State Grid personally end up face Tesla: Model 3 charging is broken, we don’t remember this pot

Tesla was "getting into trouble" again and again.

After we tied the knot with China, Tesla and the "in-laws" continued to have little conflicts. Fire, loss of control, and brake failure have become Tesla's tight-knit spells. They will appear several times every once in a while, incurring criticism from the public. However, Tesla has been unpredictable every time and passed smoothly.

Recently, this time is different. State Grid personally ended and Tesla apologized.

"Slap in the face" from the national team

Recently, a consumer in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, only 6 days after purchasing a Model 3, used a Tesla Supercharger to charge the car for the second time. After the charging is completed, the car owner unplugs the charging head and prepares to leave. When starting the car, "the car shakes suddenly and a series of fault codes are displayed on the main screen."

▲ The vehicle cannot be started after charging. Picture from: Jiangxi Metropolis 2 Channel

Subsequently, the vehicle could no longer be started and the windows could not be closed.

The car owner reported this to Tesla. After the car owner followed the instructions of the service staff, the Model 3 still did not return to normal and could only be towed away by a trailer.

When the owner of the car was held accountable, the Tesla service staff said that "the pot is not special". The preliminary judgment is not a problem with the vehicle. It may be caused by the excessive current of the national grid and the instantaneous current charged by the vehicle . It may also be a charging pile. The problem.

The car owner wanted a refund. After all, the car had a major problem after only 6 days of driving. Tesla said that it could only replace some parts. The owner of the car kept an eye on it and recorded the audio during the communication, but was not satisfied with the answer. He asked the media to defend his rights and published the recording on the Internet. After the public opinion was fermented, many netizens at the Weibo account of local state grid reminded the company "don't be unclear about it."

In the early morning of January 31, the State Grid Nanchang Power Supply Company issued a statement in response to the incident, "refusing to be dumped," and reserves the right to pursue accountability.

After being slapped in the face by the national team personally, Tesla couldn't help it after all. It posted on Weibo that the recording had been edited and caused misunderstanding among netizens and apologized to the State Grid Nanchang Power Supply Company .

However, many netizens didn’t buy it for this response. Even a Tesla owner next to me who continued to pay attention to the matter couldn’t help but complain: "The apology is not posted on the official account of 530,000 fans. There are only 10,000 fans. The customer support account was posted, only apologizing to the State Grid, not to the owner of the car, and tossing the pot to the owner of the car. In the end, he understated that the problem has been solved, and I saw it with chills."

▲ Netizens responded to the comments below Tesla

The turmoil keeps Tesla

Since entering China, news related to Tesla's loss of control and fires have often been paid attention to by the public, and some of them have been raging.

In December 2020, Tesla owner Ms. Liang discovered that the car still automatically accelerates after leaving the Model 3 pedal. She took a video and posted it on the Internet. Tesla responded that the car was accidentally accelerating because the car was on a downhill section.

Also in December, a Tesla Model 3 at the entrance of Hangzhou Wyndham Hotel crashed into the hotel lobby after crashing into the hotel lobby, and finally crashed into the hotel lobby reception desk.

On December 18, a Tesla in Shenzhen suddenly lost control and was stopped by a truck after crashing into two cars. Tesla said afterwards that the data showed that "the driver continued to depress the accelerator pedal deeply and did not depress the brake pedal during this period."

In October, the electric Pharaoh- (Weibo account) said that while driving Model 3, his family suddenly lost control, the steering wheel could not turn, hit the roadside guardrail, and caused a traffic controller to fracture. According to Electric Pharaoh-(Weibo account), Tesla refused to provide traffic police with vehicle data, and ignored the owner's request to view steering wheel torque data.

▲ Description of the event. Picture from: Electric Pharaoh-(Weibo)

In June, a car owner suddenly increased the speed to 127km/h when he was driving and stepped on the brakes without any response. Eventually, the car hit a pile of dirt at the end of the road and burned. The car owner got out of the car and borrowed a passerby's mobile phone to call the police. Tesla's investigation concluded that before the incident until the accident, there was only a signal that the accelerator pedal was stepped on, and there was no signal that the brake pedal was stepped on. At the same time, no signs of braking were found at the scene.

In similar incidents, no matter how Tesla responds, angry people will be drawn out and criticized. Regardless of the outcome of the incident, some people choose to believe it, and some people label Tesla as lying.

For this reason, Tingtepai and Pentepai are torn apart on the Internet. In the car owners circle of the same price, it is rare to see such a fierce scene . A brand can allow such a large-scale passerby to join the ranks of it.

Whether this kind of tearing is harmful to the Tesla brand is difficult to say. After all, the domestic auto circle has not had a brand that can stir up public discussion for a long time. Making a car is like making a mobile phone. No one pays more attention than right and wrong.

"Special" red right and wrong

Since "settling down" in Shanghai, Tesla has entered the fast lane of rapid development.

On January 28, 2021, Tesla released its fourth quarter and full year 2020 financial report. Financial report data shows that Tesla has achieved profitability for 6 consecutive quarters, and the profit amount has hit a single-quarter high. In 2020, Tesla produced and delivered 500,000 vehicles. In addition, Tesla also announced the new ModelS and ModelX production capacity in Shanghai in 2021 and will be launched in January. —— Beijing Daily

In 2020, Tesla's stock price continued to soar, reaching more than US$880 per share at one time, and Musk's personal net worth was estimated to exceed US$185 billion.

While receiving flowers and applause, concerns also turned to Tesla.

Some time ago, Tesla’s public relations publicly stated that it was prepared to sue Pinwan because Pinwan’s "Tesla China Chaos Revealed" series of articles "weave so outrageous."

Pinwan published an article in response, saying that there are more than 200,000 words of interview record material that can support their point of view-Tesla parts are shoddy, there are major management problems, etc., and they questioned Tesla's public relations in response. professional.

▲ Part of Pinwan’s response can be seen at a glance from the content of the two parties’ calls

This is the total outburst of the contradiction between Tesla’s subjective pursuit of positive public opinion and its objectively often at the center of negative public opinion. Unfortunately, it has adopted a not very smooth and mature way to deal with it , regardless of whether the lawsuit is won or lost. Sla’s passerby’s favorability may be reduced a bit. This kind of "low-level mistake" often occurs when foreign brands first enter China, and it can be regarded as a kind of "unacceptable".

The incongruous and eye-catching Tesla's "special" red right and wrong are many, and there are almost as many articles about Tesla's negative elements as there are positive articles. However, whether public opinion put Tesla in the vortex, or Tesla stirred the vortex, and made public opinion have to use it or get close to it is an interesting question.

Tesla is the corporatized Musk

As a car company, Tesla seems out of place.

Compared with other car companies, it is like a restless young man with a small news in three days and a big news in five days. It once tore three domestic car companies in a month, and has repeatedly expressed relentlessly. "The pot is the owner of the car." These behaviors are incomprehensible from the perspective of traditional car companies. How can there be such offenses that offend their peers and offend customers? Even Li Xiang couldn't help saying: "The reason for (Tesla) winning is too basic. , Not so glamorous, but ignored."

Tesla has violated the industry's taboos so much, why can he still get mixed up?

To understand Tesla, you must understand Musk.

Before becoming a car company Tesla, Musk was an Internet entrepreneur.

Zip2, the foreign version of Dianping, was founded by Musk and his partners in 1995. It invested US$28,000 and sold US$307 million. Musk cashed out US$22 million. This platform can be said to be the teacher of the domestic catering life platform. At the time, it was regarded as whimsical, "Who wants to search for restaurants on a map? (Who wants to search for restaurants on a map?)", the predecessor of Paypal, the foreign version of Alipay, Musk was one of the founders, and finally sold to eBay for $1.5 billion. The strategy of subsidizing users to grab users was invented when confronted its competitors, and eventually defeated the opponents. The acquisition of the opponents was renamed Paypal. Now look at the domestic Internet development strategy, is it very similar to back then?

After selling Paypal, Musk’s entrepreneurship turned to the aerospace industry and injected US$100 million into SpaceX. Tesla, which is now popular all over the world, is just an accessory to the aerospace industry. SpaceX was founded about a year ago. Traubel’s lithium-ion battery expert and a startup company called Tesla have approached Musk. Musk injected $6.5 million into Tesla and became Tesla’s largest shareholder and chairman.

Since starting his business, Musk has detonated public opinion from time to time, supporting Bitcoin, tearing up Xiaopeng, scolding Trump, engaging in star chain, divorcing, talking about the new crown vaccine, etc., even clubhouse, the voice social app of "old wine in new bottles" , Also became popular overnight because of Musk's use, and related stocks skyrocketed.

What makes the gossip party even more talked about is Musk’s private life. There is also a media article titled "Fall in love with 4 women, give birth to 5 boys, and then get pregnant with his 17-year-old girlfriend", telling that Musk is a domineering president. The overbearing side of love, test-tube babies, divorce, remarriage, and property division have become key words. Musk’s current girlfriend is an independent musician, just like Musk. She responded to the favor of the "Guardian" critics and believed that only music made by Beyoncé was good music.

▲ Musk, who never lacks peachy news

It is not difficult to see that there are dazzling innovation highlights in the rebellion, reason and restraint in the arrogance, it is difficult to be caught in the general direction, and the small disputes and disputes are never interrupted. This is the most obvious public personality of Musk. Characteristics , looking back at Tesla, is it true that his words and deeds are exactly the same.

A girlfriend once commented that Musk is a "control freak", and this kind of control is particularly reflected in the management of Tesla.

Can you imagine a car company without a PR department? Musk announced that "Tesla does not need any public relations." In October 2020, Tesla disbanded the public relations department in the United States. You can imagine how the company complained about this domineering president who has a strong desire for control.

Public relations are in a weak position and lack mature skills. This weakness was fully exposed in the "refusal to deal" incident.

In order to enrich the categories on sale, in August 2020, Pinduoduo launched Model 3 and called on everyone to "cut a knife" to attract Tesla protests. Tesla public relations and Pinduoduo fought against each other several times, and the executives and employees joined the battle and finally lost to one The senior executives did not personally play Pinduoduo, and gave Pinduoduo a wave of favor, but he was scolded in the Wuhan car friends group for a long time.

▲ Such a "random and willful" speech makes people sweat for Tesla

Why is this happening?

Because under Musk’s control, Tesla China "does not have a huge public relations department and budgetary expenses", does not recharge the media and car critics, "some people want to black Tesla", the natural wall is pushed by everyone, and it can only rely on high Guan and employees made several weak protests on Weibo.

▲The ridiculous sentence “Tesla has no public relations'' once became a hot spot in the industry

▲ The Leek Incident is the most beautiful "battle" Tesla has fought in public relations so far. It is invisible. Picture from: Sina Technology (Weibo)

The Internet industry has more or less the same problem. I think it’s enough to rely on products. Tesla is the same. It’s obsessed with technology and can’t get rid of it. It’s slow to respond to outside sounds and lacks skills. It’s perverse and a bit stunned when solving problems. Green feeling .

You have to say that Tesla did something wrong, but a discerning person knows that it is a good move to engage in technology, bet on China, and insist on the brand. Even Li Xiang admits that "Tesla won (the market)", you have to It is said that Tesla did things right, but it is like the clever disobedient boy in school, who always causes some trouble. In short, you will think it is a Bad Boy, but you have to admit that this Bad Boy is sober-minded and quite bold and unruly.

It can be said that, in a sense, Tesla is a corporatized Musk .

Young "special" always mature

Reasonably speaking, zero failure rate for precision consumer products like cars is impossible, and it is impossible for cars with code support to have no bugs. In addition, electric cars are still a new thing, and controversy still exists. Negative news is regarded as the focus of public opinion. Reasonable.

However, Tesla should indeed reflect on its own problems.

▲ The unimaginable "epic price cut" in the automotive industry has exposed many problems in pricing strategy, customer service relations, public relations, etc.

From the perspective of the completion of public relations, the handling of the State Grid incident can be said to be excellent. The matter has been resolved, the negative impact has been reduced, and the heat will pass in a few days. Whether it’s cursing, it’s pretty good, anyway, the word Tesla was exposed on the whole network again.

But the Tesla owner friend next to me commented like this:

(What I see is) Tesla's after-sales customer service is unprofessional, the cold and official voice of the problem-solving process, the disapproval of being slapped by the pot, the cleverness trying to reduce the negative impact of the incident, and the attitude of hiding behind it. , Love to buy and buy, love to use, don’t use it if you don’t buy it… Once negative cases are accidents, a few times are accidental, there are dozens of times, out of control, fire, and cutting of leeks again and again. That's definitely where the company came from If the problem is solved, Musk can't always rely on Musk to make the enthusiasm. (Enterprises) still have to land. The spur of public opinion is actually a good thing. Find out and solve the problem in time, so that you can go far.

For car owners who accompany Tesla's growth, the discussion about paying for Tesla's innovation risks and immaturity is not cost-effective. Looking at a series of recent incidents alone, if Tesla is more involved, less routine, more sincere, less indifferent, not throwing the pot, apologizing to the user, expressing positive handling, things will not develop to the screen. The point of the whole network.

To gain a foothold in China, Musk can rebel, but Tesla must mature.

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