Street View: a step back in time to see loved ones who have died

The Google Street View service, created to give users the opportunity to see distant cities and lands, has now become a real means of taking a leap into the past and seeing dead people again. In fact, more and more users are using the Google functionality to review childhood places and loved ones.

Street View is becoming a way to travel through time and see dead people again.
Street View is becoming a way to travel through time and see dead people again.

A time machine to see dead people again

Technological services are now part of our daily life and everything has become possible with a simple click. But did you ever expect to be able to step back into the past? In recent days, Sherry Turner's testimony has spread exponentially on Twitter. The woman said she used Google Street Views to search for her old family home and thanks to the time travel feature she was able to see her home exactly as it was in May 2009 . In the images the mother is not present but the woman's emotions were very strong.

I look at my mom's old house on Google Street View, the house where I grew up. It says “Photo taken in May 2009”. There is a light in his room. She is still at home, she is still alive. I still visit it from time to time while on the train to Bodmin Parkway.

Sherry Turner

A Google representative also responded to the woman's tweet. The man said that certain gestures should be done more often. Thanks to Sherry Turner's statement, many users learned about Street View's time travel function and turned the clock back. You can activate the function with a simple click on the button in the shape of a clock on the map and then “travel” in time. This leap into the past allows you to review the places and people present at the time the photo was taken. Many users were thus able to review their deceased loved ones.

Street View: Many users want to review their deceased loved ones
Street View: Many users concern their deceased loved ones

Google's functionality allows you to travel in time by reliving the emotions of the past, but there are many users who observe and dwell on the negative side of the coin. The deceased people who are filmed by Google do not have the possibility to decide what Google will decide to do with their photos. We wonder, therefore, if it is right for Big Tech to hold our images. The debate about the power that the few big companies have over our data continues to be open.

Street View: evolution and functionality

Street View, born from a research project of Stanford University, is an integrated feature between Google Earth and Goole Maps that provides 360 ° horizontal and 160 ° vertical panoramic images made thanks to specific cameras. To make these shots, the service not only uses machines, the “Google cars”, but also bicycles, the so-called “Google Bikes”, in order to get to the pedestrian areas or to reach areas with more difficult access.

The Google service was born in 2007 to meet the needs of users who wanted to locate the precise place of an appointment or virtually visit distant places while sitting comfortably at home. Initially it reached only a few cities: Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, New York and San Francisco but within a few months it evolved exponentially reaching San Diego, Los Angeles Houston and Orlando. Its development has never stopped, arriving in May 2017 to celebrate its 10th anniversary. It is now present in 83 countries. They have not forgotten even the most extreme points of the Earth: Batsfjord, East Cape, Kekaha and finally the coasts of the Dead Sea .

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