Starlink cuts prices again in Italy with a new offer

In an era in which global connectivity becomes increasingly essential, Starlink, SpaceX's satellite network, introduces something new in its Standard tariff plan , proposing an innovative solution that promises to make Internet access via satellite more accessible. By launching a plan starting from 29 euros per month, Starlink aims to overcome one of its main obstacles: the high cost of services, which has so far limited its expansion on the international market.

Starlink: A revolutionary pricing strategy and unlimited data for everyone


Starlink's new proposal stands out for its pioneering approach. In addition to the traditional Standard plan, which remains fixed at 40 euros per month, a "Deprioritized" variant is introduced for just 29 euros per month . This option, while offering the service at a significantly lower price, entails a lower priority during peak hours, with connection speeds that can vary from 50 to 100 Mbps, compared to the 150-250 Mbps guaranteed by the Standard plan.

Despite the differentiation in terms of priority and speed, both variants of the Standard plan continue to offer unlimited data. This represents an important step forward towards the democratization of high-quality Internet access, especially in those areas of the globe still without a stable and reliable connection.

Accessibility for new and old users

The Deprioritized option caters to both new and existing Starlink users , offering the flexibility to switch to the new, lower-cost plan at any time. For current customers, the new conditions become effective from the first renewal following the upgrade, while new users can directly activate the Deprioritized plan.

Starlink's complete offering


In summary, the new pricing structure for Starlink residential customers looks like this:

  • Standard Plan: 40 euros per month
  • Deprioritized alternative: 29 euros per month with lower priority
  • Cost of satellite dish and router: 225 euros

This upgrade represents an important evolution in Starlink's strategy, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the affordability and accessibility of global connectivity. With the introduction of the Deprioritized plan, Starlink not only makes its services more accessible to a broader user base but also positions itself as a proactive player in overcoming barriers to Internet access, promoting a more inclusive global connection.

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