure tools for the young generation pursuing a diversified lifestyle.

We focus on ultimate beauty and strive to create flexible and versatile electrical energy products.
We believe that " a good product is just a piece of candy " and our creations are inspired by technology, art and fashion. We hope to provide a variety of products to make your experience more comfortable. Whether you are at home or traveling far away, we care about your subtle feelings and pleasant experience.
Many products of Sugar Factory are favorites of creators such as photographers, designers, and technology bloggers. There is such a group of people in every era: they are not satisfied with the status quo, emphasize freedom, respect multiculturalism, and are full of love for technology. They have the power to act and are constantly revising and updating. They are the creators who promote the update of the era.
We hope that the sugar factory will always accompany them in their wonderful creative process.
CANDYSIGN Sugar Factory is a hardware brand owned by digital fashion brand Ai Faner.

Love style makes the future within reach.

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