Sugar factory launches colorful patch lines to inject digital dopamine into life

CANDYSIGN, a sugar factory owned by digital trendy brand Aifaner, today launched a digital fashion item – MagTie, which retains its self-rolling, self-absorbing and self-storage features, and comes in a variety of new colors and will be charged The power specification is increased to 240W.

Cable-sticking MagTie reshapes the experience of using data cables: the unique fully magnetic design solves the pain point of tangled and messy charging cables, automatically adsorbing and storing quickly. Different from the shaping treatment of spring charging cables, MagTie sticky cables are flexible and malleable: they can be curled to any size when stored and can be easily straightened when charging.

With the help of magnetic properties, MagTie can easily achieve "multi-wire-in-one", effectively solving the problem of multiple cables being loosely tangled when charging multiple devices, and keeping the desktop clean and orderly.

In addition, multiple patch cables can be stored in a stacked and nested manner, allowing users to easily remove a single cable without disturbing the order of other cables.

The MagTie adhesive cable includes three versions: USB-C (CC), USB-C to Lightning (CL), and USB to USB-C (AC).

The CC version is available in three specifications: 60W, 100W and 240W, all equipped with E-Marker chips, taking into account efficient charging and stable data transmission. The 48-pin braided wire material is not only safe and durable, but also ensures that magnetism does not affect signal transmission, so there is no need to worry about degaussing credit cards and ID cards.

In addition, the exquisite small head design is compatible with mobile phone cases of various brands, so there is no need to remove the case for charging.

As a personalized companion for daily carry (EDC) and daily wear (OOTD), MagTie provides seven choices including warm pink, sugar orange, Beijing red, ancient blue, magic black, milk gray, and sweet white, which can be used as Colorful bracelets to carry with you wherever you go.

Cable-mounted MagTie is available for order from today, priced at 69 yuan for 60W and 99 yuan for 240W. Users can purchase at the Sugar Factory Tmall store, JD candysign flagship store, Sugar Factory Xiaohongshushu store, Sugar Factory WeChat mini program and Sugar Factory Weibo store.

Sugar Factory has also developed an "authenticity verification" for MagTie stickers, which users can scan and identify through the Sugar Factory applet.

Sugar factories are happy to use simple symbols to convey product ideas. Following the sugar-shaped logo, we transformed dopamine into a colorful linear sugar logo. Also enable MagTie ⭕ The text combination of "sticky line" symbolizes the storage form of magnetic data cable.

Love style makes the future within reach.

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