Sportswear that uses NASA spacesuit technology to know both cold and heat

What do astronauts and athletes have in common? Although it seems to be two different industries, astronauts and athletes have a physiological indicator that needs special attention when they are out of the cabin and athletes – temperature.

If the athlete's body temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the performance of sports. If the temperature adjustment function of the spacesuit fails, the lives of astronauts may be in danger. Previously, astronauts on the International Space Station ended their scheduled spacewalks ahead of schedule because of the failure of the temperature-adjusting device in the spacesuit.

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Therefore, it is very important to keep the body temperature within a suitable temperature range. Technical sportswear brand ASRV's new collection "ASRV x Outlast" just happens to combine space and sports.

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In order to allow astronauts to adapt to the extreme environments in space, since the 1980s, NASA has begun to cooperate with private companies to develop heat-adaptive phase change materials. Space suits and gloves using these materials can better withstand space. severe cold and extreme heat.

After a period of research, the "Outlast" technology created using heat-adaptive phase change materials was born. It has since been incorporated into different products, such as Outlast Technologies' Adaptive Comfort bedding, which moderates temperature fluctuations throughout the night, creating an environment where you're less likely to wake up from the cold or the heat.

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The most important function of Outlast technology is to absorb, store and release heat according to the needs of the wearer's body, maintaining the "microclimate" of the body in a state of perfect balance. When the body gets too hot, the Outlast absorbs and stores the excess heat, and when the temperature cools, it releases it again.

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The sportswear of the ASRV x Outlast series is made of "Outlast Thermo" material. Using Matrix Infusion Coating, a very thin layer of micro-encapsulated wax is printed on the inside of the four-way stretch fabric. The more contact with the skin, the more effective the technology is, reducing sweat by over 40%.

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In addition to excellent thermal adaptation and temperature regulation, millions of microcapsules called "Thermocules" are equally important in such garments that use Outlast technology. To ensure durability against everyday wear and tear, these phase-change materials, which look like miniature ping pong balls, are encased in Thermocules microcapsules.

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Although the size is only 1/2 to 1/20 the diameter of a human hair, but because its outer shell is very stable and inert, it will not melt. Thus, once phase-change materials are microencapsulated into Thermocules microcapsules, they can be blended into compounds suitable for coating fabrics, fibers and foams.

▲ Picture from: ASRV

The ASRV x Outlast collection has been launched on the ASRV brand's website, with headbands priced at $22, sleeveless tops at $68, short-sleeves at $78 and long-sleeves at $88.

Compared with the clothing of other well-known sports brands, the price of ASRV x Outlast series sports clothing is not too high, but you can experience the "spacesuit technology" developed by NASA.

▲ Picture from: ASRV

What's more, the ASRV x Outlast collection is the first activewear brand of its kind to bring NASA-developed technology from spacesuits to athletes, reflecting both the changing consumer demand for adaptive clothing and the The future of activewear sets an excellent precedent.

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