Spin bikes are selling hot, opening a corner of Keep’s business picture

Since riding the Keep spinning bike in early 2020, I have become thinner, stronger, and have not become bald.

▲ This is who I was last year. Picture from: Myself

When this spinning bike first moved to the company's office, some people worried that it would become one of the many ash-eating furniture. Unexpectedly, one year later, the secret signal for my colleagues to meet to fish would change from "Werewolf?" to "Riding a bike?"

The main exercise of our editors is typing. The hands have not stopped and the legs have not been moved. Under such circumstances, paid biking seems not so excessive. After all, we can only add more classes if we are in good health.

When Internet companies make hardware products, they often have some dimensionality reduction effects. The Keep C1 spinning bike can become an explosive product. From the perspective of a pure user, in the final analysis, it is because it is "useful", "easy to use" and makes people "want to use". It has been determined by human evolution for so many years that eating fragrant and spicy food is natural, while exercise is anti-natural. Just like this, Keep has to consider how to help users overcome inertia in addition to the product itself.

What Keep spinning bike upgraded version C1 Pro does is actually to give more reasons and scenarios to attract users to use it. At the same time, Keep has a clearer picture of cutting users with explosive products, and smart hardware is becoming an important connector between Keep and users.

Explosive goods scratched to the itch

Making explosive products is the self-cultivation of a technology company. Whether a product can become an explosive product is by no means accidental. Only products that really understand the user have the opportunity.

Grasping a large category is often the first test of the user insight capabilities of various brands. For family sports scenes, there seem to be many categories to choose from, and elliptical rowing machine treadmills have their own fans. But the success of Keep spinning can be deduced in the reverse direction. At least two factors have played a key role in the user’s purchase decision: one is "small", look at the housing prices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and then look at the spinning bicycle which is only half a square meter. The floor area seems to have cost thousands of bicycles, but it actually saves tens of thousands. This wave of Keep is in the atmosphere; the second is "quiet", the sound is only 40 decibels when riding, and riding in the office does not affect it Colleague’s codeword, provided that the exercise intensity should not be too high, or the gasping sound must overwhelm the riding sound.

Real user insights are often hidden in the details of the product. Keep spinning starts from C1, and grasps the pain point of adjustment and resistance. Change manual resistance adjustment to ETM automatic resistance adjustment. Compared with manual resistance adjustment, the latter divides resistance more accurately and responds faster, from 0 to maximum resistance in only 0.3 seconds, and the entire riding process is therefore smoother and smarter.

It was also mentioned in the product experience before that compared to free riding with constant resistance, following the coach’s resistance change course can have a multiplier effect: it burns more calories in a shorter time and is more friendly to the knees.

Experience the product details comparable to ETM, and once again appear in C1 Pro, it is this newly added 21.5-inch touch screen. The first thing it brings is an upgrade in the user experience-in front of the live class on this big screen, the details of the dimples on the coach's face can be seen clearly, more than immersive, almost indulged. Another more important feature of it is that it can be flipped 180 degrees, and it can automatically switch to freehand training when it is turned over. It supports all live courses in the Keep App.

I used the app on my mobile phone or tablet to follow the practice, no matter how I placed it, as long as I was lying down, I couldn't see the screen, which was very inconvenient to use. With this screen that can adjust the angle arbitrarily, you can look at the "coach" regardless of whether you are lying on your back or sideways.

A lot of hardware plus a screen can be said to be smart hardware, but it is obvious that smart or not is not determined by the screen. For example, C1 has no screen, but it is also quite smart. The advanced intelligence of C1 Pro is actually due to the addition of the screen. , So that there are more applicable scenarios and better experience. This is the result of intelligence.

Keep’s understanding of users has been most clearly amplified in terms of social interaction. Bringing friends to live spinning classes with friends has become our most fashionable group activity after dinner parties and watching movies. A moderate focus on winning or losing has a positive effect on increasing motivation in the matter of fitness. WeChat exercise steps and Apple Health’s exercise circle all have the same logic.

During the live riding class, colleagues invented a self-entertainment method using WeChat as a barrage. C1 Pro added the function of converting voice to text to send barrage. Keep’s ability to continue iterating is evident, but I can’t help but doubt theirs. The product manager has lurked to our WeChat group.

Selling products is just the first step

Making explosive products is the self-cultivation of a technology company, but selling explosive products is only the beginning. Keep, as an internet-gene technology sports brand, selling hardware is obviously not all of it. Hardware such as spinning bikes is a connector that Keep puts in the user's home, and it is also an important layout for the home sports scene.

Behind the explosives, Keep aims at the whole scene of family sports. Although I put it in the office, most users still use it at home.

To illustrate this point, we must return to the brand genes. The same is for family sports. The biggest difference between Keep and traditional sports brands is that its core focus is not on individual scenes, but always insists on "user-centered and consumer scene-radius planning category structure."

With this recognition, we re-examine the new large screen of C1 Pro. First of all, of course, it is a hardware upgrade. It is obvious that the large screen is more convenient to use and more immersive.

On the second level, the large screen expands the use of spinning from a single bike to freehand exercise, basically covering the core needs of family sports. The sports scene is richer and more complete, making it a chance to change from an option of home sports equipment to a necessary option. Based on this premise, the user's use time and stickiness to the platform will gain greater imagination.

At a deeper level, smart hardware such as spinning bikes makes it easier for Keep to connect content and users, and build a more complete ecosystem. In this ecology, spinning is not just a cycling device, but can provide users with full-cycle fitness services. For example, connect the bracelet to realize real-time data monitoring, open up the App to realize full data recording, and customize diet and exercise programs. The more you use it, the more users can't live without it.

Therefore, the iteration of spinning bikes is not only a simple hardware upgrade, but also an upgrade in content, scenes and experience. Through a screen, more content and better sports experience are brought to users. On the one hand, it continues to meet user needs, and on the other hand, it strengthens the connection with users. When you get closer to the coach on the screen, Keep gets closer to users like you and me. This is not just in a symbolic sense.

In addition, there is another layer of imagination for explosives such as spinning bikes-it may also be one of the entrances to the growth of Keep users. It is understood that past bicycle usage data show that a bicycle is bound to an average of 1.7 users; in other words, for every bicycle sold, an average of 0.7 additional new users can be obtained. When one person buys a bicycle, the whole family are potential users.

If you put a car in an office like me, half of the entire team may be attracted. If you are a bit more business-minded, you can also put one in a public place.

According to industry data, the penetration rate of Chinese fitness users is 0.8%, which is at least several times higher than the global penetration rate of 3.7%.

The hot sales and price increase of Nintendo Switch fitness rings in the first half of last year indicate that the epidemic has made the value of the proposition of "fitting at home" clearer. Family sports is a scene that is still growing and is far from being fully satisfied. Exercise does not necessarily have to go to Orson Park for a run, nor does it have to be an exercise in the gym, but can be used anytime, anywhere.

Keep making explosive products is by no means just a piece of hardware, but is aimed at the massive user scale that has potential for multiple growth. Smart hardware such as spinning bikes, as an important connector, can enable brands to penetrate the minds and lives of users more deeply, and establish closer and more valuable connections with them.

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