Steam Deck, Valve’s portable console announced

Valve has recently announced the arrival of Steam Deck, its first portable console . A news that has generated a lot of enthusiasm among gamers, as the device would allow you to always carry your Steam library with you. PC exclusives would become playable anywhere, allowing fans to have access to tons of titles at any time.

Steam Deck, Valve's handheld console

It looks like a switch, but without removable joypads: Steam Deck, Valve's portable console, has just been revealed to the world for a few hours, and there's nothing else to talk about. The company has just presented its gem, on which it will focus a lot in the coming months. The convenience of always having your Steam games library with you is undeniable; in addition to that, Valve has confirmed support for the Xbox Game pass and the Epic Games store . It will also be possible to access all the launchers available on Windows.

Steam Deck has a 7-inch multitouch display (against the 6.2 of the Switch) with 1280x800px resolution. Along with the joypads there are also two trackpads, which are very useful in first person shooters. The battery is 40 watts, and guarantees a duration of 7-8 hours in the case of 2D games or web browsing. The console's USB-C port supports various types of I / O, such as mouse and keyboard. The operating system is the SteamOS 3.0 version , developed specifically for the portable device.

Valve has announced the arrival of the Steam Deck.
Valve has announced the arrival of the Steam Deck.

The console also includes a dock that can be purchased separately. The operation is almost identical to that for switches: the small docking station will allow you to connect the device to a larger screen, also combining the power supply. Since the joypads are not removable it is very likely that additional controllers will be purchased together with the dock. A good trading move.

Pre-orders will open tonight at 7pm . The console will then be available from next December and will be available in 3 different versions and prices. It starts from 419 euros for the basic version with 64 GB eMMC memory, accompanied with official case. Going up to 549 euros, you get access to a 256GB NVMe SSD memory, plus a case and bundle from the Steam profile. Finally, at the price of 679 euros, you can buy the console with 512GB NVMe SSD memory, anti-reflective etched glass, case and bundle, and even a special theme for the virtual keyboard.

The features of the console

New device, new home. The Steam library and store change their appearance to fit a smaller (but more functional) screen than a PC, while still allowing gamers to have access to all the usual features. The chat remains, to connect with your friends, and you can access notifications without leaving the game. Saving to the cloud will ensure that you can save your progress on your PC and resume from the console (and vice versa), always keeping them updated.

Steam Deck will allow you to access the titles in your library at any time.
Steam Deck will allow you to access the titles in your library at any time.

It is also possible to play in remote play , by transmitting the game session from the PC to the console. From the Quick Access menu, you can access all important system functions, for example by checking connected devices and notifications. You can also send chat messages without interrupting the game session . Steam has not only thought about gamers, but also about developers. Games developed for PC will also be compatible for the console thanks to Proton, the compatibility layer developed by Valve itself that allows video games developed for Windows to be run on Linux-based systems.

Steam Deck is highly anticipated by players all over the world: in the gamer community there is nothing else to talk about. Will the new console be able to keep up with the greats of the portable device market? Will it give the switch a hard time? To find out we will have to wait until the end of the year. Have you already reserved your console?

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