Stackoverflow, Amazon, Reddit, Twitch: recorded a down on many sites


From the latest news it seems that the downtime is linked to a large-scale cyber attack . Many government sites still unreachable were affected. The target of the attack appears to be Varnish, the HTTP accelerator used by Fastly.

Panic among users for the down recorded in many important sites, such as Stackoverflow, Amazon, Reddit, but also Twitch and Spotify . In the last half hour it seems that the entire web has undergone a shake, for reasons yet to be defined. There are those who, jokingly, talk about the internet apocalypse, considering the big names at the same time hit by the disservice. The downdetector homepage is clear: user reports have soared since around 11:30 this morning.

Some of the sites for which a down has been registered. Among these also Stackoverflow and Amazon
Some of the sites for which a down has been registered. Among these also Stackoverflow and Amazon

GitHub and Spotify are reachable but completely unusable , as are Twitch and PayPal. Reddit and Stackoverflow instead only communicate a connection error, without any kind of detail. Some users have also reported a down for sites like LaGazzetta and Amazon, or even Twitter and Google itself. Instagram and Pinterest are two other names that have not saved themselves from the general down, which has blocked the activity of many users throughout Italy. Even Ookla's Speedtest is currently unattainable.

In the last year we have seen various downturns of sites and platforms, more or less important, but in this case it is a much greater event. The duration is also much longer than the previous ones (remember Google and YouTube at the end of the year, or Facebook and Instagram more recently), and this suggests a cyber attack. The length of the outage and the large amount of affected sites is frightening many users and service providers. Among the reports of malfunctions there are also those for the Iliad, Ho network. and Poste Mobile, as well as for Ebay and Facebook (although with much less duration and impact than the others).

Amazon and other sites down: not only in Italy

The news of the down of Amazon, Stackoverflow and of the other sites has spread in a very short time through chats and sites that are still active. The problem does not concern only Italy, but the whole world , and in particular America. The disservice also hit the New York Times website. In addition to this also the Financial Times, the Spectator, the Guardian and the CNN Spectator.

Reports of down sites continue to rain from around the world , and we learn that HboMax, Etsy, Target, Imgur and Quora have also been hit. Among the minor disruptions, YouTube, Discord and Kickstarter were also reported, albeit for a short time. Some reports also for Telegram and WhatsApp, even if the real down is still recorded only for the major sites already mentioned.

Among the hypotheses is that of an attack or a malfunction of Fastly , the largest American cloud computing service provider. There are no official announcements from the company yet , but the site of the same provider appears as unreachable as the others. Fastly's platform makes use of Varnish, an HTTP accelerator designed to handle the "heavy" content of dynamic websites, as well as API activity. It therefore appears that the CDN of this accelerator was affected.

Many institutional sites , such as that of the British government, are also affected by the latest reports . For all the downs reported, the error is linked to an interruption of connection with the server (503). Fastly is currently investigating the incident, but the problem has not yet been resolved (12:50 pm). The disservice has been going on for more than an hour and all the security forces are employed in the search for a solution.

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