Stranger Things, hackers hit fans of the series

It was Kaspersky who sounded the alarm: some hackers hit Stranger Things fans with the aim of stealing personal data and sold i. The series is one of the most followed in the world, and each season is more awaited than the previous one: hackers have used this to extort money and data from followers. Kaspersky researchers spotted hundreds of spam and phishing emails that prompted fans to pay sums of money to access the new preview episodes.

Stranger Things fans affected by hackers

The fourth season of Stranger Things was among the most anticipated on Netflix, surpassing the one billion views after the release of the second part. The split into two parts increased fan hype even more: some just couldn't wait until July 1 to see the final episodes and fell into the phishing trap to get a preview of the two new episodes.

Kaspersky, in the eye of the storm after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict began, has reported thousands of phishing attempts by hackers around the world. In the incriminated emails, access to the episode was even promised for only $ 1. Those who do not follow the series on Netflix or those who were really impatient fell into the trap and found themselves screwed twice: the promised episode was not available and sensitive data and passwords were stolen.

The emails talked about an offer intended for subscribers of a new service. Just register, enter your email address and bank details to proceed with the payment. Many people took the offer lightly and never thought for a moment that it was hiding a fraud. Unfortunately, the less experienced took the bait and had bank information stolen without being able to access the episode.

Spam emails

Kaspersky's research also found spam emails advertising the sale of T-shirts and gadgets from the series . The emails pointed to dubiously original sites where t-shirts with exclusive and limited edition prints were on sale. The sites had been open for less than a month, accepted all types of payments and were available in many languages.

stranger things hacker

Regarding these e-commerce Kaspersky has not confirmed that it is phishing , but there are several elements to be aware of and which should raise some suspicion. First of all, the date of creation of the site, almost contextual to the release of the fourth season; furthermore, the fact that the sites were sponsored through spam mails only adds to the doubts.

How to protect yourself

This spam and phishing campaign by several unidentified hackers has created a lot of havoc among fans. Many failed to pick up on the suspicious signals and, taken with enthusiasm, were not careful enough.

The Season 4 finale was a rollercoaster for many viewers, including myself, as a fan of the series. However, the painful ending only fueled fans' desire to learn more, boosting excitement for Stranger Things season five. As we know, when there is strong public interest, scammers will always try to take advantage of it. We can therefore expect cybercriminals to start actively exploiting this season's popularity soon. The danger to users is greater than ever. Fans need to be careful not to try to save on membership, because choosing can cost you a lot more than you save.

Olga Svistunova, security expert at Kaspersky

The recommendations are always the same: don't trust unofficial sites and always pay attention to what you share . Before providing your personal and banking data, it is good to check the authenticity of those who are asking for them and evaluate if what they are offering us is really lawful.

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