Stone G10S Pro experience, subtraction for your life

When doing subtraction in life, I believe that many people will think of "breaking away", discarding items that are not needed at home or items that are used less frequently, thereby reducing the burden of life.

Can just letting go of attachments to objects lighten the burdens of life? I don't think so. Our life is mainly composed of work, entertainment, food, and rest. The consumption of space and time in each sector increases at the expense of the time and space of other sectors. Therefore, I have to re-examine my relationship with time and space; if we want to subtract from life, we should focus on the way of daily life.

In recent years, many smart home products have been designed with the concept of "better life" in mind. From a variety of vacuum cleaners, to sweeping robots, to the washing machines launched by major manufacturers last year, these products seem to be the same. It can save a lot of time for our daily housework, but it also increases our cost of living, the increasing number of product accessories, the use and maintenance of each product are adding to our lives, so is there any one? Can Dacheng's products really subtract from our lives in essence?

Recently, Roborock's newly released self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot G10S Pro seems to have given me an answer.

Subtract from the product itself

Compared with the previous generation, the most obvious upgrades of the Roborock G10S Pro are concentrated on this "7-in-1 high-energy base station", which integrates automatic dust collection, automatic mopping, automatic water replenishment, base station self-cleaning, automatic antibacterial, and automatic drying. (optional) and automatic up and down water (optional) functions.

On the appearance, the water tank and dust box are designed to be exposed, minus the step of opening the cover to take out the water tank in the previous generation; the cleaning module of the fuselage part of the stone ancestral sweeping and mopping integrated, minus the step of manually replacing the module.

The return of the automatic dust collection function of the previous T7S has greatly reduced the frequency of cleaning the dust box. The base station is equipped with a 2.5L disposable dust bag, which must be replaced every 60 days. Don't worry about dust flying when dust bag.

Subtraction ≠ castration, the main unit still retains the design of the detachable dust box. Since the automatic dust collection will generate noise, you can choose to turn on/off the automatic dust collection function on the APP according to your needs.

Enough to understand every detail of daily life, in order to completely release hands

As an office worker who lives alone, I go out at 8 am and get home at 8 pm every day. I only have about 4 hours of time left at my disposal, excluding sleep time.

Maybe many people have the same feeling as me. After returning home from get off work, when I lie down on the sofa and close my eyes in a daze, my body can't move like a point in a martial arts novel, and I forget about household chores.

And the Roborock G10S Pro can just share the daily cleaning work for me.

As a flagship product, the maximum suction power of Roborock G10S Pro can reach 5100Pa, which is much higher than the average level of most similar products. When cleaning the hard-hit areas with dust accumulation under the bed or sofa, I will choose to open the "MAX +" gear Perform a deep cleaning, and then use the "fine mopping" mode for a deep cleaning (enable MAX + gear will turn off the mopping function).

When testing the cleaning ability, I did not choose to set many tricks to test the performance of the machine like many up owners; instead, I started from my own reality. As a cat slave, my biggest headache is that every season changes, the cat owner changes. When hair is growing, hair balls will spit out. This is probably a headache for every cat slave. Here, I took off a pinch of hair from the owner to wet it on the spot. You can see that the Stone G10S Pro can be easily cleaned. This is enough for me. As for the test of air-dried soy sauce on the Internet for two or three days, Emm… I think special cases still need special treatment, so there is no need to embarrass a robot.

To truly liberate your hands, cleaning is not enough. During the cleaning process, Roborock G10S Pro will automatically return to replenish water or clean the mop according to the wetness and cleanliness of the mop, which can effectively avoid the problem of getting dirty or repeated pollution. Self-cleaning is an extremely important function of the sweeping and mopping robot, which is extremely user-friendly minus the step of hand washing the mop.

Roborock G10S Pro active mop self-cleaning is divided into 3 parts: 9 holes longitudinally spray clean water to rinse the mop, and then cooperate with a 600 rpm high-speed self-cleaning brush to effectively remove foreign objects on the mop surface, and finally use an elastic pressure scraper to hang Remove stubborn residues, making the mop up to 95% clean. Excluding the possibility of residual pigments, we used a paper towel to test and we can see that the surface of the mop has actually been cleaned visibly.

Thanks to the design of the liftable structure, the cleaned mop will remain raised outwards, and the natural ventilation can be suspended to dry, which can reduce the generation of odors and avoid ground pollution. Stone G10S Pro also supports automatic drying (optional), which can make the mop reach 85% dryness in 120 minutes.

After the cleaning of the machine is over, the self-cleaning of the base station is also very important. There is a one-way scraper under the water tank, which can automatically scrape the dirt in the cleaning tank. The double-layer filter screen design can filter out large particles of garbage and prevent dust from depositing in the base; the base water tank detection will also timely remind the user to give Fill the clean water tank with water or empty the sewage.

The Roborock G10S Pro clean water tank also includes a silver ion bacteriostatic module, which will continuously release silver ions into the clean water, and transfer to the ground and sewage tank with the cleaning process to achieve full-link bacteriostasis; compared with traditional cleaning tools, The cleaning method that needs to add disinfectant water by itself directly reduces the cumbersome process.

Think from the essence of life, directly to the user's inner feelings

Perhaps we have been doing subtraction for our own life, reducing useless social interaction, reducing unnecessary items, and reducing some bad habits. These are all to make our lives easier. More and more smart home products begin to care about the user's feelings and create a better lifestyle for us.

Because of allergies to fibrous dust, every cleaning may cause allergic bronchitis, and many friends with rhinitis around them are allergic to dust to varying degrees, and products such as air purifiers and mopping robots just alleviate our problems. burden of life.

Although I only have 8 pieces of furniture in my house, it takes me a lot of time to clean each time, and the places like the bottom of the bed and the bottom of the wardrobe are difficult to reach with traditional cleaning tools, the Stone G10S Pro just makes up for this defect, the small size The body, combined with 24 types of sensors such as LDS, ultrasonic radar, gyroscope, accelerometer, cliff detection, etc., with the blessing of RR mason 9.0 algorithm, can accurately perceive home environment information to infer room attributes and formulate appropriate cleaning plans. It not only solves the troubles in life, but also frees up a lot of time for you.

In my opinion, perhaps every smart home product designer, every time he thinks and debugs, is doing subtraction for our lives in a digital way.

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