Stop arguing! The new logo made by Xiaomi Mi 2 million is already great!

Last night, Xiaomi officially opened the door to a new decade, but what is surprising is that a new logo has caused a hot discussion on the whole network .

The first time I saw this new logo known as "Major Brand Upgrade", it really made people call "good guys" –

  • Isn’t that the square becomes round?
  • Isn't this a frame that Meitu software can add in one stroke?
  • Is this that the most high-end ingredients often only require the simplest way of cooking?

Moreover, this logo was also designed by the internationally renowned design master Kenya Hara, which was rumored to have cost 2 million yuan.

Now the netizens boiled even more.

"Lei Jun was deceived! Xiaomi, please call the police directly!" "This 2 million yuan is really well designed, just like the one without design." "Give me 2 million yuan. I can make 10 shapes, triangular, trapezoidal, and six. Edge-shaped…"

At this time, Xiaomi’s new logo may not be able to help but say to the old logo: "You really make a lot of money from acting."

Hearing that this logo has been designed for three years, some people even began to wonder: "Did the master take the old logo back and polish it by hand?"

They also unearthed a practical trick for Xiaomi's new logo-very suitable for making an eye chart:

Because the new logo is too similar to the default icon shape of One UI, it is suspected that Xiaomi provided inspiration for the "Let's Find the Difference" game:

▲ The picture comes from the Sign Information Bureau

Some netizens found that as long as you add a line of code "border-radius: 19px;" to the old logo, you can turn it into a new logo with a rounded rectangle, and it's easy to complete the new design.

However, before solving the mystery behind this new logo, let's first enter Xiaomi's "official channel" and take a look at Xiaomi's "Yesterday's Statement"——

The new logo is an upgrade of the inner spirit, a reflection of Eastern philosophy, and a form close to life

For all these complaints, Lei Jun obviously had anticipated it a long time ago.

So he said directly at the press conference last night:

Are you disappointed with this logo, we just rounded the original logo?

Immediately he told the truth that the new logo is not only a simple and morphological change, but also an internal and spiritual upgrade.

After communicating with Hara Kenya, Lei Jun said that what moved them most was Hara's thoughts on the "Oriental Philosophy" in the brand vision:

The more technology evolves, the closer to the form of life.

Yes, Kenya Hara proposed a higher-dimensional concept: Alive.

The core of this concept is the "Sense of Life Design". From the point of view of mathematics, he precisely deduced the most suitable shape of n=3 from the perfect circle and square;

For the text MI in the middle, Hara Kenya conducted a lot of verification of the text curvature and chose the shape that best matched the outer contour;

In addition, a brand-new xiaomi letter logo was also designed, which also follows the outer contour and becomes the same rounded.

These logos will flow in the presence of a sense of floating in the various interfaces of Xiaomi, showing the dynamics of different products in different environments, to reflect the best visual balance, and at the same time full of unique personality.

This is what life itself looks like. This is the integration and unity of the universe, man, and nature.

It is the smile of a young girl, the rhythm of life, the natural breathing, and the feeling of high-level and greatness blows across the face.

At this moment, I just want to shout out, you are the meaning, the sky, the earth, the will of God, Xiaomi, there is no truth except for loving you.

Therefore, every seemingly simple design has actually gone through countless strategic derivations and creative thinking behind it, as well as communication and discussion among designers, engineers, and experts in various fields.

What matters is not just the result, but also why and how to do it.

However, there are still people who do not accept this argument. They believe that either Lei Jun was brainwashed or Hara Kenya was kidnapped.

There are even weird conspiracy theories that Hara Kenya was Luo Yonghao who dyed his hair to make money.

Netizens also designed a new Xiaomi logo overnight. Do you think it is just an ordinary rice ball shape?

The philosophical thinking behind the design, Weibo user @ from 隆星的洞娓娓娓 said:

The design of the rice ball shape is ingenious and childlike. It embodies the simple sentiment of the Chinese people who have taken food as the sky for five thousand years. Xiaomi will take root in the masses and will not forget the original aspiration. As Yuan Longping in the mobile phone industry, it has The price allows Xiaomi mobile phones to enter thousands of households.

So, when you don’t understand Xiaomi’s new logo, maybe… it’s really not.

When Lei Jun saw it for the first time, he was not used to it . Hara said, don't be in a hurry to make judgments. You go back and look at it for 7 days. After 7 days, you will like it.

The profound philosophy contained in this sentence will surely give Lei Jun an instant enlightenment.

Perhaps Lei Jun went back and watched it for 7 days and found that he still didn't understand it too much. The master said, go back and watch for another 7 days.

Then, 7 days after 7 days, I watched it for three years.

Lei Jun finally said that this logo will look better the more you look.

A joke is a joke, for Xiaomi, all of this has obviously gone through thorough consideration and selection.

And if you are familiar with Hara Kenya's friends, you will know that all his ideas are not groundless.

Looking back at Kenya Hara, insight into the essence of life is more important than boldness

What exactly is design?

After reading Xiaomi’s logo design, you may have the classic phrase in your head: Is design a very low-level profession? Everyone has to share a piece of the pie?

Kenya Hara might say that it really is:

Everyone can be a designer, because what you want to design is your life.

▲ Picture from: Visual Shift

As a designer who has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has a global influence, he raised the question at the beginning in the first chapter of his book "Design in Design".

He also used his entire life to practice this problem.

What everyone is familiar with may be that he, as the artistic director of MUJI, has demonstrated a simple, concise, environmentally friendly, and people-oriented concept in various daily necessities.

Taking a single MUJI thing out may feel bland, but it will feel natural and comfortable, just like those things that should exist in life.

That is, "nothing and everything."

He is also a designer who is very good at using "white". From his design of the Matsuya Ginza Building in Japan, unifying the white color, to the white visual transformation of the Tsutaya Bookstore, all to present the essence and return to the original.

like he said:

Design is not a skill, but the sensation and insight that captures the essence of life.

When designing the Messi Hospital, Kenya Hara believed that for the obstetrics and gynecology hospital, the people inside need to seek a sense of security that they can rely on, and need a friendly atmosphere to accompany.

So just like Xiaomi’s new logo, he turned the walls, pillars, and signage of the hospital into a sleek design.

Just a small change can not only prevent pregnant women and children from hitting sharp corners, but more importantly, make everyone inside feel very relaxed and soft.

Kenya Hara has also turned a round paper tube into a square paper tube. It seems that there is no design, but such a small change can increase the resistance when drawing paper and avoid waste.

Going back to Xiaomi, the new Xiaomi logo at first glance does not seem to be any unexpected surprises, but it is hard to deny that it is indeed comfortable, and it is also more flexible and free.

After the announcement of the new design, Xiaomi replaced the new logo at Beijing Xiaomi Technology Park overnight.

From afar, this logo is indeed more suitable for Xiaomi's cordial and humane image, and it is more harmonious with the surrounding environment.

After introducing the logo last night, Lei Jun also mentioned the peripherals introduced after the new logo, such as the Xiaomi eco-friendly bag made of DuPont paper, which is an environmentally friendly material. With the new logo, it seems to be much closer to the people.

As Kenya Hara said, creativity is not to surprise people with its brand-new forms and materials, but to surprise people with what seems to be ordinary daily life.

This concept is also extended to Xiaomi's products and brands in the same form.

At first glance, the square becomes round, like "the young Xiaomi has finally been smoothed out by life", but in essence, it is Xiaomi that has become more integrated into life.

After talking about the design, I will return to Xiaomi in the end. This brand image transformation is a good thing for Xiaomi in the end?

The whole network hotly discusses the upgrade of the Xiaomi brand, is it worth it?

Regarding the upgrade of Xiaomi's brand image, Ping, chief design officer of Aifaner, believes that this is a good change.

The main reasons are the following:

  • The new brand image is in line with Xiaomi's brand temperament and spirit.
  • The fine adjustment of "mi" makes it more visually comfortable.
  • Kenya Hara also has good suggestions for logo applications, such as using logos and letter logos separately, using only brand logos for brand images, using letter logos for higher-precision smartphones and other devices, and in addition to the corporate brand color orange, Add black and silver as auxiliary colors to high-tech products and so on.
  • It solves the problem that Xiaomi did not have an English logotype before, which will have a certain impact on the internationalization of the Xiaomi brand and some future product applications such as cars.
  • The shape of "mi" is not adjusted in the eyes of ordinary people, so it will not be separated from the previous products. If it changes too much, both the cognition and the replacement cost are extremely high.

Logo is an intangible asset of a brand, minor changes have a subtle impact on product development and commercial layout.

From the history of the logo evolution of world-renowned brands, it can be seen that every logo update of a brand is generally to follow the trend of the times.

For example, the logos of most brands nowadays have changed from the complex and heavy in the past to the current simple and flat, using sans-serif fonts.

One is because the aesthetics of modern people is changing, and the other is to cater to the visual habits of the current network, representing platforms such as Google, Instagram, Airbnb, and so on.

But more importantly, the positioning of the brand image and the major innovation of the company's strategy.

Apple’s logo was originally a pattern of Newton reading under a tree . It has the artistic and humanistic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, and also reflects the image of Apple at the time. Later, in order to reflect its creative recognition, Apple changed the Apple logo into color.

Later, when Apple changed its logo to a metallic silver-gray logo, it also represented that it faded away from the gorgeous shell and moved towards a mature route.

Now Apple's logo has become very clean, simple, and neat, and it also represents Apple's future of simplicity, high-end and fashionable technology.

▲ Picture from: Fotor Lazy Design

The original logo of Coca-Cola was actually all black text. Later, the logo was turned red to convey a feeling of enthusiasm, happiness, and comfort to consumers. Now there is no pattern, and it is more fashionable and generous, and it is also to maintain its eternal youth positioning. , And more in line with the preferences of contemporary young people.

▲ Picture from: Fotor Lazy Design

Now Xiaomi has officially entered the high-end market, released two high-end new models, and has also poured into the smart electric vehicle industry. The initial investment is 10 billion yuan, and the investment is expected to reach 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years.

Its purpose of changing the logo is to tell everyone——

I am no longer the Xiaomi in the past, and now it is Niu Hulu Xiaomi who is coming to you with great momentum and ambitiousness!

Now it is more atmospheric, more contemporary, more advanced, and more in line with Xiaomi's future development.

After the endorsement of the international design master Kenya Hara, Xiaomi's "old clothes" were changed and he waved goodbye.

Finally, after another hot discussion on the whole network, the purpose of upgrading Xiaomi's brand image has been easily achieved.

Therefore, spending 2 million in design fees is really nothing. It's worth playing this wave of advertisements.

Worse, it hasn't been seven days, I already feel that the oriental philosophical thinking and natural life form of the Xiaomi logo can no longer be washed in my head.

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