Stadia and xCloud on Apple devices? Microsoft criticizes: impossible on iOS

Just as we are in the midst of the (legal) problems between Apple and Epic Games , which saw the closure of developer accounts and the removal of Fortnite from the App Store, Apple is revising the guidelines that devs must follow to publish on the own store and see their apps available for iOS and iPadOS. In this case, we see the possibility of offering users streaming gaming services . Are services such as Stadia and xCloud on the way?

Stadia xCloud Apple

Stadia and xCloud on Apple devices: the difficulties

Until now, services like Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, and Nvidia GeForce Now weren't available on the App Store because there was no way to get them approved. Apple justified itself by saying that it could not have (qualitative) control and therefore approve the games offered by those platforms on its devices.

But apparently, now the Cupertino company has made an opening , which can however be defined as a "false opening" . Why?

Formally, in fact, Google, Microsoft and Nvidia will be able to formally publish their services on the App Store, but at the same time the new rules require that each game proposed by their services be present individually and individually on the App Store .

Stadia xCloud Apple

This is quite counterproductive for these services, because they are also based on their own store with their own costs and with their own services. Going to create standalone apps for each game offered, which require to be individually approved by Apple, and which in turn autonomously support login and payments to the service itself becomes almost impossible. The flexibility that these services offer as their strength is therefore lost.

Game Streaming on Apple devices: Microsoft's criticisms

The limits imposed by Apple appear too strict. It is unlikely that the respective companies of these services will be able to compromise , so much so as to arouse criticism, for example from Microsoft:

"This remains a bad experience for customers," says a Microsoft spokesperson. "Gamers want to be able to jump directly from one game to another from their curated catalog within an app, just like they do with movies or songs ((Netflix and Spotify, ed), and not be forced to download more than 100 apps to play individual games from the cloud. We are committed to putting players at the center of everything we do and providing a great experience is key to this mission. "

Microsoft isn't the only company to complain about the App Store and the strict rules it imposes. An example is Telegram: when the update was released with support for video calls, in fact, the developers said that "video calls are ready for the iOS version, but due to Apple's long review process, the update is not still available “. They then added: "Wait for the update, or we recommend switching to a platform that has more respect for its users and developers, such as Android".

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