Starting from 289,800, the first model of BYD’s sub-brand is launched, and hard-core SUVs enter a new era

I have a Grand Cherokee.

Although I can't be said to be an off-road enthusiast, in today's era where 2.5L can be called a large displacement, the 3.6L V6 engine in the Daqi somewhat makes me feel like returning to the era of large displacement fuel. A sense of trance.

The classic large-displacement self-priming and the German chassis shared with the Mercedes-Benz ML make this off-road vehicle break away from the category of traditional tool vehicles and achieve a new balance between off-road and urban commuting. It can be both dignified and stable, and can also indulge the owner's occasional "wild behavior". Daqie almost meets all my imagination of a large SUV.

▲ Jeep Grand Cherokee

The only fly in the ointment is the fuel consumption performance. As an off-road vehicle that is used 90% for commuting in urban areas, the fuel consumption of 16-17 kilometers per 100 kilometers is commonplace. For pure household use, it cannot take off the title of "Sinopec partner".

Especially in the new energy era, affordable charging fees have made high fuel expenses an unspeakable "pain" for owners of traditional fuel vehicles. However, the menacing wave of new energy has temporarily forgotten this small group of off-road vehicles. In fact, there are not many new energy off-road products on the market that can be chosen by the public. This market has always lacked a "benchmark" product.

How long will it take for a personalized new energy source that can balance hard-core off-roading and daily comfortable commuting to appear?

BYD took the initiative to become this "minority". After half a year of preparation, the high-end sub-brand Fangbao launched its first hard-core off-road product, Fengbaobao 5.

▲ Equation Leopard 5

Tonight (November 9), BYD's high-end sub-brand model Fangbaobao 5 is officially launched, starting at 289,800, positioned as a mid-to-large hardcore SUV, with a total of 3 models available, including:

  • Leopard 5 Discovery Edition: starting from 289,800
  • Leopard 5 Navigation Edition: starting from 309,800
  • Leopard 5 Yunnan flagship version: starting from 352,800 (including exclusive color border blue)

Starting with the Formula Leopard 5, hardcore off-roading began to enter the new energy era.

Brand new Equation Leopard 5, stronger and smarter

You can go to poetry and distant places, and you can also enjoy the streets.

At the press conference three months ago, Wang Chuanfu described the DMO super hybrid off-road platform this way.

▲BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu

As an off-road-oriented SUV, Fangbao first solves the "off-road problem" of new energy vehicles.

At the press conference, Fang Jinrong, R&D Director of Fangbao, revealed to us that in order to overcome the harsh road conditions and load-bearing conditions in off-road conditions, Fangbao 5 adopts a new hybrid non-load-bearing architecture. The DMO super hybrid off-road platform adopts a CTC battery chassis. Integration realizes the integration of off-road and comfort and resolves the irreconcilable contradiction between off-road and comfort.

Thanks to the first off-road-specific hybrid architecture, the torsional stiffness of the Leopard 5's frame has been increased by 38%, the space utilization has increased by 49.7%, and the maximum roll angle can reach 44 degrees. In terms of performance parameters, Leopard 5's data performance is also strong enough. With the support of intelligent electric four-wheel drive + intelligent "three locks" (front and rear electronic differential locks and energy center lock), the maximum power of Leopard 5's system is 505kW. The maximum torque reaches 760 Nm, and the acceleration time from zero to zero is only 4.8 seconds, which is equivalent to the power level of a traditional fuel engine 5.0T.

It is worth mentioning that in order to make more space for the front double wishbone structure, Leopard 5 uses a longitudinally mounted 1.5T high-power engine and the world's first longitudinally mounted EHS electric hybrid system. The former has a maximum power of 143kW, and the latter Peak power can reach 200kW.

The Leopard 5 off-road system supports up to 16 driving modes to cope with daily driving, terrain crossing and special extreme working conditions. These include a variety of complex road conditions such as mud, mountains, snow, rocks, sand, and wading. In order to solve the pain point of poor maneuverability of traditional off-road vehicles, Leopard 5 debuted the "Leopard U-turn" function in the world. After the function is turned on, the minimum turning radius of the vehicle to complete a U-turn is only 3.4 meters.

Just like the Grand Cherokee mentioned at the beginning, the generally heavy body of off-road vehicles brings higher energy consumption. The longitudinal EHS electric hybrid system in the DMO solves this "Achilles heel". With the cooperation of the front and rear dual motors in intelligent power protection, the Leopard 5's comprehensive feed fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 7.8L, compared with The traditional mechanical off-road platform has improved fuel consumption by 35%. Excellent energy consumption management overcomes the "range anxiety" of new energy vehicles in off-road use. The maximum comprehensive range of Leopard 5 reaches 1,200km.

In off-road conditions, harsh extreme conditions also pose challenges to the structural safety of the car body. Formula Leopard's internal engineering team focused on optimizing the structural strength of the upper and lower body of the Leopard 5. Fang Jinrong further revealed that the lower body frame of Leopard 5 accounts for 96% of high-strength steel, and the amount of frontal intrusion and side pillar impact intrusion are reduced by 30% and 25% respectively; in terms of the upper body and roof structure, Leopard 5’s static The roof's maximum compressive weight can reach 13 tons. As for the most important chassis battery structure, the internal engineering team designed a 5-layer protection system and an "encircling" dual protection system for the battery pack to provide safer through-chassis protection and reduce serious "bottoming" situations during off-roading. Appear.

Excellent off-road performance alone is not a "perfect answer". Fangbao also takes care of the needs of urban users. Sound insulation performance is a decisive factor affecting driving quality. Leopard 5 directly "prescribes the right medicine". The front row of the whole series is equipped with double-layer laminated glass as standard, which keeps the AI ​​value of voice clarity in the front and rear rows above 80, which greatly improves the NVH performance.

What does an intelligent off-road vehicle look like?

At the press conference, Liu Ke, senior director of BYD Intelligent Network, asked us rhetorically. He believes that the Leopard 5 has surpassed traditional off-road vehicles in terms of technical quality, but the biggest difference between new energy off-road vehicles and traditional models should be in intelligence.

Leopard 5 will be equipped with BYD's new generation 6nm smart cockpit chip, FiLink. Compared with the industry's mainstream 7nm cockpit chips, FiLink's CPU computing power has increased by nearly 60%, and it is also 100% compatible with the Android ecosystem. The iterative cockpit chip has created new possibilities for the Leopard 5 car engine. Fang Leopard’s internal team has designed a new customized UI for the Leopard 5. In addition to the first three desktop functions, the car engine will also support the vehicle in different driving modes. real-time rendering, showing the vehicle status to the owner more clearly.

In terms of intelligent driving configuration, the entire vehicle is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars and 4 surround-view cameras. Thanks to the intelligent collaboration of multiple sensors in the vehicle, Leopard 5 can implement more than 20 intelligent driving assistance functions, allowing The intelligent driving level has truly reached the L2+ level. In addition to the performance advantages of the motor, intelligence is becoming the "new life" label of new energy off-road vehicles.

With its powerful off-road performance and the lack of intelligence among similar products, the Formula Leopard 5 is reshaping the benchmark for hard-core off-road vehicles and becoming a new rule-maker.

BYD doesn’t want to stop

BYD has its own brand advancement plan.

At the end of October, BYD released its third quarter financial report. The financial report showed that BYD's single-quarter revenue was approximately 162.151 billion yuan, and its net profit attributable to the parent company was 10.431 billion yuan. Simply converted, BYD's average daily net income reached a terrifying 113 million yuan. Yuan, even "making money every day" is not enough to describe such a strong income performance.

However, BYD is not satisfied with the status quo. Tightening the reins, BYD also wants to start from the product matrix and continue to "expand its territory" in the automobile market.

In November last year, Fangbao, whose internal code name was still SF, was confirmed by BYD for the first time. The new personalized professional brand focuses on unique and professional categories, from household to luxury, from mass to personalized. The overall brand style will be somewhere between Tencent and Tencent. Between potential and looking up. Fang Leopard's product matrix will cover sports cars, off-road vehicles, coupes and other product categories. The first model product is determined to be a hard-core off-road model, which is the Leopard 5 we see now.

▲ BYD’s product matrix

BYD has always been perceived by the public as a "popularizer" of new energy, promoting the penetration of new energy based on the product breadth of Dynasty and Ocean Network. However, one thing is contrary to the inherent impression of the public. Compared with other new power car companies, BYD's product strategy is grand and advanced. With Denshi as the turning point, BYD's product depth has almost completely covered the mainstream of the automobile market. Price, this is something that very few new energy car companies on the market can achieve, and Fangbao is the last piece of BYD's high-end puzzle.

The emergence of Leopard 5 is not just an ordinary off-road SUV, it is a challenge to multiple fields, all scenarios, and all working conditions. It is also another exploration of BYD's diversified automotive products.

As the big brother of new energy in China, BYD doesn’t want to stop yet.

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