“Spider-Man: No Home Returned” has not yet been released and has already sold out. NFT is all the blame for this?

Unknowingly, it has been nearly two and a half years since "Avengers 4: Endgame" was released.

The Marvel Universe has officially entered the fourth stage, and a series of works including "Wanda Vision", "Black Widow" and "Rocky" have been broadcast.

Although Marvel’s film and television dramas continue this year, for many Marvel fans, the timeline of the Marvel universe seems to be stuck in the summer commemorating Iron Man. To promote the development of the huge story universe, Marvel still needs some A series of movies with popular roles to carry the banner.

And "Spider-Man: Homeless Hero", which will be released next month, is likely to open a new chapter in the Marvel multiverse.

As the final chapter of Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy, "Spider-Man: No Home Returned" itself is full of topicality. After the movie's trailer was released, fan discussions once appeared on major social networks. Top of the media hot list.

▲ Fan guess map

Sharp-eyed fans found that when analyzing the trailer frame by frame, some of the pictures had traces of post-editing. From this it was speculated that there would be three generations of Spider-Man in the same frame in the feature film, and what Marvel released this time was just a "trailer cheat."

Combining the actors' silent attitude towards this speculation, Tom Holland's hesitation and cessation when watching the trailer, and some real and false theater exposures, the credibility of "Three Generations of Spider-Man in the Same Frame" Higher and higher.

The expectations of the fans are full, and I have to say that this topic marketing has made it clear to Marvel.

In addition to the release of the "Trailer Scam", this Spider-Man's "Endgame" has recently added a fire to himself-a high-profile announcement to enter the NFT.

NFT is the digital peripheral of movies

Recently, AMC, the world's largest movie theater chain, announced that it would cooperate with Sony Pictures to give away 86,000 WAX chain-based NFTs to members who booked the premiere tickets of "Spider-Man: No Home Home" , including more than 100 designs.

AMC stated that members can order premiere tickets through AMC's official website or app after the movie is on sale. After the order is successful, they will receive the NFT redemption code in the mailbox, and they can redeem the NFT with the code before March 1, 2022.

NFT (non-homogeneous currency) has been familiar to the public this year as a "digital collection". After several auctions of NFT works at sky-high prices, NFT has become a mess in the investment market.

After the news of AMC's "Buy Tickets to Get NFT" came out, it was immediately discussed by netizens on platforms such as Reddit. Some netizens said that this marketing behavior of rubbing popular concepts was very boring, but they were quickly asked "Don’t talk to me." "Grab" comments are overwritten.

I don’t know if it is due to the charm of Spider-Man or the magic of NFT. After the pre-sale of "Spider-Man: No Return of Heroes" opened at 12 am on the 29th, the ticketing website was directly squeezed by huge traffic suddenly influx in just a few minutes. collapse.

Shawn Robbins, chief analyst of the movie data website BoxOffice, said that since 2019, the US film industry has not seen such a enthusiastic movie watching mood. "Spider-Man: Heroes Returned" is expected to become a turning point in the recovery of American movie box office.

The collision of "Spider-Man: Heroes Without Home" and NFT is not accidental. Once again, many movies have borrowed the concept of NFT to announce.

For example, the sci-fi masterpiece "The Matrix 4", which will also be released next month , uses the famous "red and blue pills" in the series to produce 100,000 NFTs . It will be sold on November 30 at a price of $50 each. It is currently on sale on the official website. Has also been squeezed to collapse.

Emperor Films and the Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange auctioned a 1-minute concept clip of "Anger Street" and donated all the 13.05 ETH from the final auction to a charity fund.

Some classic movies also like to use the concept of NFT to "grow the second spring". Wong Kar-wai put up the moment of inspiration for filming "In the Mood for Love" for auction at Sotheby's auction house. The plot taken by the crew on the first day of filming lasted 1 minute and 32 seconds and was finally sold at a price of HK$4.284 million.

It can be found through the information released by Sotheby’s that this short film called " In the Mood for the Moment" was permanently recorded on the Ethereum chain on 2021-09-14 18:17:12, because its buyers will Always remember this second.

Quentin, who is in sympathy with Wang Jiawei, did not intend to miss this digital carnival. At the beginning of this month, Quentin announced the sale of 7 NFTs about "Pulp Fiction" , each of which contains an iconic scene in the movie, which is written by "Pulp Fiction." A draft of the script and Quentin’s commentary soundtrack.

However, shortly after Quentin’s announcement, he received a lawsuit from Miramax, the copyright owner of Pulp Fiction, who claimed that Quentin’s actions violated the intellectual property rights of Pulp Fiction, even though Quentin was the director of the film. It is also its screenwriter.

Putting aside complex copyright issues, combining NFT with movies is indeed a smart attempt.

In the past, fans wanted to have a deeper connection with the movie, either by collecting movie posters, discs or even movie props, or participating in the premiere to get the opportunity to shake hands with the protagonist, sign autographs, and take photos.

▲The movie ticket of "007: No Time to Die" NFT

And now that movies can flow on the Internet in a new form of official peripherals, being collected or traded by fans, it is not difficult to understand why the NFT peripherals of movies released are always favored by fans-no matter it is 1 copy or 7 The copy is still 86000 copies, these NFTs are all part of the beloved movie.

From this point of view, the NFT event organized by AMC is no different from the past events such as sending premiere posters and peripherals. It is also a means of attracting audiences to buy tickets.

It's just that under the craze of NFT, people prefer a string of illusory strings instead of posters that can be seen on the wall every day.

However, attracting audiences is not the only purpose of AMC. What AMC really wants to please is actually a group of "Ape."

"Audiences" care more about movie stocks than movie tickets

Despite the reputation of the world's number one chain of cinemas, the days of AMC did not literally look so beautiful.

This movie theater, which was acquired by Wanda in 2012 and was liquidated by Wanda nine years later, has an almost magical experience in 2021—at least in terms of stock prices.

At the beginning of this year, AMC’s stock price has been hovering in single digits. According to the fourth quarter financial report of AMC 2020, AMC’s revenue decreased by 88% compared with the same period, and a total loss of 946.1 million US dollars. Many theaters were forced to close. The screen empire is crumbling.

Analysts including Lightshed Partners are not optimistic about the future of AMC and the offline viewing market, and even publicly stated that "AMC's stock price is only worth 1 cent."

At the same time, the "Guard GameStop" war between US stock market retail investors and Wall Street giants has just started. The retail investors who have tasted the sweetness of victory compare themselves to the apes of "Rise of the Apes" and are eagerly looking for the next "GameStop". "Come to guard (a big profit).

This group of unprofessional investors actively exchange views on stock picking under the wallstreetbets section of Reddit. There is only one criterion for stock picking: familiarity. In the end, they set their sights on Nokia, BlackBerry, and AMC, which opened at the door of the house and almost went bankrupt.

With the influx of a large number of irrational stockholders, AMC passed the bankruptcy crisis safely by chance. The "ape men" regarded this as another victory for them. This is one of the few opportunities for them to take the lead.

The phenomenon of companies such as AMC, GameStop, and Nokia that skyrocketed due to emotional outbursts is called "memes"-stockholders buying stocks irrespective of reason is like publishing a love package, forming a meme spread.

Unlike other companies that resist becoming "memes", AMC CEO Adam Aron welcomes the arrival of this group of new shareholders. AMC's retail shareholders account for more than 80%. This makes Adam Aron need to listen more carefully to the "big The voice of the majority".

▲ Picture from: The Verge

In August of this year, AMC promised that at the end of the year, consumers can buy movie tickets through cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Just this month, this service was officially launched by AMC, and AMC’s largest competitor in North America, Regal Cinemas, followed suit, and announced this week that it also supports cryptocurrency ticket purchases.

Adam Aron mentioned on personal social media that the idea of ​​enabling cryptocurrency payments and making NFTs all came from this group of "young" shareholders.

▲ AMC is the first merchant to accept SHIBA as a payment method

It seems that no matter how unrealistic the suggestions of netizens are, the 67-year-old CEO will listen. Adam Aron even agreed that AMC will accept Doge Coin and SHIBA Coin as payment methods, even though these currencies are full of The nature of a joke.

We can explain the behavior of AMC in issuing NFTs from many perspectives, such as being close to the preferences of young people, attracting more young people to the cinema; keeping up with the trend of cryptocurrency, and creating additional attributes for digital collections around movies.

But when all the clues are finally intertwined, "listening to the voice of consumers" may only be a means for AMC to stabilize its stock price and continue to attract support from retail investors.

▲ Fan-made posters

After all, whether the future of AMC cinema is young people or cryptocurrency, it will ultimately be capital.

Stop talking nonsense.

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